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    posted a message on Does anybody focus on building in survival mode?
    I play in creative. Why? I've been playing Minecraft since Indev, and I simply don't get any pleasure from exploring underground for diamonds to gather resources to build a redstone thing, or a giant castle. I just simply can't be stuffed obtaining all of those items anymore.

    I love making buildings, and tinkering with redstone mechanics, so that's why I play. Also, if someone uploads a 1:1 scale screenshot of say... Pokémon Hoenn's map, then I won't look and be like... HMMM he used creative, so it must be ****! No, the same creativity went into it, so I will appreciate it all the same.

    The last and final point necessary in this thread, is the fact that minecraft is a Sandbox game. There are no boundaries on what you can or cannot do. Want to install Mo' Creatures and ride horses? Go ahead! Want to invedit it hey and pumpkins to get a black pegasus faster? I'm not stopping you! So just calm down people, and don't pretend to be some Minecraft police to make sure everyone is playing to your long list of do's, and do not's.

    That is all.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1] ROCraft (Ragnarok Online)[V0.1.2][WIP]
    Other people played this game too? I thought no one even knew it existed :tongue.gif:

    I loved playing on a SinX for PvP and WoE, but being a clown was always my favourite for doing Namless parties :tongue.gif:

    Hope to see this mod completed one day, hopefully add in some MVP's? Just not beelzebub, that thing wipes parties :tongue.gif:
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    Buy it noob. Problem solved.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] The Official PokeMobs
    Quote from original.hobo

    What version are you running? Is it 0.4.1? I have 0.4.2 and the spawn rate is decreased by A LOT. At least as far as I've been able to tell.

    Yup, that'll do it right there. It was v0.4.1 must have missed the updates, I only installed really recently so I wasn't expecting any updates that quickly. Thanks :smile.gif:
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    Just a quick video I made showing the bug I was experiencing.
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    I'm buying a computer (desktop) for $790.16 and from memory the specs are this:

    3.4GHz Quad Core, Core i7 Processor
    8GB of RAM
    1.5TB HDD space
    NVIDIA GeForce 520GTX

    Any other specs can be obtained on request but that's the main specs. Now the funny thing is, that's 1/2 - 1/3 the cost of your Macbook, yet almost double the specs in everything, sometimes even tripling the specs.
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    This complete horse sh*t.

    I'd love to see the legal document where she has the sole rights to the word 'Scrolls.' Oh right, you can't own words, silly me.

    We should all e-mail Bethesda with a single word 'Scrolls.' See how many of us she tries to sue for using her word.
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    This mod is amazing. You've done a great job. A few things I've noticed, I was building a UFO for the lulz, and when I came out of the flying mode, some of the pieces shifted on me, so the look was wrong. I'm still very impressed and this was the longest I've spent on Minecraft in a long time. Can't wait for SMP support btw!
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    A skin of Link wearing the Zora tunic please?

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    posted a message on free level 109 runescape account
    Quote from Treeckoman5

    I believe there is a rule about trying to sell things on the forums.

    I don't agree with what this guy is doing, it's obviously a scam, however there is a fine difference between selling something, and giving something away.

    Gift - something given voluntarily without payment in return

    Sell - to transfer goods or services in exchange for money

    A tad different.
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    Quote from Artuskan »
    Doesn't affect me since I just finished converting all of my track to powered rails, but I'm sorry to see the glitch go. Why? Because it interferes with some people playing Minecraft the way THEY want to. You glitch-booster-haters presumably weren't using them (probably because you tried to make them and failed) so removing them doesn't affect you. So why are you happy? It makes the game more realistic? GMAFB! Just look at it. There's nothing realistic about it. No, I suspect that you're the type of people that can't stand it that other people play Minecraft differently than you, with different goals and priorities. Grow up.

    Of course, it HAD to be fixed because it was a glitch. And why was it a glitch? Uh ... because all the people who didn't like it called it a glitch instead of a feature. You even got me doing it.

    And for those complaining about the difficulty in finding gold - use INVedit or TooManyItems. If you're one of those that think using editors is a "cheat" and that you derive some sort of moral superiority from not using them, well, this is your opportunity to be even more morally superior through performing more mining drudgery.

    And Minecraft is a Survival game because a section in a forum is labeled "Survival Mode"? Nice logic. If Beta is a Survival game, why does it have a peaceful setting? Wouldn't that render the whole purpose of the game null and void? It would be like Modern Warfare with a "no guns and explosions" setting.

    Alright, let's tackle your response one point at a time.

    You think that people who are happy to see the glitch boosters go are people who are people who can't stand other people playing the game they want to. Pretty bold and ignorant statement I'd say. I personally support all types of playing, whether it be people who hack in items and tools to create monumental structures, or people who hack in unlimited tools because they can't be stuffed strip mining for diamond. Yet I still want the glitch boosters gone because they are in fact, a glitch. Which brings us to the second point.

    You say that it was a feature? You do realize that games have flaws, and often times these flaws are exploited. Glitch boosters only survived this long because Notch realized Minecarts powered by coal just weren't going to cut it. I seriously doubt that Notch sat down when he was coding Minecarts and was like hmm.. "When cart A hits cart B at 2mps, we're going to see some serious ****!" Like seriously...

    Your third paragraph actually made logical sense, congratulations! 1 out of four isn't ba- Actually no, it's pretty bad.

    And you said "We should call it Survival because the creator calls it survival! What kind of logic is that?" Besides pretty damn good, I can't think of anything else. If I created a game and the way I saw something when I made it was a particular thing, well that's what it is. You can describe it in many ways, but sir an apple is an apple regardless of shape and colour. And I'll take your example of CoD and replace it with Halo. There is a mode in Halo where there are no guns and explosions, it's called create a map. Woah hold on a second, that sounds a little like creative. They might actually be connected in some way, must use brain power...! Every game has more then one mode, or in our case, way to play it. You sir, need to eat your own words, and grow up.
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    posted a message on Why do people hate on Justin Bieber?
    Justin Who?
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    posted a message on You can no longer build wooden houses.
    Quote from ZarroTsu »
    Quote from homedawg68 »
    fire spreads like wildfire.

    Brilliant deduction.

    Man, you guys just love reading threads don't you? Because I can clearly tell you've read this thread considering I've already said yes, I did make a mistake there.

    Brilliant reading.
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    Quote from Wylos »
    Lightning = fire
    Rain = cancels fire

    Lightning + rain = no fire

    It's really not that complicated. Once the SMP bug gets fixed you won't have to whinge about not being able to build wooden houses.

    If you really think I'm whining you didn't read the thread. Go back and read before you comment. Kthx.
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