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    -Minecraft username: hillsgolf
    -First name: Chris
    -Age: 15
    -Gender: Male
    -Time Zone: EST
    -Skype Username: hillsgolf1
    -Have mic: yes
    -Mod/Admin on craftbukkit? : Yes I was an admin on a server called Cypari Breeze for about 5 months and the server had around 10 players on regularly. I was a moderator on a server called GoldCraft for about 3 months with about 20-30 people on regularly. I own a server but it isn't public yet.
    -Ever been banned? : No I haven't been banned before.
    -How did you learn about the server? : My friend sniper1156 told me about it so I decided to check it out.
    -Why do you think you deserve the position? :I'm a very dedicated player and enjoy being part of the staff. The players on the servers that I was staff on said that they really enjoyed playing while I was there. I would spend as much time as possible on the server and give all my effort to its success.
    -Three things I would do to help the server: I would oversee player interactions in relation to the rules, I could help in advertising such as a video, provide suggestions for plugins/ new builds/ etc.
    -How active would you be on the server? : I would play for at least 2 hours daily unless something comes up. If that does happen I would be more than happy to give you a notification ahead of time if possible.
    -Experience with WorldEdit and plugins? : 8.5 because I used WorldEdit several times on Cypari Breeze and GoldCraft to make things such as PVP arenas, mob arenas, spawn, etc. After making and developing my server I've learned a decent amount about plugins.
    -How long have you been playing Minecraft? : I've been playing since 1.2.1
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