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    Hi, me and my friend making a mod for minecraft 1.2.4
    It is a DrWho themed mod here are my ideas so far:

    you will spawn on Gallifrey with the red grass and three suns. you will then find your TARDIS nearby (will be a 3x2x2 block) when you right click on the door side it will open a GUI with a few different places from DrWho episodes (i will add more as time goes by).

    you will have a 50% chance of going to that place and a 50% chance of going to another random place on the list where you will land in the open (not in your TARDIS).you have to solve a problem and save the universe to find your TARDIS to move on to the next place (you will not be able to go back to Gallifrey, all DrWho fans will know why). I will also add a sonic screwdriver to open iron doors with a right click and blow up TNT from 10 blocks away.

    These are my ideas but i welcome more ideas from you. Please don't get angry with my ideas or if yours don't make it into the mod.

    also can you guys please post your favorite DrWho creatures/episodes?
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    posted a message on GLORIUSNESS tekkit 2.1.1 server
    can i please be whitlisted
    i have had prior experience as a mod but i will not go aggro if i don't get it.
    i was playing yesterday and already have a small base with pigkebab38 and wish to continue because i really got attached to it.
    also i am from Australia so i can monitor the server when your not awake
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