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    posted a message on [1.2.5] [WIP] Mine & Blade: Abandoned (Kinda) Read OP for details
    Couple issues here...

    1. you can dual-wield bows? That's kind of cheap...
    2. You put "The Waraxe" as the title for every weapon in the OP. Just saying :laugh.gif:
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    posted a message on 1.9 Updates: Possible Potions, Exciting Enchantments
    Meh. I'm not terribly excited about any of this. Instead of making new stuff, maybe useless stuff should have a use? Writable books, anyone?
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    posted a message on [1.1] wurstkniftes Bookmod [Write in books!][Update in progress]
    I struggled with the pictures a bit too, but I got it to work. Here's a couple addons to the OP instructions:

    1. When you place the pictures into the Bookmod pictures folder, they must have fairly short names, otherwise it doesn't fit in the line. I got it to work with .png, haven't tried .jpeg.

    2. Once you put the pictures in the folder, or edit them in any way, you MUST RESTART MINECRAFT. Don't just close the world and reopen, you must actually close Minecraft itself.

    3. When he says write it on the last line, he means the LAST LINE. Keep pressing enter until the cursor doesn't go down any further. Then write ?img.xxx.png (with XXX being the name of the picture, and either .png or .jpeg where applicable).
    After that, simply move the cursor out of the last line, and if you've done everything right the picture will appear starting on the second line. I don't know how the size of the picture affects how it works, I've only used small pictures.

    4. Remember, you actually have to place the pictures in the bookmod folder in .minecraft. It doesn't magically know the picture in your My Pictures folder.
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    posted a message on When 1.8 comes out what are you doing first?
    Things I'm going to do:

    1. Walk around, gazing at all the epic terrain features.
    2. Notice the sun is going down.
    3. Punch trees.
    4. Build a crappy wooden house.
    5. Cower in fear.
    6. Get bored of cowering.
    7. Charge out into the unknown, daring those dirty endermen to kill me.
    8. They kill me.
    9. Ragequit.
    10. Play xbox until mods are updated.
    11. Cheat hardcore.

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    posted a message on [1.2.5] The Official PokeMobs
    Whoa... as much as I like the new content, pokemon spawning is WAYYYYY too high. I toss out my pokemon and it get gang beat by 6 wild pokemon and a team rocket koffing :sad.gif:
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] The Official PokeMobs
    Hmm. The pokemon's name isn't appearing on the pokeball, it just says Unnamed.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] The Official PokeMobs
    Wow. This is freaking amazing. I've been waiting for Pixelmon to come out for AGES, then you come along with this excellent piece of work. PLEASE don't discontinue this.
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    posted a message on Placeable Merchants [REQ]
    It's probably been requested before and faded into obscurity, but whatever. I'm going to start with stuff that's absolutely necessary for the mod, then stuff that would make it awesome.


    Firstly, a currency system. Something like Millenaire's money system (three tiers of money, 64 bronze coins= 1 Silver, 64 Silvers = 1 Gold) would probably be best.

    A staff, or something, that when you right click on a block, spawns an NPC merchant. They don't move or talk or anything, they just stand there. When you right click on them, it opens a GUI, that contains everything they buy and sell. For this basic form, there's only one type, and he can buy/sell a maximum of 28 different items (a full inventory). The composition of this list, and the price of the items, can be adjusted via a .txt file. The Merchant has unlimited stock of all items, so if you have the money you can buy whatever you need. Basically, just have an NPC that you can sell to and buy from. Very barebones, and probably not super difficult.

    The Optional/Awesome stuff

    This stuff is, as far as I know, more advanced, but worth it in my opinion. Here we go: multiple, adjustable types of merchants. Another .txt file has all the types of merchants on different lines.


    merchantname:example buysell: 1(2b),2(1s) skin:example1.png

    The merchant name is displayed over their head. 1(2b) means Block id 1, smoothstone, is bought and sold for 2 bronze coins. Silver coins are s, gold is g. Total number of items in the merchant's buy/sell list can still be limited, as it won't make a difference with the multiple types. I'm not sure if this is possible, but having the ability to change the merchant skin, which can be added to the mobs folder, would be great.

    To change the merchant's type, right click him with the merchant-summoning staff.

    Well, there you have it. I personally think this would be awesome for SMP, but all I'm concerned with for now is SSP. The key element of this is that the merchants are placeable and immobile. I feel that this would add some life to player made cities and buildings. And yes, I know you could just put the buy/sell value to zero and get stuff for free, but if you're going to cheat, just use TMI. It's simpler.

    Feel free to make suggestions!
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    posted a message on Writeable books

    I'm sorry if I haven't checked every page of this forum, but so far I haven't seen a half-decent writeable book suggestion. There are a couple of book mods out there, both of which are awesome. They have clearly shown that 40 page writeable books, WITH TITLES, are possible. I strongly suggest to Notch, if he hasn't looked at those already (Wurstknifte's Bookmod, and Dethril's Bookmod in case you were wondering) to look at these fine examples of coding and implement them.

    The Suggestion

    :bookshelf: (bookshelf being a normal book, which we will call "empty book")
    This creates a writeable book. Now, when carrying this book, right-clicking brings up a GUI of an opened book, which you can then type in. The first line of the first page is the title, which will then show up when you scroll over the book in your inventory. The second line is the author line. Whatever name is put in this line is the only person who can edit the book, to prevent people in SMP messing with your books. (alternately, maybe writing "The End" by itself on a page will close it to editing) Each book will contain about 40 pages. Obviously, the contents of the book will save as you write in it. In addition, I personally want a rudimentary picture system, in the interest of putting recipes inside the book without using a page-long legend saying Ir = Iron bar. A pictorial list of all the blocks and items in the game would be fine (maybe like the TooManyItems mod interface, with support for modded items/blocks?).

    This brings us to the question: where do we put our written books? The bookshelf, of course!

    :wood: :wood: :wood:
    :|: :|:
    :wood: :wood: :wood:

    This bookshelf starts out empty, then changes its skin to match how many books are put in it! How many books a bookshelf should hold is open to debate, as there is merit in both few and many books per bookshelf. (probably a grammar error there somewhere...) The bookshelf will have its own, chest-like GUI, in which book titles can be seen.

    Now, we need a way to mass-produce books for SMP. Dethril's bookmod uses separate items and sprites, with their own recipes, to compensate for this. I like the Wurstknifte method, using a copy table.


    A re-purposed workbench, the GUI has 3 slots: Original book, an empty book, and the copied book. The original book is not destroyed, and the copied book now has the same content as the original.

    Now, the saving system. My idea on this end is that when you write a book, it creates a save data in a special folder inside the world save. This save can be accessed by entering the world save. You can copy-paste this save into another world, and when you next make a writeable book, it takes on the content of the transferred book. This is prevent having to rewrite your books every time you make a new world.

    Idea by Sebor13
    The ability to convert screenshots into sketches, like the program Photostory, and then put those sketches into your book. Spruce up those title pages!


    Writeable books for SMP is my top most-wanted minecraft addition out there. Usable nether? Meh. Adventure mode? Who needs it. The ability to write in books should be top priority, in my opinion. Anyway, thanks for listening!

    Features in short form
    • Books that can be written in
    • Bookshelves to put books in
    • A copy table to mass produce books
    • A saving system that allows importing to other worlds

    This idea is a compilation of Wurstknifte's, Dethril's, Shocker's, and my own ideas.
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    posted a message on [WIP]Pixelmon(An Awesome Pokemon Mod)[WIP]
    If you think about it, adding a whole new game mode would take a long time. Especially for Notch :rolleyes: Besides, he doesn't post on his blog until a couple days to a week after he actually updates, so Twitter is the only source we have.
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