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    Quote from ParryLost

    Deaths -- even seemingly unfair ones -- that are caused by normal gameplay -- mobs, other players, whatever -- aren't that bad.

    I agree with this entirely. My truly aggravating deaths have all come from my mouse, sadly. It's an older optical one which tends to act erratically. When I say erratically, I mean shoot straight up and spin wildly. As infrequent as this this, it is more noticeable when I'm traversing around lava or being chased by a creeper. 9 times out of 10 I blow up or fry. I need a new mouse...
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    I haven't been playing very long, but I love these ideas. Villages in Mesa biomes sound particularly interesting. And the variance in mob interactions with the cobras and vultures sounds fun.

    If you don't mind me latching onto your idea…what if hunger/saturation affected you more while in the desert biome making them more treacherous to cross? This makes those wells and villages that much more essential. And the treasure found at temples more rewarding. And instead of horses…camels spawn?

    I support this fully!
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