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    hey people!!!
    I've started a new server with a fully functioning discord with bots. the server uses commands and a small mod pack to make it more fun for you. is also uses a simple HD texture pack. the server is a cross between factions, hermitcraft and mianite. There is 1 god on the server (me) that you must compete to earn the favour of by going to war with other factions or offering up resources. this is all explained in more detail on the discord. i will be on as much as i can and ill always be adding new things to the world to keep things interesting. hope to see you there!!!


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    Hey peeps, times are a bit strange right now so I figured what better way to pass the time than to play a bit of Minecraft, I've created a server where I will be in creative mode, building cool things, creating challenges and just keeping things interesting really, as well as of course moderating and making sure no one's an idiot.

    I have a discord server up with roles and a bot, specialised chats and a friendly moderater :) (me)

    This is a hermit craft style of world so come on, build, team up, have competitions, build weird and wonderful things and just have fun together as that's all we can do at times like these, I can't promise I'll be on constantly but I'll try my best. Anyone's welcome to join just shoot me a message my PSN Is HARKESY, I'll go over the rules and invite you to the discord then you can come have some fun

    Edit: I will only be accepting 12 people overall so it doesn't get crowded over all :)

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