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Okay newbie in MC (7/20/2018) here. I was also an talking tom and friends fan (since 2015), the creative and (hiddenly) intelligent boy, but poor boy, sad boy, tempted boy. My emotion was still sad until now. My embracements were some of my classmates helping me, making friends with me, and sharing with me, but those didn't work as my embarrsaments are getting worse. My embarrassments since i was 10(?) and was living in my parents house were some girls harrasing me, teasing me, the boys bullied me while helping the girls bully me. Then in school some of my classmates do the same as i was that age and place. Then when i was baptised, circumcized (in my religion) and possibly when donating my blood, my embarrasments were far too even worse AS HELL. I wish to die quick...

The spoiler is about what I hate.

On what I hate is the people talking/believing about a man kidnapped in Talking Angela's eyes. I knew it when i watched news about a man in her eyes and i wish to go to, rescue the child and live in her app. That is insame when someone made this hoax.


I will not renew my life
While bad things last that's happening to me
Poverty, harrassment, robbery, bullying, fraternity, failure, bad luck, abuse, lone, innocence.

I wasn't really bad. I wasnt drinking, smoking, or anything that The heaven is closed for me and my name is erased in the Book of Life. I am one of "them" / "those"...

Revelation 20:15, 2 Thessalonians 1:9, Matthew 13:50

That's what I know.


Then i was interested in Talking tom and Friends (in minecraft), Talking Angela loves Talking Hank, mods that are involved in TT&F, steam cars/locomotives/etc., free energy, enviromentalism and things in real life.

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