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    World Tour:

    My world has evolved quite a lot since this video as it is quite outdated but it may be useful to you still.

    I am mainly building my base underground inside of a ravine.

    - Hocus Pocus

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    Album: https://imgur.com/a/BJUvJ7i

    This survival world is the centrepiece of my Let's Play series, which can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdKd9dMusFiGmRAVb0YrxYHoJBcAN2lTb

    Some more information about each of the builds...

    Automatic Wool Farm: This farm is a future-proof build that takes into consideration one of the additions coming to the game in the 1.14 update. The new update allows the use of dispensers to harvest wool and this farm is being constructed in a way that allows this mechanism to work.

    Cactus Farm: The cactus farm was a build that came about due to the fact that we didn't have the resources for the sugarcane farm design that I wanted to put together. It is a basic design that was inspired by Welsknight and uses glass panes to force the cactus to harvest itself. The loot is then collected using water streams and hoppers into a centralised chest.

    Dark Oak Tree Farm: Due to the fact that we are using a great deal of dark oak throughout many of our builds, it was critical that we had a dark oak tree farm to satisfy our needs. The farm is entirely underground and took a LOT of digging to complete. Through the use of tall grass, coarse dirt and other natural blocks, we created some nice looking scenery around the trees to add to the design aspect of the farm.

    Smelting Room: Another build inspired by a Welsknight tutorial, this room has 14 furnaces that run simultaneously through the use of hopper minecarts that supply the furnaces with both fuel and smeltable items.

    Small Storage System: This room was constructed to be a convenient way to store the majority of our useful items. Anything that exceeds the storage limit in this room is sent to the deep storage system, where blocks and items are stored in much higher quantities.

    Deep Storage System: This storage system was inspired by an EthosLab build. I can't tell you exactly what room it is that inspired this build but if you are familiar with his series, then you will probably know. Items are stored in a higher quantity in this room and it allows me to organise any overflow from the small storage system.

    The Redstone Closet: The Redstone Closet is a small build that uses pistons to hide two columns of chests. In these chests we keep all of our redstone equipment, including redstone, redstone blocks, pistons and observers.

    The Ravine Station: This is the very first thing that we built in the ravine base. It allows us to link the ravine base to our strip mine using minecart tracks. The Ravine Station uses redstone and levers to have a 4-track route selection - currently, only one of these routes is in use.

    Sugarcane Farm: This farm was inspired by a Gnembon tutorial. It makes use of flying machines to harvest the sugarcane, which is then collected using hopper minecarts. This build is part of the solution to our villager trading area as we didn't have an adequate supply of paper.

    Villager Breeder/Trading Centre: Here is where we breed all of our villagers and weed out the useful ones. Librarians can be extracted from the farm to a separate room that allows us to trade with them and analyse whether or not they will make it to our eventual trading hall. Useful villagers are sent through the villager canal that drops them safely in to our ravine base.

    - Hocus Pocus

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    The best advice that I can give you is to try to catch a zombie villager. If you can contain one in a box (make sure it has a roof if it is outside) then you will be able to cure the zombie villager, which will convert it into a regular villager. From this point on, you can breed the two villagers that you have in order to create more.

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