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    posted a message on Problems Trying To Create A Fresh Copy Of My World From The Seed

    Hey everyone.

    Boy did i learn a lot in a year LOL.

    I started a new world in 1.14 an learned that weird stuff does indeed happen with even the slightest of chages to using the seed to make another world.

    For example:

    1 - if you use the seed you have to also keep all the settings exactly the same including the world name otherwise it will generate differently. you can change the name and other things after the initial save.

    2 - if you update the version to a much higher version, like from 1.14 to 1.16, things will change even in the chunks that are already loaded. a villager was talking to a nitwit before the update and after it was relaoded the nitwit was gone but the villager was still in place as if still talking for a second or 2 before walking away, among other things.

    3 - as always you have to make the copy world in the same version as the original was made. You cant use the seed that was made in 1.14 and make it in 1.15 or 1.16 the world will generate differently.

    does anyone know of any program that can compare two worlds to see the differences of the same seed used in two different versions. im curious about things like that. i know of programs that can compare the code but what fun is that LOL

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    posted a message on Minecraft Java 1.16 Server Snapshot 20w13b - Beware Of The Ghosts

    I read something about ghosts blocks here and there but I hadn't heard anything about ghost mobs. This little ankle biter is frozen in place in full daylight and my arrows go right through him.

    I also walked right through him without taking damage. I thought I would share the funny lol.

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    posted a message on Cave Spider Spawner Bonanza !!
    Quote from tailings»

    I see you got a little jumpy with the torches.

    I laughed so hard at this


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    posted a message on Cave Spider Spawner Bonanza !!

    I didn't think it was possible to have this many spawners generate in one small area. This is gonna be one heck of a string farm lol.

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    posted a message on Caution! - All villagers disappear on snapshot 20w07a!

    i always make a manual copy and rename it to use for snapshot updates so it doesn't affect my actual world. If i didn't, my home base would now be missing over 150 villagers.

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    posted a message on In Snapshot 20w07a Piglins Can Open Wooden Doors

    I don't remember that being mentioned anywhere.

    They can't push the button for the iron doors though.

    They also don't track the same as the zombie pigmen. They will sometimes lose interest if you go inside an enclosure and they are much harder to lure into a pit of death because of that.

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    posted a message on The New Nether in an old world

    hey everyone :)

    i haven't really explored too much of the nether yet, so i am not worried about the new biomes.

    I am wondering, however, if the piglins will spawn everywhere instead of just new chunks.

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    posted a message on Question / Speculation About Exisitng Nether Portals And Updates In 1.15 And 1.16

    I was wondering if anyone knows or thinks there will be any problems with existing nether portals now that y coordinate is being saved as part of the biome info and also in 1.6 the nether is going to get major biome updates.

    I am still running 1.14.4 and as when calculating an overworld to nether portal or vice versa, as long as x and z were on target y coordinate didnt seem to matter.

    Will it mater now? and also has anyone heard or read if the nether updat will be like the others in the sense that existing chunks will be unaffected?

    thanks :)

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    posted a message on My Crafting Table Is Empty After A Corruption Fix

    Hello everyone :)

    Minecraft Java Version 1.14.4 - Single Player - Vanilla - Survival

    I can't remember at what point this started (probably updating from 1.14 to 1.14.4) but there has been a noticable lagginess in the game. I haven't had any issues moving around as the player, but everything else has a noticable stutter, this is most noticable when looking at the mobs walking and the minecarts moving on the tracks. There is no smoothness in the movement. This has an negative effect on gameplay as well as all the farms and other redstone devices.

    After making a backup, i tried to optimize the world, but this had no effect. Further research led me to believe that there was some level of corruption in the world, so since this was a backup, i used the method to fix the corruption as shown here,


    The fix worked perfectly, except that now when i try to craft, the crafting table comes up empty. if i want to craft anything i have to do it from memory because it does not add the recipe until after i craft the item. is there a way to fix this?

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    posted a message on What do you do with the trash?

    The only things i've ever tossed into lava were a few duplicate maps that i made by accident. otherwise i save everything for current or potential future use.

    regarding your afk fishing stuff:

    if you make a grindstone, you can unenchant all the items that you consider junk, like the bows and fishing rods and stuff and collect the experience from them. you can use them as furnace fuel afterwards, or combine them with the grindstone for free to make complete bows and rods et.c with increased durability.

    trade the rotten flesh with the village cleric for emeralds

    combine the leather boots in the grindstone for free and make complete ones to enchant

    lots of ways to do things...

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    posted a message on Make Cement Craftable
    Quote from Badprenup»

    Considering filled buckets don't stack, this actually sounds slower and more tedious then just stacking a large tower of the powder blocks in the water and just mining the solid one at the bottom over and over.

    hmmm i hadn't considered the buckets not being stackable.

    maybe placeble by a dispenser or something or change the ratio in the crafting table.

    i gotta think on this some more lol thanks for the reply :)

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    posted a message on Reavamp The Leather Worker Villager Trades

    i didn't start this to debate about spawning and farms

    the point was and is that leather would be useful to buy from a villager and saddles would be useful to sell, not the other way around.

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    posted a message on Your worst creeper experience...

    my worst creeper experience happened shortly after playing this current vanilla survival world. it was about 2 weeks after i had started playing, right after the 1.14 update. i had watched my nephews play it for years since it first came out but i was a total noob at playing. i made my little shack, i had a stone axe, and decided to do some wandeing. i happened to find a snow village in a moutain area and started grabbing some awesome loot from the chests. i spent a couple of minecraft weeks in that village mining and collecting things in the area and trading with the villagers. not only did i have loot and ores and food, but lots of emeralds.

    then, i decided to break one of the beds and take it with me so if i needed to sleep the night away i could. well not knowng about spawn points, i pass a dark cave right next to the village and mr creeper slides out and BOOM, right back to my home base wondering what just happened.

    so somewhere in my world lies a bunch of really cool stuff waiting for the chunk to load. LOL

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    posted a message on Reavamp The Leather Worker Villager Trades

    he sells: Leather Armor (all types) - Saddles

    and he buys: Leather - Flint - Rabbiot Hide - Scute

    before i even hear about afk fish farms i already had a chest full of saddles and more leather armor than i would ever use. plus the armorer sells iron armor so why would i buy leather armor?

    since the animals don't continue to spawn on a biome once you've killed them, there are only so many cows and horses to get leather from.

    would make more sense to me to have the Leather Worker sell Leather Armor (all types) - Leather

    and buy: Saddles - Flint - Rabbiot Hide - Scute

    what say all of you?

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    posted a message on Revamped Enchanting System, No RNG, balanced

    i would like to see the interfaces stay like they are but have the randomness taken out. just give a menu with choices like everything else in the game. for me this is a game of using whatever resources the game has to offer.

    right now i enchant books until i get what i want. then i unenchant the books i don't want using the grindstone and get the xp back. it's a little time consuming but at least i'm not overflowing with useless books.

    i do save some of the books for later use though.

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