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    posted a message on Command line tool for exporting/importing relatively small regions from old 1.15 nether world to new 1.16 nether world?

    Having upgraded to 1.16, new chunks that are generated in the nether often don't blend with the old chunks (new chunks often appear as cross-sections next to old chunks), so I would like to regenerate all my old chunks.

    However, I have already built an awful lot in the nether - a huge central hub, multiple farms and a simple but lengthy network of tunnels of 5x5 width/height from -1000,-1000 to 1000 1000.

    I would like to start a fresh new nether world, regenerate a 2000x2000 region, and then copy over only these specific regions that I've built on.

    I've worked out I would only need to copy 8 box regions and 2 diagonal box regions and noted these exact co-ordinates.

    Ignoring chests and such, you can consider each block is just an integer / string in a 3D array, the task at hand should be very simple. I could easily write my own mod that exports these regions to a JSON file, and then imports them, but I figured there must be a command line tool or pre-existing mod to save me the effort.

    Is anyone aware of such a thing?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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