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    posted a message on " Today"
    I seem to be lost for words when trying to describe this in any meaningful way.
    To put it short, things like this remind me that history is being made right now. As I type this the world is changing.

    When the youth of tomorrow study about the stories of today, we will be asked something very simple:
    "Do you Remember what happened?"
    "where were you?"
    "what did you do?"
    The answers to those questions will be decided today.
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    posted a message on Which is Better? Homefront Vs Black Ops
    I surprised that home front can even be considered to be better then any thing. yea you may have your opinions about Cod but at lest in all of the CoD games they had a complete story. Home front gives a you a WEAK 4 hours of game play then your left with what little content is in multi player.

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    posted a message on My friend won't try BFBC2
    Quote from Xuanz »
    He plays Minecraft and I've none him since first grade. He's a PC and Xbox gamer. He likes to play Black Ops and he said Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a horrible game, though he has never tried it. I've played Call of Duty and the games haven't changed one bit since CoD4. The only changes is probably more camping and the devs caring less.

    Any way to persuade him to play BFBC2?

    The game have changed a lot sense CoD:4 you opinion is getting is just getting in the way.

    BFBC:2 is a dramatically different game from the CoD series, so I can understand why he might think that BC sucks. It just may not be his style of game.

    Sadly bro not every one in the world has to submit to your opinion but if you want him to try it invite him over to your house and then wile he is sitting around play it in front of him.
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    posted a message on Disappointing Games and Games Expected in the Future
    Home Front killed my inner Child. I am looking forward to portal 2 BF3 and the new TES game.
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    posted a message on Why is Steam Support exclusive for PS3 copies of Portal 2?
    Quote from DragonLord Seth »
    Radical Self opinion and, Elitism.

    some people enjoy PS3.
    Why should they be left out?
    Just because loud, over opinionated people like you say so?
    Rage more.
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    posted a message on Join Cybernations
    Cyber Nations is the most popular persistent browser-based nation simulation game on the Internet

    lolz that because it's the only one
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    posted a message on Okay video games that should have been great.
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    posted a message on Autist Anarchy 24/7[Rune] [vanilla] [20slots] [no whitelist]
    Yea I loved the style of the server. You made runecraft useless. I hate servers that have runecraft but then have a /sethome command. It rendered the mod almost pointless.
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    posted a message on Can one host their own internet providing server?
    Every one else seem to have this handled but i would like to add another point.

    You subscribe to a ISP service just like most states make you pull money from taxes to build and maintain roads. The action and processes of hosting ISP is so expensive that it would be Illogical to expect people to host there own. Even for a neighborhoods to host there own ISP is ridicules.

    Us as consumers can look at the road system(Ex: public vs. private) of Arizona and California as an example. For the most part, Arizona road repair and upkeep comes from taxing, licensing fees, and so forth. In comparison to California, In which most of the road are underfunded because very little of the California tax dolors go to repair and maintenance of there roads. This produces a very noticeable decrease in quality as you drive over the Arizona/ California border.

    Now If you take the same situation and apply it to the internet provided by isp services, you can see the problem. The only reason what we have now is usable, is because most areas that have internet access are dominated by one or two ISP services.

    The other side of the coin is because ISP is not heavily regulated by the government ,or rather a uniform system of regulation and standards, what we do have is no at its max potential for the dolor you shell out for it.
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    posted a message on Google Chrome extensions.
    I know they have a hunk of app dedicated to web design if that peddles your bicycle.
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    posted a message on An Intellectual Possibility
    Yea I had the same idea with child porn. The user to post the best photo get the account. We can call it hot12spot.com. That way the interweb police will only have to look at one website.
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    posted a message on runecraft server.
    Looking for a runecraft server. The less rules the better but I'm willing to follow them if needed.
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    posted a message on 6 in 1 tomahawk?!
    Quote from shrunkencrowbar »
    It either hit a claymore, or it was a grenade.

    ....you can clearly see it hit a RC car. Good try though eagle eyes.
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    posted a message on Overrated Video Games
    Quote from miggles »

    Overrated means something that is very popular, many times for silly reasons, however quality does not factor into overrated-ness. Playerbase does. For example, Minecraft IS overrated, yet it's still a very good game.

    Un-less you a game is very popular but the game play is crap. I find that to be a very "silly " reasons. [/yourlogic]
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