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    posted a message on Save the Giant! (AI Changes)

    full support

    i love those giant derps

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    posted a message on small hey cart
    Need a small hey cart?

    I've just happen to have 1x1 hey cart wagon.

    here is how to make it.

    dig a hole.

    <!--EndFragment--> <!--EndFragment-->

    fill the bottom with water

    <!--EndFragment--> <!--EndFragment-->

    place dirt on top of said water the hoe it.

    <!--EndFragment--> <!--EndFragment-->

    place some seeds on that then bonemeal it.

    <!--EndFragment--> <!--EndFragment-->

    <!--EndFragment--> <!--EndFragment-->

    now place a boat on it, you might have to break and readjust the boat a bit.

    <!--EndFragment--> <!--EndFragment-->
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    posted a message on join my realms.
    Alright every one were running now
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    posted a message on join my realms.
    First Off congratz Halo On your free 30 days of realms and may I expand on my application?

    Hi I Am 13 years old and here is some info on my and why you should invite me to your minecraft realms

    -I am mature and don't mess around much

    -I am a genius at command blocks and redstone, I have litteraly made spleef with upgradable shovels with a currency with command blocks.

    -I can help make a virtual currency and a shop to buy and sell items all with command blocks on your server with scoreboard commands and command blocks

    -I have skype

    -I am online 2+ hours on the weekdays and 5+ hours on the weekends

    -I have been playing minecraft since early beta and am not a newb or anything

    -I am an active forum poster for about 1 year now

    -I Know how to use json code (for the /tellraw and /title) and can make cool welcome back to the server and stuff with it

    -I can make customizable cosmetic particles that follow you around if you want me to (why not :D)

    -I can literally do anything imaginable with command blocks

    -I (use to) have owned a successful server (25+ people online) that was full vanilla smp. I stopped because It was to much work to keep up and I did not have enough mature and experienced staff. (check out the forum post for applying for staff here, it has over 13 pages of responses im telling you it was popular http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/servers/looking-for/2118318-platinum-realms-1-8-1-vanilla-smp-24-7-no-lag#c264) That basically proves i am very responsible and don't slack off when I set my mind to it.

    -I like Pie

    My IGN is creepycrawler77 (and my skype also is creepycrawler77) and If you see fit that I may join your realms then please consider inviting me.

    Quote from Simon1s»
    I hope i see you on the server ;)

    You both in hope to see you when i get my code.
    Crawler this wont be that big... just saying.
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    posted a message on join my realms.
    I was one of those 30 day winners... any way im going to start it up once i get my code. im looking for 7-8 players. to apply follow this example.



    level of building skill:7.4

    Have fun.
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    posted a message on [1.8/1.7/1.6] Craftable Horse Armor Normal and Hardcore - v1.2.0.0 (+100.000 Downloads)
    i am getting this i think its bull that we can't craft horse armor or name tags.
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    posted a message on trex is on a dragon.
    trex is on a dragon is a texture pack made to make good mobs and armor.
    about all blocks and items are painterly pack.
    screen shots
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    posted a message on NEW! [SURV] 1.8 / 1.9+ ==> AIRSHIP SURVIVAL <== 300+ DOWLOADS!!
    mind if i use the zeppelin mod.
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    posted a message on I can't sir, it's liquid.
    Quote from celestialphoenix

    Roger That. Over!

    *Barrel Roll*

    Butler, care to join me?

    i will not join you
    butler kill all unicorns no excuses or exceptions.
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    posted a message on my semi aquatic house
    this took me 7 months jerk.
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