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    Wow um thanks I also make mod ideas if you guys would like to see them there a little impossible but can be worked around

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    can you add a temple structure that spawns on the beach and has a door that if used with the right gem will make a special temp portal open to a mini dimension that is the gems room like pearls for storing weapons and amythests(cant spell lol) for storing random junk garnets is the temple heart where defeated gems will turn into there gems for a period of times before spawning and can only be stopped from spawning by crafting them with your gem and it bubbles them and they can be placed but if broken they'll spawn and finally rose/Stevens gem to open a cloud room that is basically a home if you don't want to live in the house part of the temple

    hope this is possible cant wait for this mod

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    actually yah you are right that's actually better than my original view i never would have thought of that

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    no not realy

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    thanks hey your the guy who posted on my other one i have others if youd like to go overthem

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    the PET

    the pet is the first item of the mod and is needed for everything else that you need to do


    when make a computer you can use it for to things one is to buy new upgrade to your pet like weapons and armour by spending emralds while in the store and it will auto equip to you pet. the second use is to log on to the net.

    the net

    when you enter the net you will get the armour and abilitys you bought on the store but your items for the real world are not there. you can find sites or the villages of that world where you can find attack card that you cant get outside the net and you will find enemys that drop zennys to buy attack cards


    when you wander around the real world you can find buildings that has a port next to a iron door that when you use a pet on it you get a minigame to unlock it and get treasure

    uses in your powers in the real world

    when you find a special attack card(i forget the name i havent watched this in a long time im winging it here) and when you use it you get all the armour and tools you would in the net but when you use it in the end it wont work because the propirties of the end disable the PET

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    Quote from Soriel»

    Or you could just make a Persona Q mod, which is the combination of both Persona games for the 3DS. You get both the Evoker gun and the cards.

    i guess i could have it just escaped my mind do you know any modders or have any skills cause i dont have ethier

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    the idea

    the basic thing is its about the game persona


    when you start the game you design you persona and chose its type

    new item

    the evoker a gun that when you use takes a heart from your self and summons a persona but only during the midnight hour


    (if persona four) when right clicked in the tv world the card will appear and you can hit it to summon your persona

    it will also add a seris of weapons


    when the persona is summoned it will follow you and give you a strength buff and you will share and good or bad effects but not health and knock back

    Midnight hour

    when the moon is at its highest point it will freeze and the sky will turn green and any electrical mods will stop working and shadows will start spawning and if it is a full moon a boss will spawn and if twelve are killed the next boss will spawn will be a end gamish boss and it will stay the midnight hour for a period off time or until you sleep. ps all peaceful mobs will turn into coffins during this time

    Tv world (persona four)

    to get there you must have a persona card in your inventory and right click a large tv that must be crafted and to get back find a randomly spawned stack of tvs but shadows spawn there and after 30 minecraft days one of 2 final bosses will spawn (one from anime one from game)


    will only spawn in the midnight hour/ tv world and will come in many shapes and sizes and be weak to certain persona types


    if you get these people some thing you will get a new premade persona and you can switch to them by shift right clicking with a card or evoker

    the velvet room

    when you sleep for the first time you will get a velvet key and when you craft a velvet door and place it then use the key you will get the option to get hints about shadows and personas or fuse the premade persona

    i hope somebody will read this and please make this i have no skill in coding or making textures so if you will try and say it was my idea i will be great full

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    one question why

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    if anyone remembers this show they'll understand


    nanites are in everything even peaceful mobs and can make them turn into a new mob called a evo at any moment so they could get you killed anywhere

    one of the special things is that you can craft a special nanite injector so you can instantly make evos plus if you make it and add a diamond you can make a special nanite to inject into you


    after injecting your self with the new nanite 2 bars will appear one with a list of weapons and the other the amount of nanites you have in you. after you get this you can summon weapons to help you fight and travel and with one you can click on evos and make 90% of them will turn to what they once were and you will gain more nanites witch will make you stronger but if it gets full it'll kill you and it has to be stored in a large multiblock to store them to be destroyed but never break it or it will spawn a bunch of evos. and the last type of nanite is the omega nanite a nanite injector and a nether start and when it is injected after a period of time new weapons and vehicles will unlock and when you nanite meter hits zero disabling your weapons it will boost it back to 1/4.


    (forgive me if i got his name wrong) he will spawn in a castle in the desert and is about in-between ender dragon and wither and when you kill him you will get his hand but be careful his house is surrounded by incurable evos and and his mercenarys the pack and you'll probably die allot

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    here is another one of my ideas for a minecraft mod please make i cant code


    to start the mod you have to fight and based on your chose of weapon like a bow your ranged will become more important. by this i mean weapons will start spawning in there human forms across the world and if you use more ranged weapons a melee type weapon wont want you as a partner but gun or bow will.once you have a weapon you can right click him and a gui will appear saying transform in to weapon,check inventory,or feed soul and it will display his health and what types and how many souls hes eaten. after you have fed him 99 kishin egg souls and one witch soul he will become a death weapon and become stronger and gain more health. after a hundred normal souls he will become a kishin a boss i will discus later. lastly if you drop him why hes in weapon form in your inventory he will become a person and will follow you like normal


    souls will spawn when you kill something with a weapon and can be picked up with right click and feed to a weapon increasing the weapons power

    the different types of souls are:

    normal soul dropped from peaceful mobs

    witch souls dropped from witches

    kishin eggs dropped from mobs

    kishin soul dropped from a kishin

    cat soul dropped by ocelots(resets your weapons stats)


    mini bosses that spawn in generated structures and are extremely powerful


    end game boss more powerful then the ender dragon

    Soul resonance

    as you kill more monsters a soul shaped bar will fill up in the bottom right corner of the screen and create a special wide spread attack and this meter can be filled up multiple times for a stronger version such as kishin hunter and will fill up faster the more souls the weapon has consumed
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    this is diffrent from the other one


    to start the mod collect a grief seed from a witch you killed and give it to kyubey who will begin to spawn after five minecraft days. when you give him a grief seed you will get a gui with 2 options one for a premade series based character or custom that involves changing your suit, weapon, and base color.

    kyubey will also give you a wish like you get a eternal potion effect or diamonds.the final use for kyubey is disposing of low durability grief seeds


    you get special weapons after transforming with you soul gem and your powers to go with them like swords you can summon them and throw them and run extremely fast like sayaka but these cost corruption in your soul gem.the Armour that your given when you transform dose not lose durability but 1/10th of the time damage will be done to your soul gem and when it breaks you die and when you respawn you lose your powers.

    Soul gems

    When you right click the soul gem you will be surrounded in emerald particles and give your Armour and weapons.after using it to much it will begin to turn black and use need to right click a grief seed to brighten it this will use up some durability on the grief seed and eventually it will spawn a witch.WARNING if it is not cleaned you will died and spawn a stronger than normal witch and when you respawn you will lose your soul gem witch will normally come back with you when you respawn

    Grief seeds and labryinths

    grief seeds will spawn naturally around the world and will admit light so their a bit easier to see and they can be picked up and placed with a shift right click.after a while the grief seed will change into a random witch's kiss and it will spawn the corresponding familer witch will eat overworld animals and become a witch. when you touch the kiss you will go into a random generated dungeon with a witch at the end and familers every where


    when you get to the witch you will have to fight it and eventually have to kill it because you cant leave until its dead and when that happens you will instantly leave the labyrinth and the grief seed will be on the ground ready to be collected. and all witches have different powers and strengths.And while transformed you do 2 times as much damage then normal

    Walpurgis Nacht

    after 30 minecraft days you will get a message saying "the night has come" this means that you can summon the most powerful witch as a end game boss. to summon the witch you have to place 9 grief seeds together and right click them and IT will spawn along with its familers and it will be a heck of a boss fight

    and that's my mod idea i hope someone makes this and i have no idea how to code but give me some credit and ill be happy

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    my idea for this kind of mod is a bit interesting

    the first mechanic is that mamodo will spawn in biomes rarely and when you right click them they will ask for items some hard some easy like zatch will ask for fish and after that some may have a second request but they will normally give you a hopefully 3d moleded book

    the spell books

    when you receive this book it is a sign that mamodo is your partner and spells can be used by opening the book and clicking the spell but spells have certain requirements like shielding when your health is low but spells need to be unlocked first via experience before any use at all. and as for the destruction of the book if you catch on fire the book will lose durability it will regain it over time thou and it can be taken and burned when a player dies when that happens the mamodo will vanish in fire.WARNING:if the book if burned the mamodo is never to return

    multiplayer use

    in a multiplayer server you can actually have a mamodo king tournament. or in a hunger games use each person can be provided with a mamodo at start and they can use them to survive

    edit: i didn't know how to make it any better but i did forget to say if you get a mamodo all the other mamodos will spawn partners with books to target until your mamodo dies
    edit 2: when defeating a rival mamodo partner he drops his book and you can burn it or control it
    becoming mamodo king

    when every mamodo is defeated you gain the ability for the books in your inventory(witch for this event to be triggered you can only have one) you can cast any spell from that book at any time no restrictions but they have to be unlocked first.Also the mamodos will being to spawn again and if you decide to change partners by burning your current book when that mamodo comes back it will have all the abilitys that were unlocked including have all abilitys
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    If anyone dose make this make a 5% chance when standing near a reflective object you can get pulled in and if you have a deck on you it equips
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    i have an idea i stole from a anime but i changed them so the new item is basicly a time stoping device from madoka magica it frezes thing in a area and runs on time sand but it has side effects if used to much in one place a mechanic i call time desyncronization represented in time sand particals around the messed up area and if it is not fixed by a time aligner block put on line fueled by time sand transered from a well and if left un treated the area becomes rapped in a black bubble a limbo space where strange past creaters emreged from and it expands unless a brass fence infused by the ceenter piece of the clock and either it stays like that permently or fades away taking part of the world with it
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