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    Application Questions
    How long have you played Minecraft? around 4 years, since 2013
    What is your Minecraft username? Kisazhen
    How old are you? 18
    What are you good at when it comes to building in Minecraft? pretty average at redstone, but that's what I enjoy building the most
    Do you have Discord? (If not, and if I tell you that you're in, make an account so that I can communicate with you) yes, user is isaster132#9616
    Why do you want to join our server? to play with my mate, iDecidueye
    Any ideas as to what you would like to do if you're accepted? pretty much just chill and chat with fellow players, as well as invite my other friends to join the server if im enjoying it

    If you want to tell me a bit about yourself so that I can get a feel for who you are, go ahead! I'm not stopping you. A friend of iDecidueye

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    Your in-game name: iDecidueye
    Your age: 16
    Location/Gender (optional): Male / SG
    Cake or pie? Cake
    Anything else you'd like to share: hope to play on this server with my friends

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