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    Full compliance - The shops that fully comply with the "EULA". Some compliance - Shops that have made attempts to comply with the "EULA" but still sell some non-cosmetic items. None - Shops that have made no effort to comply with the "EULA".

    The amount of money it would cost to buy every item in the store

    Average price of an item in the store with the total average of all the stores marked

    Servers that offer subscriptions

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    Quote from Superintendent

    Who thinks of this stuff? Amazing.
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    shaders make everything look better then they would
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    old mod, been showcased a ton no point putting it on the front page
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    This mod allows you to mine all the ores in minecraft and obsidian almost instantly (not instantly in case you don't actually want to mine something but accidentally clicked it). It was not designed to be a hack/cheat mod but to speed up the first few hours of the starting a new minecraft survival world , as I found it extremely boring after the 10000th mark. On testing it took less then a minute to dig up 30 coal , 26 iron , 8 lapis and 16 redstone after dropping into a cave with only a stone pick.


    Download and installation instructions:
    1. Download and save the mod somewhere you can find it again

    2. Unzip the apa.class to file somewhere you can find it again

    3. Hold down the windows key and press R

    4. Type in C:\Users\your computer name here\AppData\Roaming then click OK

    5. Open .minecraft , then bin

    6. Right click and open minecraft.jar with winRAR or similar

    7. Delete META-INF

    8. Drag the apa.class into minecraft.jar
    • You will still need the proper tools/tier of tools to mine those ores
    • Obsidian is as good as ever against tnt
    • This mod will be incompatible with any mod that changes the apa.class file
    • durability on tools will go down as normal (which means they break really quickly)
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    same thing as /execute
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    Quote from skybeam_

    This would ruin the idea of AFKing, but it would add a nice twist to a server ;)
    i'm sure people would come up with redstone contraptions that prevent pickpocketing while afk
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    Quote from ZapCloud


    would it be possible to have a player vs computer version of this, cause it's really hard for anyone to play this otherwise
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    I was just thinking about how no one carries milk around since it's really dangerous to go to nether fortresses or abandoned mineshaft and you're most likely die and lose the buckets which each cost 3 bars to craft and would be much better used to make a pickaxe. I thought why not just make buckets easier to craft, instead of getting one bucket per 3 bars of iron you get 3 buckets per craft. My logical is that 6 iron equal 3 iron doors, so 3 iron is 1.5 doors and doors are pretty tall and thick compared to buckets so it makes sense to be able to craft more buckets from that amount of materials.
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