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    posted a message on 10 bit redstone computer, with basic GPU,game support
    Nice job. Now comes the creeper infiltrating your invention.
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    posted a message on TUTORIAL how to make a mob trap using a spawner. tell me what you think :D
    I like it, but I guess the sign effect over water is a non-intended one, or bug, which makes the trap itself something temporary, lasting while the bug remains.
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    posted a message on way to not have to eat because of hunger bar
    Quote from popcorn8123

    what if you dont have any food with you

    You hunt.
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    posted a message on PINK sheep...?
    As of Minecraft Wiki, the chance of finding a pink sheep is 0.16%. Here is a pink one I found recently.

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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    Experience and skills of the character remain from one world to another in survival worlds.
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    posted a message on Why do we have stairs?
    Quote from A_Priori

    Quite often bugs run around on my screen. I thought your signature was a real bug. xD

    Me too.
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    posted a message on HD Minecraft Wallpapers
    Very interesting indeed. I will have it on my desktop. Keep up the good work.
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    posted a message on The reason why 1.8 is delayed! (1.8 video inside)
    Quote from LHC22

    I still can't understand why only some people get to beta test 1.8. I thought that buying Minecraft Beta would allow me to beta test any version until the product is finished.


    Purchase now!
    When Minecraft is finished, it will sell for €20.00.
    If you pre-purchase now during beta, you pay just €14.95!

    Please note that when you buy the game, you're paying for the game as it is right now!
    You will also get the full version of Minecraft when it is released. Read the copyright information for more information on your purchase.

    Please log in or register to pre purchase.
    (Click here to buy the game for someone other than yourself)

    Here's what you get:

    You get early access to the game to a discounted price!
    You help fund the development of Minecraft
    Custom skins in multiplayer
    Once you've bought the game, it's yours. No DRM.

    You are paying to beta test the game as it is right now, not for the right to beta test the packs. That's a different story.

    Quote from Consti2tion

    if minecraft is in Beta... and everyone who owns the game is essentially 'Beta testing' the game..wouldn't that make the OP and others QA testers... since they are testing the Pre-release builds of the patches.....just sayin. It would make people a lot less confused about the situation.

    Truly, you have the right to play the game while it is in beta, however even in beta there are special releases that need to be tested. Testing packs is different from testing games, only some people get to do the first while everyone who has bought Minecraft has the right to play it in beta.

    Quote from Metasponge64

    Actually, those who bought minecraft NOW would knowlage that they bought a beta game to test it and show any current bugs.

    Also, When i played the pre-Release for 1.8, The models weren't buggy for me.

    They would test the game as the first were provided to them to test. Provided for us to test is the 1.7.3 Minecraft, not the 1.8. The average user that bought this game would play the 1.7.3, not the 1.8 or its pre-releases, would only do so those who are selected from the whole (or pre-release beta testers).
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    posted a message on Regarding 1.8 Pre-Release [Version 2 Released]
    If they say it was unintended, then it was unintended, do not create conspirational theories about it being intended or something like that. I will not play this pre-release and am going to wait until the final version is released. Those who did this should indeed feel sorry and apologise to Mojang.
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