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    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to this forum site and a returning player to minecraft after 10 or so years. When I first played I never delved into any mods or texture packs at all, but now I am itching to get going.

    I've just finished watching the yogscast series about the jaffa factory and thought the texture pack and the automation mods looked pretty cool to have a go with, but I'm struggling with understanding the differences between them. My question to you all:

    * what is the difference between mods and the resource pack folder? Are they different things and can you use any texture pack with any mod if they are different things?

    * tekkit seems really cool, but is this a singular mod or lots of mods in one place? I have seen the terms forge and buildcraft thrown around, but is this different to tekkit?

    * I would love to have the texture pack they used in the jaffa factory series (where the inventory boxes are all at angles and looks cartoony. Does anyone know what this is called?

    * I'm aware the jaffa factory series was cut short due to a mod being upadated and made the factory unusable, but is there a mod out there in todays minecraft where I can still play about with quarries and energy condensors ect, ect?

    Hopefully I've not broken any forum rules. Thank you.

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