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    Snowy bioms like thundra should have plenty of order shards
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    posted a message on How to install 1.2.5 mods?
    With a 1.6 minecraft version new game launcher was added, which makes installing mods a bit harder. I suggest using an alternate luncher like multiMC, installing mods with it help is easy as a pie
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    posted a message on DireWolf20 FTB survival server
    Fav. mod: thaumcraft, factorization and railcraft for its magnificent multiblock structures
    Average time in game: about 10-20 per week
    I am still messing with 1.2.5 modpack, but I want try to play multiplayer=)
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    posted a message on Feed The Beast Newbeeworld + Mo Creatures 24/7 Whitelisted
    Name: Alexander
    Ingamename: haradreem
    Age: 21
    Country: Russia
    Why you want to join: I like FTB and want to experience how it feels in multyplayer.
    What you are doing for living: studying applying math in univercity
    Have u any experience in FTB?: I know the basics, been playing in something similar to tekkit for a long time.
    Do you have got banned on another server?(We are Checking): I had never been banned, but I abandoned two servers, because one didn't have TC installed (I just missed it much), and the on other I lost three houses in one week because of mean people(
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    posted a message on Feed the Beast [Ultimate Pack] Community Based :: 24/7
    Minecraft name: haradreem

    I like TC, Factorisation, steam power and ridiculously big Railcraft liquid tanks, but I had never played with them in multipayer(

    New server with pretty everyone has the same "technology level" is ideal place to start building some crazy factory, so I would be glad to get place in whitelist.

    Will be waiting for personal message with hope)
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] ThaumCraft 2.1.6d (OUTDATED)
    Dawars, works fine with forge
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    posted a message on [WIP] Thaumcraft 3 [WIP NO LONGER]
    Taint spreading all over the place is one of fun things in TC2. Great Flux can couse massive disasters, and because of variety in aspects which means variety in Flux disasters should have many kinds.

    "Magic" or "Control" flux may cause thing like cristallising the environment. Imagine the clusters of obelisks from early TC2 videos piercing your house and nearby forest, purple lightnings everywhere, chickens became semi-transparent statues and such.

    "Wind" flux tearing apart the leaves from trees, grass and flowers from ground, leaving the landscape empty.
    With some of "Fire" flux causing trunks to burn and "Earth" flux building little dirt structures it will looks like Herobrine work:)

    Or kind of fog that not allow you to see far while you stay in it. Even poisonous or hostile mob protecting sometimes. Dark sinister forest with evil fog and bad gray wolves in it.

    Some "High-tier" flux may cause chests to become alive and, if you have a good luck, they just jump away, else become hostile. That applyes to little golems.

    It will not be good to performance but let's imagine that cute little golems become bad, get resources, and the brainy one start to creating new hostile golems. "Grey goo" in the middle of your base is pretty punishment for not being accurate with magic.

    ..Hostile flying books? They are like hostile flying bats, except they are books:)

    The most scary thing I saw in TC2 is purple tree which accidently opened eyes, started screaming and throwing living apple-bugs in my face. Elder Tree, if i'm right. I hope TC3 will have something like that.

    It's not interesting to play, when game is too hard, but TC is has so awesome things that they had to be balansed with equally terrible disasters.
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    posted a message on [WIP] Thaumcraft 3 [WIP NO LONGER]
    Quote from Azanor

    That runic circles looks so similar to sun... Should player build a solar shrine to make research work better? Kind of Stonehenge or something)
    Quote from Pelirow

    I can't figure out what the first icon-- the blue one with the fist on a rod-- stands for, but it seems to be "control."

    Maybe the first aspect is lightning in Zeus fist, becasue redstone is electrical thing.
    Guess aspects that are opposite (like darkness and light) will consume each other and will not appear in list, so you need to use special combinations of source items to have apropriate list of aspects...
    Aah, this thread is making me happy)
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    posted a message on [Surv] Extreme heights survival - Original and awesome survival map. [4000+ downloads]
    "26. craft an iron Gollum"
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