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    Why Should We Recruit You:I am experienced and mature, I have lots of ideas and I love helping, I can make the server amazing, I have played on Minecraft and more specifically servers for 3 years so I know the tips and tricks of being amazing

    Do You Own A Server/Staff On A Server? -Give IP:I was Admin on one recently but the owner had other things they had to do so they closed it.

    How Long Have You Played Minecraft?:3 years

    Thanks for your time,

    Harvey/Harvster2001 :)

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    Minecraft Username:Harvster2001

    Skype name:harvey246810

    Your age:14

    What is your time zone?: Australia

    Do you have any experience with coding on servers? No.

    Have you ever been a staff member on another server? If so please list your rank, the server name and IP, and the list of responsibilities you had on that server. Please list all past staff member positions. Bion-Network: Co-Owner, It closed down because the owner quit Minecraft, I was in charge of all server recruitment and member management. Ethyl Factions, Moderator, I was around to keep away hackers and spammers, IP: I think i'm still moderator on the server but the owner is inactive and no one plays on it. There was another one but I forgot the name and IP, I was Admin, my job was to check for any glitches in shop and spawn etc and also to check there was no hacking.

    Do you make custom plugins? If so please list and describe the plugins you have made. No i don't

    Example Problems

    Here we shall list various problems you are likely to encounter if you are selected to be a helper. Please answer these questions to the best of you ability, detail is key!

    How would you deal with a younger user that does not understand certain rules? I would tell him/her what he/she is doing wrong and warn him/her that there will be a punishment if they do it again. If they continue I will have no choice but to punish them in a manner that is required.
    How would deal with a user that is spamming the chat? Tell them to stop and warn them what will happen if they don't, if they continue I will mute them for five minutes and if they still carry on then I will perm mute them.
    How would you deal with a user that is being inappropriate in the server chat? Instant mute and clear the chat, there will be younger users and I believe that they shouldn't under any circumstances see that sort of language.
    How would deal with a user that is making inappropriate builds? Destroy their builds and warn them, if the continue I will have to ban them.
    How would deal with a user who has a hacked or a modded client? Instant ban, hackers wont stop hacking if u temp ban them and I have no tolerance for people who cant play the game fairly and properly.
    How would you deal with a user that is spamming another server's IP or is advertising another server in any way? Ban, advertising is stupid and I would never do it and I extremely dislike people who do.

    Additional Information

    How many times can you be on our server a week, and for how long? Everyday for times varying from 3 to 5 hours every day.
    Why do you want to become a helper/staff member? I love servers and helping them improve and get better as well as working with others to create something, I never apply for servers for the money I just love helping people grow as Minecrafters and people.
    What can you do to help the server? As I can be very active I can help make sure no one is hacking spamming etc and also I have the time and experience to do shop signs that people wont be able to glitch.
    Is there anything else we should know about you? I can be fun and nice but also firm and mature when its needed.

    Thank you for your time, Harvster2001 :)

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    posted a message on [[ 1.8 Survival (PG-13) Server In Need Of Staff! ]]

    Name and IGN:Harvster2001



    How long have you been playing Minecraft?:1 year

    How much experience do you have?:I have been staff on over 6 servers owning two of them

    What plugins are you familiar with?:Im not a dev so im not very experienced with installing them

    On a scale of 1-10, how mature would you say you are?:7

    What skills do you have that would make you useful to the team?:I am very easy to talk to and can spot any mistakes and can apply lots of time to the server

    Have you ever been banned from a server before?:no

    Do you have TeamSpeak?:no

    Why do you want to be part of our staff?:I love helping servers and players improve their playing skills so they can have more fun

    Anything else?:I am very nice

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