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    posted a message on ~+THE ROMAN EMPIRE [PvP] [HcF][1.8 and 1.11.2 servers][All welcome] [Constant 4 years] +~

    Hey, I don't mean to be pushy, but has anyone checked my app yet?

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    posted a message on ~+THE ROMAN EMPIRE [PvP] [HcF][1.8 and 1.11.2 servers][All welcome] [Constant 4 years] +~

    IGN: health133

    Age: 18

    What time zone are you in: EST

    Have you read the rules: Yes, Empire Without End

    Name any Minecraft clans you've been in: The Roman Empire, The Spartans, and a few others that I cannot remember

    How did you hear about us: Used to be apart of The Roman Empire

    Which branch do you want to join (Military, Civilian, Political): Military

    What specific job do you want: Tiro

    What rank would you like to have some day: I would like to one day be in the Praetorian Guard

    Does the ancient Roman Empire interest you: Yes. I enjoy studying history in general and roman history is at the top of my list

    How active are you throughout the week: Do to being in college and in a fraternity, my activeness would be limited to only a few times a week and the weekends

    Do you promise to wear a Roman-themed skin on clan servers: Still have my old skin on, so yes

    What do you think we expect from you: Loyalty and hard work

    What do you expect from us: I expect an environment where my hard work and loyalty will not be squandered and to have a leadership that knows how to use my loyalty and hard work in the best way possible

    Will you install Teamspeak (easier to communicate with the clan!): All ready have it

    Do you have a mic? (a mic is required to join this clan): Yes

    Anything else you want to add: As stated as before, I used to be apart of the Roman Empire but had to leave do to work over the summer. Not only am I coming back, but I bring the experience of being in a real life organization.

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    posted a message on ~+THE ROMAN EMPIRE [PvP] [HcF][1.8 and 1.11.2 servers][All welcome] [Constant 4 years] +~
    I'm so sorry for not being able to get on lately. I just got a new job and I've been super busy lately. I'll get on when I can.
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    posted a message on ☆ ★ ☆ CaloniaCraft ☆ ★ ☆ ✔ Legit Good Ole Minecraft! ✔ Semi-Vanilla ✔
    McMMO is not Vanilla. It's not even a good plugin.
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    posted a message on A New Idea
    Quote from Relyh

    The main question would be: how do you plan to execute this? You'll definitely need a server and knowledgeable staff, but how are you going to spread the word? The main problem, in my opinion, is getting the word out to new players that there is a nice community where they can learn the game. Also, how will you deal with non-English speakers or those who aren't as fluent in it?

    I agree with needing knowledgeable staff, which is a challenge within of its self, but I don't know about a server dedicated to it. I was thinking perhaps a city server that doesn't have nation war. The University would have physical "campus" as well as a website. The board would rule the "campus" as a council while also dealing with University problems. Perhaps that would solve the how people pay for these classes. In order to keep the campus up and running, they would pay a very small price to take a class. I know this steers away from the strictly helping new people part of it, but it would give this a light RP bit to it. I know I'm moving from the main idea of this, but this is only brainstorming. As for getting the word out, if we are a physical campus on a server, people would here about us on that server as well as their being a thread for it on the forums. As for non-English speakers, I don't know how to solve that.
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    posted a message on A New Idea
    Quote from Relyh

    I'd argue that you would get better results in the "Looking For" section, but only if you're ready to build and execute something like this.
    I think it's a really cool idea and could be useful to some players, but I wonder how many people would want to attend "regular" classes. Maybe a mentor system would be better. Hiring a certain number of mentors per subject and then assigning pupils to them and allow them to work through it on their own time. You could then allow the pupils to write reviews (positive or negative) of their mentors as feedback to help ensure the quality of mentorship on the server.

    That's not a bad idea. Perhaps a mixture of the two, like "classes" of 2-3 people working with 1 mentor on days the whole group can agree on. The class suggestions are pretty good too.
    Quote from CanaryCasserole

    This might be helpful for some people, but I don't really think it's a good idea. I like the game because you can learn a lot of things and do many things... by myself... taught by myself... I think this might be a suggestion, though...

    I like to learn things on my own too, but some people just can't figure things out.
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    posted a message on A New Idea
    Quote from daawsomest

    I'm sorry to tell you this isn't really a new idea. There has been multiple people people suggest something like this on the forums in the past. That being said, I have not seen something like this actually implemented as a server.

    I figured it wasn't an original thought. Problem is the idea requires a large amount of people to contribute, and none of my friends are willing to help.
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    posted a message on A New Idea
    Quote from pwnage_potato

    No. This might work good a server but not as a project funded by Mojang.

    I never meant for them to be involved. I just didn't know where else to put this idea as there's no forum for this kind of suggestion.
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    posted a message on A New Idea
    As I've played on servers over the years, I've noticed that a lot of players, including myself in some fields, have no idea what they are doing half the time. Whether its creating a nice looking house on a city server or making a proper tnt cannon, some people get it while a lot don't. Sure, there are youtube videos, but those are hard to follow and it can be hard to find just what you want.

    I suggest a new approach, a Minecraft University. A place were one can find classes on anything from basic redstone engineering to architecture to archery and everything in between. Experts in these fields would be "hired" as professors and prospective students could sign up for classes that might go on a weekly basis for a certain amount of time. There would be "homework" of a sort that students would be expected to do and at the end of the class, there would be a timed "test" that the student would have to do. The student, if they passed the test, would be awarded a "certificate" that could be found on a website run by the University. If the student were applying to a clan or server, they could put a link to their profile on this site to show they have certified evidence that they are experts in the fields they claim.

    There would be a board of chairmen to approve of classes and other ideas along with internal problems. This board would be made up of chairmen who are elected from the professors, one to represent each collage.

    I've had this idea for a long time but have been unable to work on it due to lack of time and lack of connections. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter.
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    posted a message on A New Idea
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    posted a message on ~+THE ROMAN EMPIRE [PvP] [HcF][1.8 and 1.11.2 servers][All welcome] [Constant 4 years] +~
    IGN: health133
    Age: 17
    What time zone are you in: Eastern Standard Time
    How long have you been playing Minecraft: Since November 2011
    Have you read the rules: Yes. ab aeterno
    Name any clans you've been in: The Spartan Society and UEE
    Does the ancient Roman Empire interest you: Yes.
    How active are you throughout the week: I will be able to be on for at least 6 hours a week
    Do you promise to wear a Roman-themed skin at all times: Yes
    What do you think we expect from you: To be an active member who contributes something to the clan
    What do you expect from us: To maintain order and organization within the clan
    Do you understand you have to check this thread regularly for updates: Yes
    Do you understand you must install Teamspeak: Yes
    Do you have a mic? (a mic is required to join this clan): Yes
    Do you promise to obey your superiors: Yes
    Anything else you want to add: No
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    posted a message on Dreyrugr Vikings - Bloodstained Raiders [Recruiting][PVP]
    I think I'm gonna leave the clan. I've never was truly apart of it (I've been busy the past couple days and couldn't find time to play) and there seems to be a bucket load of problems. I don't want to join a clan that is unstable. Just wouldn't be the best idea. Sorry for the inconvenience and I hope things turn out for the better!

    -Sincerely, Jacob
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    posted a message on Havoc [Military] [Civilian] [PvP]
    Good to see you guys gettin' back on the horse, though I can't say this clan looks any better then your last couple. "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting things to be different."
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    posted a message on Dreyrugr Vikings - Bloodstained Raiders [Recruiting][PVP]
    In Game Name: health133
    Age: 17
    What should we call you (Name)? Jacob
    How did you found out about us? I found your clan while looking through the clan forums.
    What can you offer us? In Minecraft, I can offer you my bow and my dedication. I'm a pretty good shot with a bow and, as long as you do your responsibility as a clan, I will give you my unwavering allegiance. Along with that, I am fervent lover of anything norse. I've read plenty of Norse mythology and know quite a bit about their culture.
    Skype Name(Needed): I have one and will send you it in PM if I am accepted.
    Do you have TeamSpeak (Optional)? I do.
    Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
    Past clans: United Earth Empire, Spartan Society, and a few others I can't recall.
    Do you have any special skills? As I am assuming this is meant for skills outside of Minecraft, I am a novice at html and can do moderate work in Illustrator (Adobe program).
    Why do you think you would be a good addition to our clan? I would make a loyal member of the Dreyrugr Vikings, I am well aquatinted with norse culture, and I am an experienced minecraft player.
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    posted a message on THE ANERIAN CHRONICLES [RP][Airships][Classes][Player-Driven-Story][Extensive Lore]
    Out of Character Information

    IGN: health133

    Real-Life Age: 17

    Do you have a Skype? If so, what is your Skype Name? (This is by no means required and holds no weight on your acceptance. We just use Skype a lot): I do, I will PM my account if I am accepted

    Have you read all of the rules, agree to abide by them, and by the decisions of our staff?: I do

    What is the definition of “Powergaming”?: Powergaming is making your character do ridiculous thing like survive a hundred foot fall with out any damage or dodge hundreds of arrows

    What is the definition of “Metagaming”?: Metagaming is using OOC knowledge as your characters advantage, like using the name plates over peoples heads to say that your character knows that there are people nearby.

    What is the definition of “Roleplay”?: To roleplay is to step into the shoes of another individual and handle events and situations in a way you believe that character would.

    Who can use flymod, X-ray and other such clientsided mods?: No one

    When are you allowed to cause the death of another character?: When both parties agree to it

    When are you allowed to speak out of character?: When using parenthesis or in the OOC Channel

    Have you read the primary server lore of our server and agree to roleplay in accordance with it?: I have and I do

    Who is allowed to use magic?: Those who have gone through the training

    Who are the Fallen?: They are the Medori, A peaceful group of nomads who prefer solitude and are very community orientated

    When and how did our current government come to be?: It was formed in 169 A.R. after the destruction of the Linyera Monarchy

    Who are the Order of Aradin?: An old order of knights who are sworn to protect the Islands from supernatural evils. That have been disbanded as of now but there is talk of bringing it back.

    What are the Net and Essence? The Net is a thing that is under the islands and protects people from falling off and falling eternally. Essence is a mana-like substance that saves your items if you fall into the net, where normally you would lose your items.

    Who is/was Jensen? Jensen was the husband of the goddess who would reincarnate by taking control of others' bodies. He attempted to find the 5 Anerian artifacts so he could free the goddess and wish for her to kill him.

    What previous roleplay experience have you had, if any?: I have played in a few roleplay servers and I have played a few game of DnD

    If you have played on other RP servers, please say which and why you left: I cannot remember their names as I didn't stay on any for very long because all of them never had opportunities for the new guy. It basically would be walking around looking at all their well built buildings until I starved and left.

    Character Information

    Alexis Fender

    Age: 23

    Class: Ranger

    Citizen of the Chancellery or a member of the Medori?: Citizen of the Chancellery

    Physical description: Tan, dark hair, around 5'5", Skinny but all muscle

    Screen capture of your skin:

    (Green archer to the right)

    Biography (Minimum 400 words. Cannot include loved ones being killed, kidnapped, tortured, or the like, unless you can do it in a non-cliche manner.):
    Alexis come from a long line of nobodies. Their was no fame in the Fender name, heck no one remembered Alexis's grandfather. His father had always been very blunt about this, saying that Alexis nor his siblings would never be anything. Don't take this wrong way, as it was never meant to hurt his children. He simply never wanted to get their hopes up. Most of his siblings were ok with it, but Alexis resented his father for his acceptance of such a horrible fate. He strived to carve his name into the books of history, however he could. This was around when Alexis was 10 and ever since then he has strived to make himself better in order to make that dream possible. This created a large rift between him and his parents because he went against his father's wishes. His older brother, Lemis, however, was ever devoted to the idea. They both trained and worked ever hard to improve their skills, Alexis being an archer and Lemis as a crafter. They would spend their days hunting (as their father had forced them to help the family in some way) and training and their nights planing ideas of how to rise to fame. Alexis's ideas, at least when he was young, were always about starting a group of pirates or becoming mercenaries in order to spread their names. Lemis, however, figured that the best way to gain fame was to start their own island colony. At first, Alexis hated the idea, but as he grew older, he figured that it was truly the best idea. The biggest problem to this plan was that they lacked the resources. Lemis was 22 at this time and figured that the best way to make money for their idea was to go to a mining colony and make money working as a crafter. Alexis, who was 17 at the time, didn't like the idea but couldn't say much against it. The next years of Alexis life were pretty uneventful until he heard about a local band of adventures who were hiring all types of people to hunt for some kind of important group of artifacts that could grant a wish. Alexis saw this as a real chance for the fame he so desperately wanted. His commitment to his brother and his idea was the only thing that kept him from leaving with them. He figured that Lemis would make enough money that they could buy an airship and fulfill their dream. So he held back on going with the group, all because of his brother. It wasn't until years later that he received a letter from his brother did he regret the idea. In the letter, Lemis talked about a woman that he loved. He wished to spend the rest of his life with her and thus couldn't go along with their plan of starting a colony. Alexis was furious. His brother, the one person he trusted most in this world, had betrayed him. At age 23, Alexis realized that he had wasted too much time and trust waiting on his brother and that if he wanted fame, he had to go get it himself. On that day, he backed up his few belongings and left his childhood home forever.

    What is your character’s main goal? (Motivation):
    Alexis's goal is fame, no matter how he gets it

    Strengths (Both physical and personality):
    Physical: Agile, Fast, Stealthy, Able to move through trees extremely well
    Personality: Determined, Strong willed, Knows what he wants

    Weaknesses (Both physical and personality. Not knowing how to do something that is outside of your class is not a weakness. IE not knowing how to use bows and magic, if you are a swordsman.):
    Physical: Not exceptionally strong, Small framed,
    Personality: Quick to anger, Stubborn,

    Does your character have any connections to currently-existing characters or characters yet to be accepted? If so, which? (See “Character Linking Aid”. Please post a link to the topic.):
    He doesn't have any connections

    In-Character-Responses (ICRs. For each scenario, write at least a paragraph describing entirely in-character how your character would respond to the situation.Your ICRs will be used to see how well you can RP. Please post them as if in IC chat. An example can be found after this form.)

    Walking down the streets of the Capital, you encounter a pair of heavily armed and armored men harassing a young girl.

    *Alexis notices the two men having their fun with the young girl
    *"Why should I care?" Alexis thinks to himself "The girl means nothing to me"
    *He continues doing what he was doing, already pushing the situation out of his mind for more important things

    A man approaches you with promises of fortune abroad if you join the crew of his airships. How do you react, and why?

    Alexis: "How much are we talkin' here?"
    Man: "Ya gonna get a tenth of what we make."
    Alexis: "What kinda job?"
    Man: "Quick and quiet. Don't worry no, one 'll hear about it."
    *At that point Alexis turned around and walked away

    You pass an old man lying on the side of the street, begging for food.

    *"Pathetic" Alexis thinks as he walks away

    In a tavern, a slightly inebriated fellow insults your mother.

    *Alexis is sitting in the corner of a tavern sipping on some ale
    Man: "Look at this little s***"
    *The drunk fellow's group of buds all laugh
    *Alexis pretends to take no notice
    *The man gets real close to Alexis face
    Man: "Oh ya, I forgot he can't hear. Ya see, I fracked his mom so hard, when he popped out ..."
    *Before the drunk man knows what happened, Alexis throws a punch at his face
    *The man staggers back a bit
    Man: "Is that all you got"
    *Alexis pulls his bow out and nocks an arrow
    Alexis: "Nope"
    Man: "Man, just take it easy. I was just kidding"
    *Alexis aims the arrow at the man's foot and releases
    *As the man is shouts in pain, Alexis gets up and storms out of the bar

    You take a liking to a beautiful necklace a passing woman wears.

    *"It's just a necklace" Alexis thinks to himself

    Do you have any questions about the server or our lore?

    Other notes: Nope
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