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    posted a message on MindCrack Inspired Server [Whitelisted] Small Community
    The Hectic Minecraft Server
    Created by HecticNick
    Inspired by the MindCrack Server
    Server Ip:

    Hello and welcome the the Hectic Minecraft Server. We are currently looking for around 6-8 additional members to add to the server. As stated above, we were inspired from the MindCrack Sever so we will stick strictly vanilla. Griefing protection will be instituted but at a minimal extent. If you would like to join please fill out the form below! We will be launching once we have enough members! We are currently only accepting members who are at least 17 years old.

    Minecraft Name:




    Why would you be a good fit in the community:

    How often can you play:
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    posted a message on [1.23] ***** Vanilla Survival Server ***** No Whitelist! Great Server Hosting!
    We are currently looking for some members and we hope that you join!

    Many anti griefing mesures are taken on the server!

    We also have a fast and reliable server hosting to minimize lag even when up to 10 people are on the server!

    hope to see you on the server!

    any questions let me know!

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