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    wwwwooooowwww, an 8 or 9 block tall crane made out of fences. u sir, are amazing at minecraft. u should legit become a youtube commentator showing how to build amazing things like this

    :gravel: to u sir, just plain gravel. maybe make a crane out of that to
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    Quote from Redyoshi101

    What I am suggesting is that when you go to create a new world, there would be a new "Game Theme" option. This would change what is in the game. Here are the options you have:

    1. Realistic: For those people who complain about all the magical stuff that got added to Minecraft starting at 1.8. Basically, it would make it so there would be no nether, enchanting tables, end portals, etc (although monsters would still spawn), basically anything magical (besides monsters).

    2. Mystical: For those people who go I WANZ MOR MAJIC YA, it would be like minecraft is now, and if any future updates like the red dragon and other "mystical/magical" stuff, it would be added in this game mode.

    3. Modern (READ THIS): This would NOT be used in vanilla but it would be programmed in so modders could easily use it, like the makers of Buildcraft, Planes mod, etc. THIS WOULD NOT BE BUILT IN TO VANILLA, IT WOULD SIMPLY HAVE THE CODING FOR THE OPTION SO MODDERS COULD USE IT!!!

    how about theres no game theme and there is just creative and survival. if you dont want to go to the nether, dont go there. if u dont want to make potions and enchantments, dont make them. if u wanna play mystical with potions and dragons and enchanting then play that way. thats the beauty of minecraft

    u dont need the option to be able to do that stuff or not
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    Quote from Labhras

    What's that structure in the back on the left in the first pic. It honestly looks like giant enderman pants.

    ahaha its a water system that carries zombies up from a dungeon and drops them enough for me to 1 punch them n get experience from them easy

    Quote from Tucking_Fypo

    Is some of these par of NPC Village?

    no i havent found a village in this world
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