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    posted a message on New item for combining uncompatible enchantments on an item

    Mojang you could definitely make exploration even more interesting by adding a new structure that it's extremely extremely rare which is a temple like structure. It should have a special item which if combined to an item through an anvil could allow all uncompatible but sensible enchantments to be possible on that item. Unsensible stupid enchants like depth stridet and frost walker on same boots should be impossible

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    posted a message on Enchanted golden apple to make tools unbreakable

    My idea is that you can add an option to the players to make thier tools like swords and elytra and tridents and any other tool become unbreakable. To do so you can allow them to find an enchanted golden apple and combine thier tools with it. What this will do is make a tool super powerful and its durability would never go down. And then you should make an enchanted golden apple even rarer.

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    posted a message on Beekeeper villager

    I think you should add new villagers profession as per new features if there could be. For example now in the bee update mojang should have added a new beekeper villager and it could have different mechanics like it would only spawn in plains biome village having a tree with a beenest meaning them superrare and you could make beehive as thier workstation and make them work on the workstation which is always attatched to a tree specifically the 2nd last log of wood so that they could reach it and could make them sell honeybottles and you could do all those stuff. So i think villagers should get new professions along with new workable blocks and with new mechanics. I hope you could consider my suggestion

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    posted a message on All the updates that I want

    I please want these updates after nether update-

    1. Kingdom of animals update

    I want you all to add all the animals like ostriches, frogs, camels for deserts, goats and many more. Ialso would like you to add some jungle jungles making Minecraft even more fun and then make those jungle animals like lions hostile towards the player and all that kind of stuff.

    2. Green plants update

    Add more plants to the game and then add more kinds of trees like palm and coconut. Add many different types of fruits and then add different decorative grasses. Just make Minecraft even greener. Add more flowers(some biome specific). I think all this would add a special life to Minecraft.

    3. Cave update

    Okay I think this is very highly anticipated and I want that you add new dungeons and reform cave generation mechanics and add ruined fortress and ruined villages that were buried long long time ago. Then add different biomes to the caves. I think this update is necessary.

    4. Mechanics update

    I think you update all the non updated mechanics in the game and bring in some very highly anticipated mechanics to the game. You can definitely find some good mechanics suggestions in the forum's.

    5. Building buildings update

    I think you should add many more decorative and new blocks to Minecraft that we feel are missing in Minecraft like making special closets or wheels etc.

    6. Old structures update

    You should add some ruined castles and make the jungle temples bigger and the desert temples too giving kind of Mayan look to the things. You should add some structures like old towers etc to the game.

    It would be wonderful if you accept and agree with some of my recommendations. I think all this would make Minecraft even more amazing so thought to make a thread on this. Do you all agree or disagree with me??

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