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    posted a message on [1.3.1] New Vanilla SMP Server
    Ca I be white listed to? Ive been wanting to play on a server like this for a while. Harishimomo is my in game name
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    posted a message on Risugami's Mods - Updated.
    Risugami's instructions don't really help. like "drag and drop necessary files"... and the FAQ is just him yelling at people, not helpful at all. Risugami, if you see this, could you change it because it really isn't helpful
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    posted a message on [Update! (3/28)] Bordercraft ver.1.5
    This is fantatastic!! the only thing that bothers me is the healthbar (although i'll get used to it) and the pigs creep me out (their dark legs and all).

    Have you considered adding a border around the health bar as a reference for how much health you have?
    I haven't played borderlands, but i'm assuming you left that out because the borderlands health bar doesnt have it?

    again, awesome work!!!
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    posted a message on Earth2me downloading help?
    I don't know where to put the files from this download to get the mod to work.
    I have opened it up, and I don't know where to put the files and how many to change, especially the LZMA file.
    Can someone walk me through this or forward a tutorial to me?
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