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    posted a message on smp 1.14 hermitcraft style with some tweaks server looking for reasonably active mature players

    your age: 34

    where you're from: NJ EST

    your ign: TheHarbinger31

    How active will you be: I work early mornings so I am generally playing every afternoon for at least a few hours.

    Anything else you want to mention: Kind of like Phi I play a lot of modded Minecraft but have been looking for a vanilla server to get back into the base game for a while now.

    Discord name: TheHarbinger31#8087

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    posted a message on Va



    Discord: TheHarbinger31#8087


    How long have you played Minecraft?: 4 or 5 years

    What do you enjoy doing most in-game?: I like making automated farms

    How often do you play?: Almost every day

    Favorite dog breed?: Yorkshire Terrier

    Anything else you might add about yourself/how you play?: My work schedule has me home most days by about lunch time EST so it leave me lots of time to play since almost everyone I know works a normal 9-5 job

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    posted a message on Gigaverse | Vanilla+ SMP | 18+ | Whitelist | HermitCraft Inspired
    IGN: TheHarbinger31

    Discord Name: TheHarbinger31#8087

    Age: 34

    Country: USA

    Have you played a hermitcraft style server before?: I've played on a few that have claimed to be, but never lasted long enough to really get the community going

    Tell us about your Minecraft playstyle: I like to build automated farms to make life easier for myself and the others. Im not great at making pretty builds but I try

    Tell us something interesting about yourself: I deliver bread for a living, so I start early and finish early, makes having a social life interesting sometimes, so playing gives me a chance to spend time talking to people and keeps me out of trouble.

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