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    i like to mess with these things on a flat world in creative and while trying to make my first focus i noticed there was not enough vis so i checked another chunk and it was at the same level so u looked around and saw every chunk was at a max of 75 so i need a way to improve the max vis in a chunk

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    I loved dimensional doors im so excited

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    This mod idea is based on a slightly old tv show

    Getting Started

    first you have to look and find amulets in dungeon and village chests once you have one right click it and the titan inside will bind to you and become only usable by you also you will gain powers mostly just magic projectiles, magic lights, and feather falling.


    Titans are mythical creatures living in amulets and legendary ones come in rings you can have as many as you want but they can die they normally would come back to the amulet but you can make them come back out and if they die the amulet breaks and its gone forever but they heal in their amulets. all titans and their amulets can be found here http://huntik.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Titans


    If you use a Titan a lot they will gain experience and eventually evolve into a power bonded version it is much more powerful and will become a olden armored version and you will get buffs while it is out


    The rings are only found in large dungeons and their are also magic weapons from mythology titans can also be found on their own and if you beat them their yours others are found hidden in blocks but will still drop their amulet like the other unowned ones and the rings tend to be eithier hidden in like 50 chests or are bosses that are insane to beat

    this was just a fun idea i had i would be very happy if this became a reality

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    i support you completly just make it so you can punch whisper

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    looks good so far

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    posted a message on (Continued)Fairy Tail Mod v0.3 - Food and Weapon Update | IN NEED OF TEXTURES, MODELS AND CODERS |

    good luck (not sarcastically)

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    the PET

    the pet is the first item of the mod and is needed for everything else that you need to do


    when make a computer you can use it for to things one is to buy new upgrade to your pet like weapons and armour by spending emralds while in the store and it will auto equip to you pet. the second use is to log on to the net.

    the net

    when you enter the net you will get the armour and abilitys you bought on the store but your items for the real world are not there. you can find sites or the villages of that world where you can find attack card that you cant get outside the net and you will find enemys that drop zennys to buy attack cards


    when you wander around the real world you can find buildings that has a port next to a iron door that when you use a pet on it you get a minigame to unlock it and get treasure

    uses in your powers in the real world

    when you find a special attack card(i forget the name i havent watched this in a long time im winging it here) and when you use it you get all the armour and tools you would in the net but when you use it in the end it wont work because the propirties of the end disable the PET

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