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    For the past month i have been getting back into Minecraft. Never realy tried my hands on an airship in survival, so this is the base i decided to build on the server i play on: The SS. Pimp Slap II

    The inside of the tiny house on the deck. It's where i sleep:P

    The ship even has its own trading hall!

    A better shot of the deck

    Incomplete world map and portal room. Ladders leads down to storage area.

    Enchanting station in the middle, smelting to the right and potion brewing to the left

    Small area for netherwart

    Hallway leading to storage area

    There's even more space inside the actual balloon part of the blimp! I utilized the space for a sheep farm

    And a village breeder

    There's even another floor where i keep my crops!

    Cheers! Hope you liked it:)

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