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    Greetings everyone!

    I am Ren - a minecraft skin enthusiast, I have been in-love with skin creations for the past few weeks.
    Yes, I am new to this thing - I might not live up to your expectations, but I will try my best!

    How to order?:

    Comment down below your discord ID then we will talk from there!


    1.) tmob03 (finished) - Duck Skin Onesie
    2.) Solofox (finished) - Steampunk Fox
    3.) Kragwulf (finished) - Enderman Wizard

    4.) Snipex (finished) - Cyan Hoodie Boy

    Check out my skin creations here.

    Reviews & Feedbacks:

    tmob03 - I highly recommend, I gave him a skin and just said "Make it look more entertaining" and he came through with it in only 30 minutes! He only changed very minor details but made it look much more pleasing to the eye. Overall a very good experience, if you need a skin contact him!

    Solofox - Easily one of the fastest skin-makers I've ever seen. I gave him two example skins along with my request and he made exactly what I wanted! The two skins are combined and reshaded to make a fantastic new skin just in the space of 3 hours. I was expecting a few days! Thank you, Ren. 10/10, would absolutely recommend!

    Kragwulf - The skin came out exactly the way I wanted it! I'm very happy with the results. Ren listened to all of my request and matched the details perfectly.

    Snipex - pretty cool i gave him skin that i made and it was horrible but he improved it and it looked much better thanks REN

    Donators :
    Kragwulf - $5

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    Me! I've stopped since the 1.9 update, came back 4 months ago and so far so good!

    If you ever had something to bring with you when you die, what would it be?

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    posted a message on Medieval City (help?)

    Thread position seems alright, so how can I offer you my talents? :)

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    posted a message on AFK Fish Farm not working for me.

    I think it is because you're on Minecraft Bedrock Edition, their are some afk fish farms specific for bedrock edition.

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    posted a message on Played the New Combat 2 Snapshot . . .

    I totally agree with your opinion, it seems that everything feels the same as 1.12.2. Also it will definitely be a bit confusing to the new players of Minecraft, especially the removal of rapid clicking makes you wonder why your sword isn't swinging. Pvp will definitely change again, and yes slower fights = less excitements, damage can be easily countered by healing/regeneration. Besides from that, I like the addition of special attacks, I used to play lots of MMORPG before and having combos is a no problem to me.

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    posted a message on VoxHQ SMP Trailer - Release 8PM GMT+1/3PM EST

    Are you guys inviting? Btw I love the trailer!

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    posted a message on [CLOSED FOR GOOD] ๐Ÿ”ฐ The Turf SMP ๐Ÿ”ฐ - | 1.14.1 | WHITELIST | DISCORD | MATURE | COMMUNITY BASED | -
    Our server has been officially shut down due to community issues

    A community based survival server

    The Turf SMP is a 18 and over
    Vanilla SMP server, the server aims to enjoy Minecraft with a community
    that will treat you home. Our server wants to play the game with
    lots of enjoyment and a server that would relive your stress. 1.14 has been fully released, and we want
    to explore the amazing features of it with players like you that are
    willing to join. We are excited to play with you and eventually held
    community events and even build our own lands while
    keeping up the life of a community.

    Read the rules as they are important

    1. No Griefing!
    2. No Spamming
    3. No Mods/Hacks/Xray
    4. No Cursing
    5. No Random PvPing
    6. Have Fun

    To be added soon

    Rengoat - 5/8/2019
    Cxdiee - 5/9/2019
    dmc2 - 5/9/2019
    luddaz - 5/9/2019
    DarkWr4th - 5/9/2019
    Armorlith - 5/11/2019
    Moriens - 5/11/2019
    Jake88821 - 5/11/2019
    Zarinen - 5/11/2019
    Snnilli007 - 5/12/2019
    RazrNexus - 5/12/2019
    abyssal_what - 5/12/2019
    dwat_ - 5/12/2019
    Fizz_Z_T - 5/12/2019
    Raskk - 5/13/2019
    uhhDill - 5/13/2019
    Jommpexx - 5/13/2019
    MamaDragoness - 5/13/2019
    TheSeay - 5/14/2019
    mikeab7925 - 5/14/2019
    dummychicken - 5/15/2019
    Baakkiii - 5/15/2019
    Syolfor - 5/16/2019
    Rythyn - 5/16/2019

    As much as possible 18+ applicants only, we are looking for mature players.
    I will be sending the discord link through pms if you get accepted.

    Minecraft Username:
    How familiar are you with discord?:
    What made you choose The Turf SMP?:

    Thank you for reading our thread, hoping to see you soon around the server!
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    posted a message on [CLOSED FOR GOOD] ๐Ÿ”ฐ The Turf SMP ๐Ÿ”ฐ - | 1.14.1 | WHITELIST | DISCORD | MATURE | COMMUNITY BASED | -

    The server's growing so fast! We are looking for more willing players that would like to play, I will asure you that you'll feel at home!

    Latest build progress near spawn!

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    posted a message on Mob Problems in Survival [Help]
    Quote from fintermintยป

    You could use tamed wolfs to kill skeletons while you AFKing for XP.

    Will try to do that bro, thanks

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    posted a message on [CLOSED FOR GOOD] ๐Ÿ”ฐ The Turf SMP ๐Ÿ”ฐ - | 1.14.1 | WHITELIST | DISCORD | MATURE | COMMUNITY BASED | -

    Spawn platform already done! A small berry farm, wheat farm, and even a semi-working skeleton farm. All near spawn!

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