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    posted a message on What part of the network is broken?
    Hi guys, I have an issue I need help resolving. Around September or October of 2011, my Internet started getting a little shifty. Random disconnects, slow speeds etc. but it was bearable. Come November of 2012, I convinced my dad to get a new router. We picked up a Belkin N600 DB and I got a Belkin N300 adapter. First 2 weeks, everything was great; no disconnects and I was finally getting the Internet speeds I should've been getting. It's important to note that before the new router, the Internet would be ­ say 2-3 days of the week.

    After a few weeks of the new router and adaptor, things went downhill again. However, interestingly enough, it just seemed to be my desktop with the Belkin adapter. My other computers with old linksys adapters had issues but it would be very minuscule. All computers had issues until the new router.

    So I got my parents to call comcast, our ISP. A guy comes down, says my dad cut the Internet wire and we are lucky we even had Internet. He charged us $100 to fix it since it was my dads fault and I thought everything would be ok.

    Well it isn't. The past week or so, my Internet has been so bad and awful but mainly just this computer (my desktop). Maybe 1-3 hours a day ill be able to actually surf the Internet and play online games. 4-5 hours ill be able to use steam chat. Rest of the time, nothing. Windows shows I have 4 bars and no problems detected. I'm not quite sure why its doing this.

    My iPod has Internet, my siblings computers have Internet. My parents have Internet (although they are LAN cabled to the router). My question to you guys is this. Does the problem lie in my router, adapter, or computer. The router and adapter are out of best buy warranty and unless Belkin has a longer warranty, that isn't an option (my dad would be ed if I picked out a ­ty router). We will be getting fios (50/25 speeds) and since they are placing the modem down in the basement, right after the cable enters he house, hopefully broken cables will be removed from the equation.

    Thanks for your time.
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    posted a message on Graphics Card Underclocking For Minecraft?
    You need to set JAVA to high priority. The Minecraft.exe is just a launcher, the actual game is run on the JVM. So you will need to set either java.exe or javaw.exe to high-performance (I'd just set both). This should solve your issue.

    Again, set java to high-performance, not the Minecraft launcher.
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    posted a message on [Tutorial] Custom Sounds and More
    So I got this to work in 1.4.6 using sound3, but for some reason the sound doesn't play until a good 1 second after I shoot my gun. This is really annoying, IDK how to fix it.

    par2World.playSoundAtEntity(par3EntityPlayer,"guns.assaultrifle", 1.0f,1.0F / (itemRand.nextFloat() * 1.0F + 1.0F));
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    posted a message on [1.4.6][ModLoader] Icons not being assigned?
    NVM, this was fixed by removing the Spartan armor enum from those armors that require multiple render passes. Hopefully this doesn't change anything else.
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    posted a message on [1.4.6][ModLoader] Icons not being assigned?
    Hi guys, so I have this bit of code:

    public static final Item testHelmet = new ItemArmor(1000, EnumArmorMaterial.SPARTAN, 5, 0).setItemName("spartanHelmet");
    public static final Item testChest = new ItemArmor(1001, EnumArmorMaterial.SPARTAN, 5, 1).setItemName("spartanPlate");
    public static final Item testLegs = new ItemArmor(1002, EnumArmorMaterial.SPARTAN, 5, 2).setItemName("spartanLegs");
    public static final Item testBoots = new ItemArmor(1003, EnumArmorMaterial.SPARTAN, 5, 3).setItemName("spartanBoots");
    testHelmet.iconIndex = (ModLoader.addOverride("/gui/items.png", "/textures/test.png"));
    ModLoader.addName(testHelmet, "Spartan Helmet");
    testChest.iconIndex = (ModLoader.addOverride("/gui/items.png", "/textures/test.png"));
    ModLoader.addName(testChest, "Spartan Chestplate");
    testLegs.iconIndex = (ModLoader.addOverride("/gui/items.png", "/textures/test.png"));
    ModLoader.addName(testLegs, "Spartan Legs");
    testBoots.iconIndex = (ModLoader.addOverride("/gui/items.png", "/textures/test.png"));
    ModLoader.addName(testBoots, "Spartan Boots");

    The test.png is just a 16x16 white texture (I'm experimenting with making more dyeable armors) except this is what they look like in game (left to right: helmet, chest, legs, boots):

    I'm not quite sure what is causing this.

    EDIT: It is important to note, if I just have one of these items added to the game, they use the correct image file.
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    posted a message on Who is your favorite video game protagonist?
    Master Chief, I know it's a tad cliche but I feel like he is just such a total badass and everything.
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    posted a message on My Video Game
    My code is from the Slick2D scrolling tile map example. The way it works is there is a 2D array, on loading the game loops through the map, checks if my collision tile exists at a certain point and if it does, sets that position in the array to true. When you move, it checks to see if your coord is in the box. However, since it transitions from float to int, it loses precision. It can't use floats because a 2D array has fixed positions. So the array system isn't the best way.

    I really don't know much about writing collision detection systems, this is an area I definitely need help with.
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    posted a message on Dyeable armor like leather
    Quote from mattesolo

    well, im not 100% sure, but i think you just have a lot of textures and alot of defined armor types!

    No, the game has one set of textures for all the possible dyed armors.
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    posted a message on Thinking about getting into programming, which version of language should I start with, and what software?
    Quote from theEPiK1

    I would recommend lua. It is extremely easy to learn and gets you into understanding computers and programming easily. After that you could move onto javascript or python, both similar to lua in syntax.

    That's a really bad idea unless the OP plans to do scripting for his programming career. Lua, JS and Python are all scripting languages, with very loose syntax. Transitioning over to an OOP language after getting used to those syntaxs would be hard (except JS, which has similar syntax to Java).
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    posted a message on My Video Game
    Quote from Satharis

    What you could do is make a separate collision map using smaller tiles(16x16 or 8x8) and use that in tandem with the regular map, this would allow you to set fine precision on any part of a map. Of course that's a bit of a pain so you could also just link it with the TILESET instead, e.g. so and so diagonal tile has the top 3 collision squares black instead of grey to represent a certain type of collision.

    Definitely a million ways of doing it, personally I've found collision depends heavily on the type of game and isn't very broad or generic, a neat thing you can do with a separate collision map for the tiles is you can create custom behavior depending on which tiles are set, for instance if the top left 3/4 were set to block you could make the character slide in a diagonal direction or something. Honestly this heavily depends on movement style though, is it gonna be like chess or like original Zelda? Or maybe like link to the past?

    Just some thoughts.

    Well I don't know if this classifies as a separate map, but in my map.tmx, there are 2 layers. One for the actual tiles (like the grass, water, stone etc) and then another layer for the collision tiles.

    I might try looking into pixel collision, I want this to be as accurate as possible collision wise, and right now this isn't extremely accurate. For example, in that screen shot of collision, you can see half the character in the lake, the other half out of it.
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    posted a message on My Video Game
    Quote from Sillen

    I don't see how the resolution of the sprites you use to represent entities affect how good they are at detecting collision. You also don't need to justify the resolution, nobody is complaining. Slick does not include user interface functionality without using a library building on Slick. Overall, you seem very defensive about your toolchain, which I dislike, and you show no screenshots or visual proof of progress anywhere, but good work, I guess?

    Oh, and about the save system, you really should just roll with serialization. You don't need to write your own save format when you can just use ObjectInputStream and ObjectOutputStream and get it done for you.

    Thanks for your response. The only reason I thought the resolution of sprite (more specifically the tile sprites) would affect collision is because of the way I chose to do collisions with the world. I'm sure there is a better way to do it. The way collision with the map works is there is an array of booleans. On start up, the game loops through the world and if the red tile (id 1) which is used for collision is present at a certain spot, the player can't move through that. However, this would present a problem if one of my 32x32 sprites looked like this:

    :Logs: :Logs:

    If the red tile overlapped that white space, the player couldn't move there, which I believe would cause problems. Again I'm sure there is a better way to check for collision, I just having seemed to find on.

    I wouldn't call myself justifying the resolution (although I do see how you could come to that conclusion). I only put that stuff there in case I got people asking what resolution the graphics were going to be.

    How exactly am I being defensive of my tool chain (what ever that is)? I'm new to all this stuff, so if you could explain that term, I'd appreciate it.

    As for the save managing, TBH I was going to just through the needed variables into a .txt file, but I'll certainly look into the ObjectInput/OutputStreams. I will also put some screen shots in the OP.
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    posted a message on My Video Game
    Alright, I think this will be a nice refresher to the MCF. Most of these "video game" threads are just people looking to get people to make a game for them. Well I'm not one of those persons. I'm not by any means the best coder, but I feel like I possess enough knowledge, that with a little help, I can finish my video game.

    The game is for the most part, planned out. Some minute details about the combat system are still to be decided. If you guys would be interested in the story, let me know and I'll add it (don't want any spoilers). The game is a 2D RPG type game. When I say an RPG, I don't mean something like Skyrim. I just mean you have your character, you go around killing things, looting dungeons and beating the story line. I think once the game is finished, it will be a lot of fun.

    For some technical aspects:
    • Made using the Slick2D engine (which means a Java game) P.S. Don't flame because it's Java. It's my first real game and Java is my preferred language.
    • The map itself is created using Tiled (a great tool in beta stages) which is well supported by Slick2D. Tiles are (as of now) 32x32 pixels, however this might be changed to 16x16 to allow for more precise collision detection.
    • Character is 32x64 pixels. Again, this isn't set in stone since a different size might allow for better collision detection.
    • Every other sprite (for items/icons at least) is 32x32 pixels. I feel this size gives me a fine balance between size of the file, detail of the image, and workability (I'm not an artist, so anything more would be too complicated for me to draw).
    What I've coded so far:
    (It's important to note this game is early alpha, and as such there is not much functionality. With my revision system, I am at a0.2.3)

    Pictures are here:

    The main menu screen:

    Character creation (so far, just the player's name, but will include look selection):

    Gameplay screen shot 1:

    Gameplay screen shot 2 (hopefully highlighting collision):

    Gameplay screen shot 3 (showing more of the simple map):

    • GUI system (pretty sure Slick has a built in one, but I think mine is easier)
    • GUI system features easy ability to open/close the GUI's
    • As of now, only components to the GUI's are buttons, text boxes and text. Other components will be added.
    • Image loading class which preloads images and provides easy access to them.
    • Sound loading class (same function as image loading class but with sounds).
    • 2 game states (main menu and gameplay)
    • Collision detection.
    • Map only draws certain number of tiles around the player (so basically, you can view all the parts of the map, like any other 2D scroller).
    • Player has collision with parts of the map (pretty weird collision boxes, again I think a different sized tile size or player size will help fix this).
    • Basic save system.
    Let me know what you guys think so far, or if there is any information you guys want.
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    posted a message on How do i make a bow shoot faster?
    Changing that 4F is a lazy/bad solution because it changes the force (which changes movement but also damage). The proper way to do it would be to make a new ItemBow and EntityArrow class. Just modify the values in the new entity arrow class.
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    posted a message on Dyeable armor like leather
    So I want to make a Halo mod, with colored armor like the current leather armor. How exactly does the game achieve colored armor, and would it be as simple to just include my EnumArmorMaterial in all the code places where it checks for if it's EnumArmorMaterial.CLOTH.

    I feel like this would be a simple solution, so if anyone has ideas or knows how this works, please post it here.
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    posted a message on The Goodwill thread- Free gift games!
    I'd love a Dota 2 Key. If anyone could PM it to me on these forums, I'd love them forever.
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