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    posted a message on What do you usually call this item?

    Since I use Pirate language, I use the pirate language name, the Eden Apple... And personally I prefer it like that, Golden is too literal for my tastes...

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    posted a message on Share your survival fails/rage quits here.

    I was playing my first survival mode on difficulty ( I mainly play on peaceful, not due to fear but due to wanting to build large things without anything bad happening...) and I decided to go into a nearby cave system, it was a nice spelunking location, until I reached around level 10. The incident started when I found a good sized deep ravine, it obviously hit lava level and so was a great find, until I heard a *Clunk!* sound behind me, a skeleton had fallen from a higher cave and shot me, straight into the frickkin' ravine, luckily I landed in water which had turned lava to obsidian, but then... oh god then... It turns out I was not the only thing near that water, there was a cave near where I fell, with 2 witches in it... A couple of seconds later there was the message... "Hidden_Paw was killed by a Witch using magic", I went to try and reclaim my loot but found it had despawned.

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    posted a message on Problems and Missing Information in the Minecraft Guidebooks
    Now, you have probably seen or even read the Minecraft Handbooks, whether it be the Combat, Construction or Redstone Handbooks.

    This thread is a highlight of all the incorrect information I have seen in the Combat and Construction handbook, you may think I have too much time on my hands to be able to see these or that I am a hater, but some of these faults are quite major and one of them could be vital for people who want to finish the game.

    Now without further ado, here is my list

    Problems with Combat Guide:
    1) Did not detail how the Anvil can be used as a very effective weapon (it deals 1.5 hearts of damage for every block it drops, maxing at 40 damage, equal to 20 hearts of damage, and wearing a helmet negates 20% of anvil damage)
    2) Armour does not protect you from fire damage unless you have the fire protection enchantment (same with explosions or projectiles)
    3) Did not detail how armour dyeing works on the colour wheel, meaning your armour can be more than 16 colours.
    4) Did not detail how Silverfish Stone spreads.
    5) Did not detail how Cave Spiders are not slowed down by webs, meaning they are very dangerous.
    6) Did not detail how Skeletons go around cover when you hide.
    7) Did not detail rare drops of zombie E.G. Iron, Potatoes.
    8) Did not detail all of the useful Witches drops E.G. Sticks, Glowstone, Redstone.
    9) Did not detail how the Ghast is not attacked by Iron Golems.
    10) Small Magma Cubes have 1 heart of health not half a heart.
    11) Its perfectly safe to take on large Magma Cubes with a sword.
    12) Water CANNOT be placed in the nether, so its ineffective against Magma Cubes unless they leave the Nether.
    13) Did not detail how Withering can kill you in the Wither Skeleton article.
    14) Did not detail Baby Zombie Pigmen and the Baby Zombie Pigman Chicken Jockey.
    15) (Vital) Withers become invulnerable to arrows midway through the battle.
    16) Potions of Harming do not effect the Wither, as it is an undead boss mob.
    17) Did not detail how only 3 Strongholds generate per world.
    18) Did not detail how Ender Crystals deal heavy explosive damage.
    19) Did not detail how destroying an Ender Crystal while it is healing the dragon damages her.
    20) Did not detail how you require 15 bookshelves to get an enchantment table to full power.
    21) Did not detail how you need a max of 30 levels to enchant an item with full power.
    22) Did not detail how Villager enchanting usually doesnt give you very good enchantments, only basic ones.
    23) Did not detail how you do not need a cauldron to fill a water bottle, you can use a water source block.
    24) Did not detail other useful combat potions like the Potion of Water Breathing, which requires Pufferfish to create.
    25) Did not detail how starting a dedicated server hosted on your own PC is one of the worst methods of hosting, it is usually very laggy and dependant upon how powerful your computer is.
    26) Did not detail the 'Notch Apple', which is crafted with 8 gold blocks around a normal apple.
    27) TNT is not a useful weapon, its easy to escape the blast radius, the only danger is the crater it produces.
    28) Map tracking with players can be disabled in server config files.
    29) Did not detail a method of making Soul Sand even slower, by putting Ice blocks under it.
    30) Going to the Nether does not make you intimidating, if anything it makes you more confident, and more likely to make mistakes.
    31) Dispensers are not a basic weapon, it is a trap.
    Those are all the errors or vital missing information I found in the Combat Handbook, Now for the Construction Handbook:
    1) You dont need wood underneath hedges to prevent them from despawning, Leaves only despawn if they are natural, if you got them with shears they dont despawn.
    2) Did not detail how FyreUK are known for using mods in their builds, like World Edit, these mods make large scale landscaping much easier.
    3) Did not detail your use of shaders to improve the look of the builds.
    4) There are 16 colours of carpet available in Minecraft.
    Those are all the mistakes and missing information I can find in the Minecraft Handbooks published by Egmont

    If you took the time to read all of this, thank you, feedback would be appreciated.

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    posted a message on What does Bane of Arthropods do?
    Bane of Arthropods, divide and conquer the words

    1. Bane : Something (especially poison) which causes death (google search Define Bane)

    2. Arthropod : an invertebrate animal of the large phylum Arthropoda, such as an insect, spider, or crustacean.

    so it means the enchanted weapon will be something which causes death to insects, spiders or crustaceans, like the user above me said in much simpler words
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    posted a message on I need a new skin editor
    Quote from Deathlywatcher

    Skincraft is an awesome editor/maker of skins. Also read my signature it gives you some advice!

    i searched it and i found it belongs to some gaming websites...
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    posted a message on I need a new skin editor
    Minersneedcoolshoes is no longer letting me download edited skins, so could you please recommend a new one?
    It needs these features:
    1. cannot be owned by a gaming website
    2. must be simple to use
    3. you must be able to search your username and get your skin
    4. must be free
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    posted a message on Survive the Above User's Attack
    I show you that i am actually wearing sandles, the lego slips out harmlessly
    I Throw a cinder block attacked to a chain at your Face, not aiming to hurt, but aiming to miss completely and hit an object in the background causing a overly complicated chain reaction made to flatten you
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    posted a message on What was your first house made from?
    Quote from Melonslise

    this isnt a place to advertise mate.
    my first home was actually a village, but i was stupid enough to remove the furnaces from the blacksmith, then i just had to fend for myself, get blown off a cliff and land *luckily* in water
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    posted a message on You know you play too much Minecraft when...
    when you plan to go as your minecraft character on halloween
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    posted a message on Did the Terrain Become BORING? (UPDATE 6/5/13 - 1.7 is a biome update?)
    i dont think the terrain did become boring in the slightest, beta 1.7 had those massive mountains, like 'Glacier' and 'Gargamel', but mountain biomes now can have superb structure, i read through the first post and i disagree with you, 1.8 added things that may have 'ruined terrain generation', but most of them made the game more fun, i dont really like a couple of the biomes *cough* tiaga *cough* but the restwere brilliant, and added something a new feeling of exploration to the game
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    posted a message on Rate how cute the above avatar is
    Quote from Jutte

    What the... what is that thing 0/10

    this 'thing' is no ordinary 'thing', its a very special turkey, the turkey easter egg from Assasains creed 3 (i think), it wears an ezio hood
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    posted a message on The above avatar is your only partner in a Zombie Apocalypse
    hang on a sec rofl, this turkey, is no ordinary turkey, its the assasains creed easter egg turkey, the ezio turkey
    (next person to post, ignore this post!)
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    posted a message on The above avatar is your only partner in a Zombie Apocalypse
    i feel rather safe
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    posted a message on Rate how cute the above avatar is
    8/10 cute, but not cute enough
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    posted a message on List of Overused Minecraft Skins.
    there is always gonna be one person with a character from a game, you know the people, the people who go around dressed as Ezio, or somewhat rarely roosterteeth employees, or my least favourite, the skins of mobs from different texturepacks, ive seen lots of those, sphax 16x16 zombies, dokucraft 16x16 pigmen...
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