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    posted a message on New Villager Species
    Quote from King_of_Wolf

    All bold, he must have had a knock to the head. Hardened coal wouldn't be very strong at all! Mob eggs are also for creative ONLY (except otherwise) and a stack of diamond blocks would make you super rich. Just another noob with Steve avatar.

    Yeah because my post count TOTALLY is lower than yours.

    Do you have any constructive criticism, or just insults?
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    posted a message on I did the math on the price of a gold ingot in Minecraft.
    Quote from MegaMinerAJ12

    Butter is gold, skydoesminecraft reference.!

    HAHA! Really creative dude!
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    posted a message on Voice Acting in MC
    Hi guys!

    I propose from now on, MC should have voice acting.

    All mobs, npcs and players in Minecraft from now on will have voice acting. They will speak with you and this is how you interact with other players and villagers.

    All text written in smp/single player will be read out by the computer and broadcast to all players on the server for ease of communication.

    All villagers will now speak their trades as you walk past, no more right clicking! They will call out to you if you have the right items in your inventory, and you just throw the items at them, and they throw emeralds back!

    All mobs will now scream insults/curses at you as they attack.

    All voice acting will be in Swedish as this is Mojang's preffered language.

    Note: It can be turned off in options

    Thanks guys!
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    posted a message on Rockets In Minecraft

    I want to add rockets to minecraft, specifically, the saturn V rocket.

    This is bought from villagers in excahange for 1 stack of diamonds, 1 stack of obsidian and 3 stacks of iron blocks.

    Once you pay, you will have a fully functional rocket assembled for you, and the villagers will provide biofuel made from the crops in their villages. This means you have infinite fuel.

    Due to limitations in minecraft, it cannot render objects travelling at such a high speed and cannot load all the chunks as it flies over them. In order to fix this, the rocket will instantly teleport you to the coordinates, instead of flying there.

    The rocket is 100 blocks high and about 5 blocks thick. Upon take off it will kill all mobs and destroy all flammable materials within 50 blocks.

    There is a 1 in 10,000 chance of your rocket exploding, so it is recomended to buy rocket insurance from the village priest for 1 diamond a month.

    I think this is a great way to modernize minecraft and speed up the flow of the game. I have tried to make it as realistic as possible within the constraints of Minecraft.

    If you hvae any ideas on how i could improve this suggestion please post them in the thread,

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    posted a message on Savannah biomes
    Thanks to Delthyn for his help writing this thread!


    I propose a new savannah biome for Minecraft.

    It would be a mix of desert and plains biomes. With mostly sand, some grass and a bit of tall grass dotted around. There would be small trees, replacing cacti, probably about 3 wood blocks with a few leaves on them.

    They would basically be a graphical change to deserts and plains.

    Snowmen would MELT in this biome, it is hot.

    1. Grass is shaded in a slightly duller green with a mix of yellow. In this biome, tall grass is replaced with 1 1/2 block tall "Savannah grass" which would be similar looking to 2 block tall sugar-cane.
    2. In this biome two new mobs spawn. The Rhino, a neutral mob that drops leather and a Rhino horn (brewing ingredient), but if angered, will attack you. The other mob is the Hyena, a wolf-like predator that will attack if angered, but cannot be tamed.
    3. Savannah biomes have a high chance of appearing near jungles, deserts, and plains, and are often very large. They consist of rolling hills, large flat areas, and pools. Larger hills appear here and there throughout the biome.

    4.There would be a new mob for this biome, the Giraffe. It is between 5-7 blocks tall and appears like a normal girrafe, it can be observed wandering this biome only, eating trees and tall grass.



    Please leave any ideas/suggestions below,

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    posted a message on Shrapnel TNT
    Quote from CreepersNemisis

    Awesome! If it takes adjustable flint and increases the damage per flint to entities(not blocks) it would be way cooler. 10-20 blocks entity damage radius, I say.

    Ill ad that into the opening post later, thanks for the idea!

    Hope this gets implemented.
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    posted a message on Killstreaks in SMP

    In this thread i will be detailing how i believe PVP could be improved through the use of killstreaks. Upon killing a player in SMP you would earn one "killstreak point". These are redeemable at any time by pressing a button on your keyboard, which will bring up a GUI allowing you to use them.

    (Haven't decided what button yet)

    1 Kill- Invulnerability for 3 seconds
    2 Kills- Invulnerability for 8 seconds
    3 Kills- Any armour you are wearing and any weapon you are holding is enchanted to the maximum possible level for 1 minute
    4 Kills- Invulnerability for 12 seconds
    5 Kills- Minimap showing all enemy player coords for 10 minutes
    6 Kills- Regen II + Fire Resist Potion II + Strength Potion + Speed Poition for 10 minutes
    7 Kills- Invulnerability for 20 seconds, invisibility for 1 minute
    8 Kills- Minimap for one hour
    9 Kills- Minimap for an hour + the 6 kill streak
    10 Kills- Lightning strike dealing 10 full hearts of damage to any player/mob
    11 Kills- Streaks 9+7
    12 Kills- Invulnerability for 50 seconds, Invisibility for 5 minutes, Night vision toggalable for 30 minutes + Streak 10 + Minimap for 1 hour
    15 Kills- Invulnerability for 2 minutes, Invisiblity for 10 minutes + streak 9
    20 Kills- 5x Streak 10
    25 Kills- 10x Streak 10
    30 Kills- Summon charged creeper horde to any coord on the map (horde=30 of them)(they will NOT despawn)
    40 Kills- Streak 30 +Streak 25 + Streak 15
    50 Kills- 50x lightning strike on any player + minimap for 12 hours +invulnerability for 15 minutes + Invisibility for 2 hours + Streak 6 + Streak 30

    Any thoughts on how this could be implemented/improved? Let me know in the thread.

    Thanks guys.
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    posted a message on ***THE CREEP***EXCITING NEW DIMENSION!

    I have a new idea for Minecraft, "The Creep".

    Creepers would now drop "Eyes of Creep" at the same rate Endermen drop ender peals. If a player had nine "Eyes of Creep" they could craft them into a Creeper Block. Assembling these Creeper Blocks into a nether portal shape would create a portal to, "The Creep".

    So what would you find within the Creep?
    1. It would be similar to The End.
    2. Endermen are replaced with supercharged creepers.
    3. The obsidian pillars would be replaced with lumps of TNT, similar in size to a vein of coal in the overworld. These lumps would just sit on the ground in place of the pillars.
    4. Endstone is replaced with the Creeper Blocks mentioned above.
    5. Creeper blocks are identical to netherack, except they have creeper skins on all 6 sides of the block.
    6. Killing the supercharged creepers within "The Creep" will reward the player with TRIPLE XP and they will have a chance of dropping TNT. Obviously this chance is improved via looting enchantment.
    7. Players exit "The Creep" via the portal they came in through, same as the Nether.
    8. There is no boss monster.

    I plan to be addig more features to this thread, to emulate the nether dungeons and to provide more reason to enter "The Creep".

    If you have any constructive criticism of "The Creep" please post below so we can improve the idea!

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    posted a message on Marry Villagers
    Hi all,

    I was thinking that MC needs more villager interaction, and with the new AI programming it is clearly coming.

    My idea is that you should be able to marry villagers. You can propose to any villager by crafting a diamond ring. It consists of 8 diamonds and one gold block.

    Once you are married you can have children by feeding both of you wheat. Villagers you are married to will follow you and fight for you. They are very strong and can kill a charged creeper quite easily.

    In the event that your wife, or one of your children dies, you will be held for their murder in the village dungeon. You will stay there until you escape. There are many creepers guarding the dungeon, so be careful. Try not to let your relatives die to avoid this.

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    posted a message on Killstreaks in PVP
    Hi guys,

    I thought that PVP in Minecraft needs a serious update. Killstreaks can be implemented to reward players who spend time enchanting there armour or making potions. For example, a 3 killstreak could allow you to summon a horde of zombies. A 5 killstreak might allow you to use a lightning strike on someone.

    Possible killstreaks:
    1 kill: Unlimited sprint, 50% faster sprinting
    2 kills: minimap showing 50x50 area marking all enemies and mobs.
    3 kills: Unlimited attack speed, as fast as you can click is as fast s your sword/bow shoots
    4 kills: 10 blocks of tnt
    5 kills: Lightning strike on player
    6 kills: Friendly ghast spawn egg
    7 kills: Summons a horde of friendly zombies (10-20) around a chosen area
    8 kills: A horde of skeletons (5-10)
    9 kills: Three lightning strikes to be used on players
    10 kills: Summon a horde of creepers around a player or area ( 10-15 of them)
    11 kills: Disenchant everything on the server except for your own weapons
    12 kills: Beserker mode, unlimited health, damage increaed 300% for 30 seconds
    13 kills: One stack of TNT aswell as another friednly ghast egg
    14 kills: 5 lightning strikes to use on players
    15 kills: Tactical TNT MOAB ( kills all within 500 blocks of blast)

    Note that mobs count towards your killstreak.

    Post below on thoughts of possible killstreaks and your thoughts on the system as a whole. Thanks
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