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    posted a message on Ultimate Mountain Base at Spawn [SEED - instantly]
    What, no one has mentioned the pumpkin patch near spawn?! :P
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    posted a message on Seed Request Please
    Seed: Yes!
    Numeric: 2752058
    Minecraft: 1.4.5 /World Type: Large Biomes
    Spawn: Forest

    Your spawn forest is surrounded by plains which is surrounded on 3 sides by extreme hills. That's the closest I've seen to your request.
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    posted a message on Looking for a Village seed...
    If you don't mind a short hike to the village:

    Seed: mage
    Numeric: 3343730
    Minecraft: 1.4.2 World Type: default
    Spawn: Forest

    From the spawn area head north through the forest and over the hills. When you come to the plains you should be able to see the NPC village. The roads aren't perfect but they aren't as bad as some.

    Yes, there are actually small deserts and swamps within a day's journey. Minecraft will always generate them, but maybe they are enough out of your way?
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    posted a message on Seeds won't work for me
    First off, you need a "compatible" world generator to what they used. To keep it simple that means the same:
    * minecraft version and
    * world type

    For example, if they talk about a witches hut but you use Minecraft 1.3.2 then you won't get the hut. Or if you use the default world type but they used large biomes then you won't generate the same world.

    The other thing to check is that you use exactly the same seed. Uppercase/lowercase matters. A leading negative sign matters. Sometimes copy/paste will add an extra space at the end. If they gave a number you can use the /seed command to compare your new world with the one they had.
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    posted a message on Forest/plains/desert seed
    Welcome to the forums! You did great for your first post, except for one detail.

    What is the seed?

    Also, as well as the seed and the Minecraft version it helps to say whether to use the default world type or the large biomes. Finally, give the numeric seed value if it is different than what you used in the seed box. (In 1.4 the Re-Create button is the easiest way I know to copy the seed of a world out of Minecraft.)

    As for pictures, they are optional in this forum, since the seed lets people generate the world themselves, as long as they know which world generator to use. To insert pictures upload them to a site like imgur.com and then use the image button at the top of the editor. I assume that the screenshots forum has more detailed information if you need.
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    posted a message on My first TreeHouse <3
    I like it, Foxy, and think you did a fine job!
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    posted a message on {REQUEST} Decent village seed
    I haven't tried the new snapshots at all, but so far it sounds like the world generation is the same (or at least very close) as 1.3.2.

    My current world is from the seed Way and has a Plains NPC village in sight when you spawn.

    For the seed Tiger head to the western tip of the desert where you spawn, for a Desert NPC village.

    Use the seed Topaz for the world generator and head west from spawn for another Desert NPC village.

    The seed seaside resort has a topic here in the forum. Head north from spawn to find several villages.

    For the first 3 seeds the villages are in decent shape. Of course they could use a helping hand. I haven't looked at the last seed lately but as best I recall the first village is on a cliff side and has lots of flaws. The next village after it may be a candidate for fixing up.
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    posted a message on Use your MC name as a seed and dig straight down.
    With TenPaces I came to an underground lake about level 30. Blocked off the water and kept going. Fell into a cave tunnel where one way went off to a ravine and the other to a lava lake - I could see 2 diamonds by it!

    Note: starting with MC 1.3 the spawn point has become a spawn circle. I heard someone say it was a 15 block radius but I have not examined it myself. The idea comes from the MC server where not everyone should spawn on the same block. So if you recreate the world, use the /kill command or simply die, you will notice that you respawn in a slightly different spot.
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    posted a message on Good house seed.
    Seed: Kim
    Minecraft: 1.3.2
    WorldGenerator: default biomes

    The seed Kim gives you a chain of mountainous islands. Honestly I don't remember any "beaches" but one of the islands had some flat land at sea level. Just thought it might be an option for you.
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    posted a message on Easy to remember seeds
    Here are some short, easy to remember Minecraft seeds, with pictures. All of them are for 1.2.5 so far. Feel free to use them as you like!

    [I will be creating a new ETR topic for Minecraft 1.3 and above. In the meantime, these should mostly still work.]

    I would love feedback on them, especially if you use one for your world.

    Public introduction to photo album with brief descriptions
    • -x-
    • [+]
    • 347
    • A1
    • 2032
    • 3264
    • hills (credit: jamm8)
    • XLR8
    • 80808
    • 2739
    • 986
    • 3289
    • AJ
    • Topaz
    • V8

    P.S. Also take a look at the ETR seed bank.
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