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    On my Survival Server my players spawn in random way off locations when they die. Unfortunately we found the location we were building everything and where the map is configured is not the spawn point - in fact we can't find it at all...

    Until I have it fixed I won't be able to host my server. Everyone will have to fly for 10 minutes to get back to a random spawn location. Not that it's anywhere near the location we spent 10+ hours building stuff
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    I was hosting a Survival Minecraft server. Me and ~6 other players setup a ground zero location near the spawn point and mapped out the full region and began excavation from a central point.

    We worked at it for ~8-10 hours yesterday - just playing having a good time. We got on today, all started playing around and "cliff diving" when we died it threw us into a completely different off map location. I used gamemode 1 to give ourselves a compass and map and the compass again took us to a completely different zone nowhere near our original spawn point. In addition we couldn't find the original starting map.

    I can't host a server until I can figure out why, this has happened 3 times since! We kill ourselves after about 24 hours and it puts us in a different zone - but on the same map. I'm not re-creating the server each time. It remembers where we are are until we die - than the spawn is random...

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