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    I can't get rid of the (M) Worldmap need confirmation message in the middle of the screen. Why does it stay on the screen? It kinda messing up the whole game. I tried all the suggestions in the section above titled 'Why does the world map ask for confirmation?'

    There is no menu to be found where I can select manual, World Spawn and Single modes

    There is nowhere I can confirm anything..

    I have the latest version: XaerosWorldMap_1.10.1_Forge_1.16.1

    Please help.

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    posted a message on Ultra Modded Revival Server

    Hey hey, if you still have a spot ;)

    Name (optional) :hfcotino

    MC Username:Bolivari


    Have you played modded mc in the past: Been playing for the past 8 years

    Any special skills (optional): Lots of skills on various mods

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