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    posted a message on [24/7] [1.8.1] [Survival] [Whitelisted] [New Map] [Small friendly growing casual community]

    24/7 1.9 Whitelisted

    Server IP

    Server Map

    About the server

    US based server with a one year online time. Server is quiet during the day, more active in the afternoon, and most active nights and weekends. All ages excepted as long as you are mature. We are a relaxed server environment looking for players who can easily play on their own or prefer on their own (calm and nice hermits welcome) or like the company of other players. The server can be quiet sometimes so if playing on your own at times because other players are busy with life is an important asepect. A lot of the builds we have done are huge in height, mass, and length, some are incomplete, still ongoing, and others abandoned waiting for some love or reclamation.

    I am the owner and I always pay for the server myself so donations are not needed nor requested, with this in mind the server is always running, always waiting for older players to return when they are ready for some more MC.


    •Core Protect
    •World Border


    •No Stealing or griefing
    •No Destroying server structures, except mineshafts
    •No 1 block towers unless you are building
    •No Building near the spawn, so you must go out and explore and find a home so please use the map to assist you, the spawn is kept minimal to encourage the survival aspect of minecraft, some early players built near the spawn, but do not mistake this please •No excessive swearing or adult talk, same goes with structures
    •No Pixel pictures, unless you ask and or is in good taste
    •No auto grinders, auto mechanisms which will cause lag, this can be bent by admin/mod permission as we only have so much ram for the server and it doesn't need to be wasted on a mechanism which runs 24/7. There are some public grinders available for use. Simple mistakes I give a warning or so, but violating a rule with intend to do harm will result in a ban.

    Previous Bans

    Your name will be checked against this link for previous bans. http://fishbans.com/search.php


    Currently looking for a player who is addicted to assiting with builds and occasionally offering suggestions for better functionality and or appearance. A player who can mass produce stone brick in quantities unheard of. If the server sparks your interest and you are in need of a good home to stay and keep cming back please fill out the application below. Most players are on in the evenings about 3:00 PM EST and on so again it may be quiet.


    1 IGN:
    2 Age:
    3 Skype: (If want and like to use, but not mandatory):
    4 What’s your experience with minecraft? (when did you start, how long have you played, what do you know?)
    5 Past experience on other SMP servers?
    6 What are some great stuff that you built, What would you say your best at? Redstone? big buildings? ect?
    7 Look at the map, how do you think you can contribute to the server?
    8 What time zone/part of the world are you from? (We have Canada and UK players)
    9 How often will you play? Are you daily? once a week? and for how long?
    10 Have you been banned on a server before? (It won't effect your chances, so just be honest)?

    Extra credit, after looking at the map, spawned in for the first time and read the simple rules.
    Where would you go?
    What would you do?

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    posted a message on Looking for a good smp server
    Take a look at my server, we love hermits, small community and everyone is one at different times so light crowds. No one is rude or chat heavy.
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    posted a message on non-pvp, whitelist, survival, 1.8?
    My server might work for you. It is not 1.8, but 1.7.2. We have bukkit for protection plugins and that is it. I discourage and remove griefers and idiots. A lot of our players have things they have built which take time so the server is always up and running. SOme players eventually leave for unknown reasons so there stuff if they never return is eventually absorbed back into the game and landscae to keep the server looking nice. <:section>Have a look.<:section> http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/servers/pc-servers/survival-servers/2217937-24-7-1-7-2-whitelisted-smp-small-friendly-growing <:section><:section>
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    posted a message on Looking For A Survival Server
    Quote from gcalex5

    I'm looking for a survival server with:
    1. Established community friendly and with lots of chatter going on(not kids being lol i fuxed your mom).
    2. Funding for the next several months ie. not going to go offline 2 weeks from now due to not having enough cash to keep it going.

    Best server requirements ever. Made me laugh.
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    posted a message on Looking to be staff on a server.
    Are you good at plugin problem solving and or permissions problem solving?
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    posted a message on COAL!! USEFUL FACT!!!
    COALIMON I choose you!

    I wanna be the very best poster
    Like no one ever posted before
    To mine them is my real test
    To place them is my cause

    I will travel across the map
    Searching far and wide
    Each Coalemon to understand
    The resource that's inside

    Coalemon, its you and me
    I know it?s my destiny
    Coalemon, oh, you're my best friend
    In a world we must defend
    Coalemon, a heart so true
    Our courage will pull us through

    You teach me and I'll teach you
    Coalemon, gotta mine 'em all

    Every challenge along the way
    With courage I will face
    I will battle every day
    To claim my rightful place

    Come with me, the time is right
    There's no better team
    Arm in arm we'll win the fight
    It's always been our dream
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