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    This is the default Minecraft, but decayed. It's is best used on a world where you've already done some building as it is essentially showing what your world would look like after years of neglect. Mould grows on your furniture and food, iron is rusted over. Your torches have burnt out, only their embers light the way. The entire world is decaying.

    No pics, because 1), It's not much different yet completly changes the default textures and you get a better experience from playing it yourself. 2), I don't actually care if not very many people download it, it's only a side pack of mine.

    My origonal idea came out of checking out the Jungle and Ruins pack which was neither jungley nor ruiny. So I decided I could do better. It was origonally going to drastically change many of the textures, but during development I felt it worked very well as it was. Every texture is changed, but it's mostly just recolouring and shading. If you think there is some changes that could be made just post 'em here, but as I said, it's only a side pack of mine.

    It is well worth it, if only for the novelty of exploring your worlds over again.

    >>Download Here!<<

    Left, normal. Right, decayed.

    UPDATE: I have updated all the essentials to 1.9 PR4 (as such it is compatable with 1.0.0). I have also done some paintings and they look sweet. I also have fix'd the hunger bar and such. If anyone finds bits I've missed just post it here and thank you to those who have helped already.

    Because YOU asked for it, here's a banner thingy to put in your signature.


    I think you just put the code in your signature. It's a bit big, I probably should change that. Fix'd.

    If anyone wants to use this texture pack or bits of it you are very much welcome to provided you put a link back to this thread in your credits. This includes remixes, mix-and-matches, survival maps and whatever else.
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    posted a message on Notch Reveals Leveling and Permadeath
    Wow, this looks awesome. I love roguelikes. Plus, I'm not really interested in the Creative side, more the game side so this is great for that. Of course, people who like Creative might not like this but then again the game looks to be bringing in a Creative mode anyway.

    I like the XP system, I would not have thought of one like this.
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    posted a message on [16x] [1.7!] Gvzbgul's Warhammer 40k Pack
    Well, this is my first pack I've actually finished. It is Warhammer 40k done in the style of Minecraft, rather than a complete changing of Minecraft into Warhammer 40k. Thus I have kept it as 16x and have not changed something if I felt that it didn't make sense, eg crafting a bolter from sticks and string.

    The pack is pretty much finished, but if anyone has suggestions or addons for bits that I haven't done or done well then you're welcome to post some and I'll include them in the OP.

    Stuff to do: Gold Armor will be Commisar costume or something like it.
    Dispensers and furnaces need to be changed, as do the bed, cake, pumpkin and ?cactus?. Music box is terrible.

    Thanks to Glimmar and Jehkoba as I took a fair bit of "inspiration" from them.


    Ores and bedrock. I'm very proud of my bedrock. And my wood. Please ignore the monstrosity of a record player(it's ok now).

    The Nether Warp!

    You can tell it's the GRIMDARK future because of the skulls. Quite a feat in 16x. Iron blocks are skulls. Gold is gold bricks and Diamond is the symbol of the Inquisition.

    I'm very proud of my Imperial Guard (leather).

    Scout (Iron)

    Space Marine (Diamond)

    I know some of you may be disappointed that I made space marine armor so innaccessable but they are the best of the best. No mere iron armor would be good enough for them. Gold armor has not been made yet but will most likely be a commisar's uniform or maybe some imperial nobility. You only wear it to look good anyway.


    Zombies are now Insidious Cultists.

    Skellies are now Necrons, which is a departure from my Imperial VS Chaos theme but they fit so perfectly. If you have an issue with this just suggest a replacement and I'll do it.

    Spiders, which I hate to reskin are a Pink Horror or somesuch. They turn blue in the dark, which I still have mixed feelings about but I'm too used to them to change it. Suggest something and I'll give it a go.

    Squids are Tzeenchian demons.

    Creepers are spore mines (again, not Chaos, but they're pretty gribbly.)

    This thing is a wolf. Dogs are normal, for now. I'll probably make a couple of dog/wolf variations.

    Zombie Pigmen will be Bloodletters, Ghasts are pretty sweet as is, Slimes? Who knows.

    While I am very happy with the pack as is it still needs improvements. Record player needs to be better, cactus is pretty boring,
    You're welcome to use textures from my pack (especially the bedrock) just put a link to this thread in yours.

    Suggestions welcome!
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