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    posted a message on -[Discontinued] TRITON- 64x-512x ~ HD Cartoon-Comic Style ~ V2.1 ~ Updated to 1.11
    Wow, in all my years of Minecraft I must say this one is excellently finshed product :D Nice work keep it up!:D
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    posted a message on SERVER MOD [WIP] HMOD RE CONTINUED
    Hi this is a great idea it this still on going? because I when to the website where the plugin downloads are but the mediafire download links are dead? Anyone can fix that?
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    posted a message on RadCraft [Beta][1.7.3 old]
    Hi thanks for responding Buildingo ill message you the Ip
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    posted a message on RadCraft [Beta][1.7.3 old]
    Hi guys just create a nice old nostalgia server, this is survival semi vanilla only because there are protection mods but this is for you guys out there who want a stable reliable not pc hosted Beta server you can hop on at any time! This server will be whitelisted and only a set number of people can join probably around 12-20. Servers are expensive to host but I will have this up for as long as possible I will tell you if I ever have to stop long in advance but that wont happen for a long time so for now we will be hosted 24/7


    Mods on the server:
    World edit
    world guard
    Big Brother

    Any greif commited with be traced to the player via Big brother and you will be banned permanently no second chances! All greif will also be undone for those victims.

    Leave me a message with:

    Name(minecraft name spelt correct so i can whiletlist) :
    Remember space is limited! first 12-24 and then I consider making more space if the responses are good!
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    posted a message on radcraft [Whitelisted][Survival]
    ^^ You have been whitelisted
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    posted a message on radcraft [Whitelisted][Survival]
    Added NewbsnotNoobs :D
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    posted a message on radcraft [Whitelisted][Survival]
    NeverShoutName You have been approved :D

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    posted a message on *Mind-Crack like Server* ~Full Vanilla Survival~ GrubsCraft!


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    posted a message on radcraft [Whitelisted][Survival]
    Hi new server starting up here need players who like safe build areas without grief or random people killing them. Then this is the server for you! Fill out the following application to join! This is a bukkit server so there are mods to stop griefing and stuff to undo it and lock chest and protect property.

    -Have you ever been banned? Why?

    -Have you griefed?


    -Minecraft name?

    -skype? (optional)

    1. Be a mature player use you head
    2.No griefing
    3.No spamming for swearing
    4.Have fun don't ask for free stuff or rank ups
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    posted a message on [16x] [1.7.x] Nagareru (cont.)
    Yay still being updated :D
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    posted a message on Skin request [Good pixel artist needed for detail]
    I wanted the main charater from Full Metal Panic :D

    -Green clothing (can be different shades)
    -brown boot or shoes
    -yellow military tag on shoulders (as seen in picture)
    -hair doesn't have to be as long

    Hopefully a few people can get it just the way I like :D I fail at making them my self or else I would have.
    Thanks You :D
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    posted a message on ♦Nightfall SMP♦[24/7]♦100% Vanilla♦[Whitelist]

    Q1: What is your IGN?:RadBradLabz

    Q2: What is your Age?:17

    Q3: What is your Skype?:radbradlabz

    Q4: Do you have a Mic?:Yes

    Q5: How long have you been playing Minecraft?:Since alpha 1.1.2v

    Q6: On a scale of 1-10, how mature are you?:9 (Still like to goof around once in a while)

    Q7: Do you agree with the rules?:Yes

    Q8: Have you ever been banned before?:No

    Q9: What do you aim to achieve from playing on our Server?:Having fun, meet new people,possibly make youtube videos

    Q10: What makes our Server different from others?:Yours is a smaller community which is easier to get to know the members

    Q11: How many server have you applied for before this?:Not that many like 1-2 (one was an alpha server lol )

    Q12: Finally, why do you want to join Nightfall?:Smaller new community more chances to socialize and play with other people

    (Optional): Tell me about yourself: Real names Brad and I live in Canada and im on summer vacation :D!
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    posted a message on Would any one still play Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 server ?
    Hi guys i was just wondering and wanted to get some feed back here if there was a Beta 1.7.3 Or even a alpha 1.2.6 server now in 2013 (Minecraft v1.5.1) would play on it ? I'm thinking of hosting that might not be 27/4 but more like 12/5 because i'm still in school. So I just wanted to collect some ideas of what you guys would want, SO would you play on an old nostalgia server? :steve_joyous:
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    posted a message on Minecraft Alpha 1.2.6 Server [hMod, AuthCraft]
    -Your Minecraft Username: aquamage
    -How long you've been playing Minecraft: since it's come out
    -Have you ever griefed: Nope, and wont be anytime soon
    -Your age (not completely necessary): 17
    -Your Skype: Bradley Persaud
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