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    The Sandlot is a whitelisted, family-friendly PC Minecraft server that has been welcoming players since March 2012. Founded by a parent and former school teacher, The Sandlot aims to create a fun, safe environment for all ages.

    We offer a variety of different, fun game modes for our players.

    EASY SURVIVAL - Great for new players and youngsters. Easy difficulty, in-game currency and economy, job system to earn money, build protection. (GriefPrevention)

    SEMI-VANILLA SURVIVAL - Offers a good challenge for experienced players. Hard difficulty, in-game currency (gold nuggets/ingots/blocks) and economy, shop system, build protection.

    SKYBLOCK - Focuses on the more technical side of Minecraft. In-game currency, various challenges, dedicated community.

    DIRTBLOCK - The Sandlot exclusive Dirtblock: identical to Skyblock, but instead of a floating island, you spawn in a block of dirt.

    PvP ARENAS - Multiple PvP mini-game options: 1v1, Mob Arena, Spleef, Capture the Flag, (CTF) Moderator operated games, and many more.

    HUNGER GAMES (HG) AND SKYWARS (SW) – Our HG servers offer multiple maps, some made by The Sandlot’s staff and players, with kit (spawn with a certain item(s) and no kit options.

    PARKOUR – A wide variety of mostly community made Parkour maps with multiple difficulties, even a course with 100 checkpoints!

    HARDCORE – A full ultra-hardcore experience, with an achievement based point system, monthly resets, a custom terrain generator plugin, random respawn, and no health regeneration without health potions. The toughest challenge on The Sandlot!

    ADVENTURE – One of our newer additions, including our Harry Potter Hogwarts map, complete with Diagon Alley, the Chamber of Secrets, and more. There is also a Wild-West themed adventure map, along with multiple other maps being planned and made!

    Each member who wishes to join our server must sign up on our website and submit an application (a “whitelist”) so we can review their Minecraft history and see if they can join our server. We review ban histories, previous/current names and skins, and Minecraft related social media posts. (ban reports via YouTube, etc.) Anyone under 13 years of age must have a parent sign them up.

    Our server has a simple set of rules that our members must follow. This is so we can maintain a “family-friendly” environment. We also have a dedicated staff team of Moderators and Helpers that moderate our online forums and in-game server. In-game we have a strict chat filter that keeps out inappropriate language/terms.

    If you are interested in joining our community, please visit http://www.sandlotminecraft.com and tell your friends! Thank you for reading. Feel free to reply with any questions!

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