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    posted a message on A City by the Water
    Reminds me of the artistic style of Anno 2070. Brilliantly done sir!
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    posted a message on Forge Development Question/Idea - Different for each person block
    All you'd need to do really is that when the mod starts, since it has access to the clients username and this would only affect people with the mod, is assign the texture based on the name at the start.

    So some psuedo-code:

    startup() {
        if (player.username.firstchar == 's') {
    	    blockSpecial.texture = red;
        } else {
    	    blockSpecial.texture = blue;
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    posted a message on The Apple Discussion Thread
    I feel that while Apple's computers just suck (for their price), they make some very good MP3 players (and IMO) phones.
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    posted a message on i'm so confused (girl problems)
    Wait wait wait wait...your 14 and in 3rd year of high school (this means your almost the top dogs of the school), you supposedly "lift" but your more scared of people in your school than random strangers? Obvious non-lifter is obvious. Inb4"guysibench95lbs3x4repsgoml"...

    In USA where highschool is 14-18, I am a 16 year old and I lift but you know who I'm scared of? Like 3 seniors that will all be gone in a few months, then I'll own the school. If you lift and your scared of your fellow classmates, you are a horrible lifter and should uninstall life.
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    posted a message on Israeli air force strikes target in Syria
    I personally don't like how aggressive Israel has been as a nation. I'm in no way saying that America is not aggressive, but I feel that given it's location, Israel should be a bit more passive. They are always starting ­ with countries like Egypt and Syria (Seven days war anyone?) and I personally feel that they need to tone it down a bit.

    The Middle East is a volatile region and Israel isn't doing much to help.
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    posted a message on What's the best piece of music from any game?
    This is undoubtedly the best song ever. If you disagree, you suck at life.

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    posted a message on It is time to rise up and make XBOX LIVE free!
    Quote from Acetyl

    I agree, I have no doubt they would. But it wouldn't make it free in the longrun. I don't see M$ as the type of company that would crack under that kind of pressure.

    I doubt they would either, but it would be annoying to them.

    EDIT: Which might incline them to RAISE the price. Therefore the only solution is to kidnap Bill Gates and ransom him for XBL cards.
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    posted a message on USA Presidential Election 2012 Megathread
    Quote from lolpierandom

    See: far-right Christian fascists who have a cult that opposes free thought. Trust me, Mitt Romney would and could destroy the education system.

    Would you care to share this list of far-right Christian fascists that supposedly exist in the US Senate?
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    posted a message on More money trouble :/
    You did not "destroy" $130 of your bank account. Second, why the heck were you taking money from a college fund, do you not have a savings account or something? College funds are meant to be untouched until you get to college, I'm surprised your parents didn't stop you from doing this.

    You don't have to replenish that $130, you spent it on things you deemed necessary. Until anyone gets a job, they shouldn't really worry about replenishing their bank account.
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    posted a message on Which button would you press?
    Quote from RadoTheBado

    Is that all you are going to keep on repeating,

    I already said, even if it was 0, you are still wrong.

    in case you missed this part, here it is for the 3rd time,

    There is no need to go to Africa, any retard with a minimum education, and not out of touch with the world knows you are wrong.

    I don't know what else to tell you, ask your parents, your teacher, anybody, it is really dangerous (for you and others) to be that ignorant, believe it or not, I genuinely feel sorry for you.

    >ridicules me for repeating myself
    >repeats his same ******** again
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