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    Mod App.

    Name: Jacob

    Gender: Boy

    Age: 15

    TimeZone: Eastern Time

    Skype: I don't have any but I am active and can be messaged

    Why should I take you? I have a lot of experience in minecraft, and I am good with handling other players in this game. I also have been staff on other servers as well.

    Anything else? Although I don't have Skype, I still think I can really help your server succeed :)

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    I would be glad to help you out, I have experience with building, I am very nice but strict for rules, and love helping servers. Though I am good at most things, I made need help with plugins; other than that I can keep users entertained and make sure they have fun :). Thank you if I get this staff spot, and I wish to have fun with it (If I get it).
    I am sorry if you look at my profile and consider me a "noob" for I am new to the Curse program. But, I have been playing Minecraft for years now and guarantee I won't let you down :)
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