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    posted a message on »» ✔ The Emeralds 1.5.2 ✔ «« Survival PvE! | Grief Protection | Mature 18+ Only | 99.9% Uptime + No Lag | Economy | Open 2+ Year
    Minecraft Username:hippojoe
    How did you find us?:Forums
    What do you like the most about us?:The farmworld feature
    Any suggestions for our server?:Nope, it seems great
    What world should be used for gathering wood/mining: farmworld
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    Quote from MineCraftElite

    Cheers mate :smile.gif:

    It's comments like those that drive me to do this. Many thanks.


    I haven't made any items yet; I am focusing on completing the terrain. When I do get up to the stage of making items, I will upload them as soon as possible.

    Np man. I hate and I MEAN HATE (Hate) Realism texture packs. I came here to troll and was ASTOUNDED. I think you can seriously go far with this when its finished.

    Edit for: wait what...? Triple Post!?
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    Fricking awesome :Diamond:
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    posted a message on What Would 'Ruin' Minecraft
    Lanterns were pretty much a promise. We were told they would come with a halowe'en update. Thankfully they didnt.
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    posted a message on Sorting Chests
    Oh alright you CAN stack chests. Been playing since early early (mised infdev by like... 2 weeks?) alpha. How did i not know of this? Thanks man :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
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    posted a message on Sorting Chests
    Hey guys, derpy yet legit question here.

    How do you guys sort your chests? I'm setting up a chest room and would like to know what categories work for you, please don't say just throw items in a chest, I'm looking for a method to sort them. Thanks!
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    posted a message on New Youtuber needs feedback
    I could hear your mic fumbling to start off, a small thing, but try to avoid it.

    You did a bit of stuff in between episodes, but you explained the changes - good.

    We are legion - good.

    The mobs spiced stuff up which was good, but your explanation on diamonds dragged with lots of hummmmmms and ummmmmmms, maybe write down some ideas you want to get at.

    Watching you mine does get boring. This segment could have been sped up.

    starting at 5:11 it's quite hard to see, remember this point. This is the light level where as VIEWERS, torches help A LOT.

    In the end, it was alright. I'd suggest getting an objective in mind, this seemed like a lot of improv, and a lot of ummms and humms, these make the LP boring, good luck!
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    Name: Jason

    Age: 15 in April

    Location: Ontario, Canada

    Skype: Ah geeze, I believe its hippojoe, I can edit my post and confirm after the superbowl XD (I never really pay attention to the login info, it's a cognitive task to login.)

    How many years have you played Minecraft: 1.1.2, September 2010

    Xbox or PS3: PS3, don't play much at all, probably a stupid purchase on my part. It plays blu rays, though.

    PC gaming excluding minecraft: Counter Strike Source, TF2, Starcraft 2, ARMA 2 and OP Arrowhead, Used to play Red Orchestra till that sequel came out, Anno 2070 and 1404, Halo CE, Farcry 2, others. oh oh oh Crysis 1 :biggrin.gif:

    Can you record your computer:

    Can you record your system: I can capture my screen if that's whats being asked.

    Host a server for MC: No. got the computer but my down and upload speeds aren't going to cut it.

    Hey guys, I was thinking of making a lets play/ commentary series, but I didn't have any friends up for it, they're all too busy playing CoD. So, I thought, why not join people on the forums? I think my knowledge of minecraft now and in earlier forms is something I bring to the table, as well as my interest in a slew of other games. Thanks for your time and goodluck!
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    edited because i didnt see something - sorry
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    posted a message on Small, Simple Australian Minecraft Server
    Quote from Khanh84t

    A Simple Australian Minecraft Server, for Casual Gamers who are just looking for a good time. We a small community, with few simple Mods. The Server is not yet 100%, alot of things are still in development, but the Server is Open 24/7, with the occasional server maintenance and updates. If you wish to join our small community, leave a message with your account name, Country, state, age and gender.

    Hey there, player since infdev just looking to have a fun time and take some time off of dealing with the troubles of life that everyone experiences.

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    posted a message on We NEED PEOPLE!!!
    I got banned for "disrespect and utter stupidity" because you think a sandy bridge cpu refers to only an i7, and i said it refers to the whole intel core line... whats with the power trip?
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    posted a message on New texture pack ( MY 4th one ) HD!!!!!
    Quote from appleslinky


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    posted a message on How do you want to die?
    i will go out listening ot the Eagles, and lieking mudkips.
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    posted a message on Blue vs. Red [Project and Experiment]
    Quote from Nanophreak

    Scrunchy half-block textures are scrunchy.
    And ugly.

    old meme is old fag. Jk jk, they are ugly. However, i hear they liek mudkips.
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    posted a message on login issue
    Im not reading your post, im not even reading it. You know whyÉ cause thise should be in support.
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