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    *grumble grumble* shut up Sol

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    Quote from DirtDog»

    ~snippity snoo~

    My two cents:
    Stating your character's name is an easy way to let everybody else know who you are.
    Age- What's the use of stating one's age? Simply based on somebody's age, you can tell how wise/experienced they probably are, their general appearance, intelligence, and what psychological stage of development they're at. An age and a name alone can give you a very rough idea of a character, let you know things that can't possibly be known in a single post. Unless of course the RPer chooses to forego all this.
    Appearance- You talk a lot about letting things happen naturally, but writing your characters appearance casually throughout a post adds some unnecessary bulk unless done correctly. Putting your appearance down beforehand allows other RPers to make observations about your character without you having to needlessly force them into your text.
    Personality- Actually, I perfectly agree with you on this. Writing your personality down is pretty stupid.
    Skills- Can be hit/miss. You get a bit off topic by talking about Mary Sues, but writing down your skills can actually be used to give you a set of limitations. If you're good at, say, Cooking, Swimming, Shooting, Writing and Fishing, then later on if you go 'In the sword-fight I easily overpowered X with my superior sword skills' then everybody knows you're talking bs, because it's not something you're skilled at. Again, this allows for presets without needlessly cramming info into a post.
    Biography- Only useful writing one's biography in certain settings, otherwise, agreed.
    Equipment- This is more tradition than anything else. In oldschool RP's this was necessary. Still useful if RPer's remember to update them constantly, but that's a lot of effort for something that changes constantly. Mainly just used to give an idea of starting items.
    Theme Song- Agreed. If people want to give their a character a theme-song, I can understand that. But it's not necessary or required info.

    You also mention so many stereotypes I can't even begin to understand where that much hatred and stigma comes from.

    You're hipster-ish 'don't-conform-to-the-standard' weirdness is mostly just unnecessary hatred of something that is mainly a useful tool for the OP and other players.
    And it takes a lot more skill to create an interesting, engaging character with an app than it does a single post.
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    Y'know when we said your jokes are terrible?

    On no earth is that a funny joke. It's an insult intended to provoke and shame. You were trying to make us feel guilty for things we haven't done, I.E antagonise you. It's fairly obvious that two out of two times you've been antagonistic, you've used the same excuse of it being a joke. Now if you haven't lied at least one of those times, I have never used a computer.

    Furthermore; you are completely ignoring everything else that has been said, which says to me that you have no response, and are focusing on the things you can weasel your way out of.

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    'Can I be a part of your guys thing?'

    "Also, you guys are toxic.'

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    If you don't want us to 'waste our time'.... stop fishing for a response. It's really rather simple.

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    Half Moon Academy: Dance of Fate

    “And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
    ― Roald Dahl

    Many years ago, there was a great and terrible war between the races of the world and the legions of hell, who were led by the great destroyer Shadowscythe. Through the aid of the angels of the ascent, the mortal armies were victorious, but at a great cost. And nobody lost more than the courageous humans, who sacrificed it all to defend their homeland. It was then agreed that the land in which the final battle was waged would be cut off from the rest of the world; separated so that the humans who lived there would have no knowledge of the supernatural; of the other races, of the legions of hell. And so the land was made for humans, and the other races lived amongst them, in secret. And the land of Aerth was at peace.

    Then, many years later, one of the great fortresses from the great war was converted into a school, at which the supernatural beings and the humans may live together, in two separate classes, so that when the time was right they could be brought together into co-existence once more. This school was called Half Moon Academy.

    And now, only fifteen years ago, a group of students awakened a dark and terrible vengeance in the catacombs beneath their school. After six long years, they finally battled and defeated the terrible Shadowscythe, destroying his body once and for all. Now these students have made their own lives, they have moved on. And so the next generation takes their place.


    This RP is set in the nation known as Aerth, which is on the planet called Kerectus. Aerth is the only nation on the planet where humans are basically the same as they are on Earth, except they can use magic. I.E they don’t believe in dragons, elves, dwarves etc. All things that exist.

    Kerectus is a disc shaped planet carried on the back of a giant space travelling, god-like wolf. The gods are also different, because Christianity and Judaism and what-not never really took on (though they still exist, but only barely!) It should also be noted that symbols like the cross are still recognised, and people still say ‘Oh god!’

    The world is in a semi-futuristic setting. I.E You should consider it a modern world, but occasionally I might mention some sort of Sci-Fi tech, such as a laser rifle. Magic and sword & bows and stuff are generally considered more useful than guns, because what use are bullets against goddamn dragons? That was a rhetorical question. Dragon always beats gun, as does rock.

    Finally, on Kerectus, the religion I have mentioned is ‘true’ meaning all the gods of the Kerectian religion are 100% confirmed to exist, but again, the denizens of Aerth treat it much the same as we do; Speculation and belief.

    In case I missed anything, check the totally disjointed Kerectus Universal Wiki (linked above)


    1. Put 'equality for dragons' somewhere in your app so I know you read the rules.
    2. Do not insult other members of the RP. Is bad.

    3. Do not argue with mods. Is bad.

    • 4. No OP-ness, Meta-gaming, Power-playing, etc.
    • 5. Stop asking me where you start! School gates ‘yo.
    • 6. Vampires are cool and all, but we don’t need 50 different vampires all being moody and emo. If you’re gonna do it, do it well.
    • 7. CloudJhi said: “And before I forget, avoid monster orgies that result in 1/2 vampire, 3/16th Germans, 1/17th Demon Lord Overspawn, 5/7th Nosferatu, 3/4th cups of flour, and 1/19th soul of the damned.” So don’t do that
    • 9. You are a teenager. You cannot be the master of all martial arts and the sharingan eye.
    • 10. If you put 'equality for dragons' in your app you will be immediately banned. This overrules the 1st rule
    • 11. You can be any race you want, but please don’t just pull stuff from other universe. I.E you can’t be Naruto/Bruce Wayne/Satan. Dear god please don’t try to be Satan.
    • 12. Instant romances annoy everybody who isn't you, so don’t you dare.
    • 13. You do not choose what classes you go to, that’s not how 1st year high schooling works. Extracurricular & optional classes do not go in your application, they may be chosen later.


    Please delete all text within [ ] when submitting your online application.
    Name: [Obvious.]|Gender: [Obvous]|Age: [Must be between 12 – 18. Regardless of age, you are all first year students.]
    Appearance: [Pictures preferred, but descriptions are allowed.]
    Class: [Night or Day? Humans are day class, supernaturals are night class.]
    Species: [You may be any race you choose, within reasonable reasoning.]
    Powers: [Your powers/abilities/skills go here.]
    Bio: [At least 2 paragraphs on w-w-who you are.]
    Inventory: [While weapons are not legally allowed on the school grounds, the staff turn a blind eye to items of self-defence.]
    Notes: [What else?]


    Each day features a total of eight classes: 4 for day, 4 for night.
    DAY SCHEDULE: 8:30 AM: Period 1
    9:45 AM: Recess
    10:15 AM: Period 2
    11:15 AM: Period 3
    12:15 PM: Lunch
    1:15 PM: Period 4
    2:30 PM: Day Class Ends

    NIGHT SCHEDULE: 5:00 PM: Period 1
    6:15 PM: Break
    6:45 PM: Period 2
    7:45 PM: Period 3
    8:45 PM: Dinner
    9:45 PM: Period 4
    11:00 PM: Night class ends.


    The town is a 45 minute walk away from the academy. Between 10:30 AM & 6:30 PM students are allowed to be off school grounds. At any other time, students must be in the presence of a teacher, staff, or school council member to go off premises.


    To avoid excessive time consumption, each class will take up only one-two posts per player. If one player leaves the class before another player has the chance to attend class, those two players simply must not interact each with each other, so as to avoid the destruction of the time-space continuum.

    MAO (Magical & Occult) Studies
    Mythology of the Modern World
    Home Economics


    Principal Cyrus Days- Previously the night classes dorm president, Cyrus has been the principal for four years now. Despite rarely being present at the school, Cyrus still runs the affairs of the school.
    Wiki Link: http://kerectusportal.wikia.com/wiki/Cyrus_Days

    Vice-Principal Ryan Cidium- Previously the head principal, HMA has been in Ryan’s family for many years. It is also worth noting that he is Cyrus adoptive father. A friendly and considerate character, Ryan acts as principal while Cyrus is away…. Which is almost always.

    Head Nurse Dr Elizabeth Days- The younger sister of Cyrus is also the head nurse. ‘Belle’ as she is often called, worked for many years as a Doctor, before coming back to HMA as the head nurse at Cyrus request.
    Wiki Link: http://kerectusportal.wikia.com/wiki/Elizabeth_%22Belle%22_Days

    Head of Security Prometheus- A strange school has strange problems, so who better to head the schools security than the Greek god Prometheus? A strong, well-built man, Prometheus is to be both feared and respected.

    Activities Director Sarah Raggins- An old friend of Ryan Cidium, Sarah was born in the hellish purgatory. Many years later, she was recruited to teach at HMA. As well as being the activities director, Sarah teaches PE and MAO.


    Interactive school map is here. Map was drawn courtesy of the amazingly talented Solawind.

    Click HERE to go to the Kerectus Universal Wiki. If you are accepted, it is expected that you will make a page for your character.

    Welcome, to Half Moon Academy.


    v0.0.1: Release.

    v.0.0.2: Changed rules slightly, changed application format, added update log.

    v.0.0.3: Added mod list at the behest of Redeyz.


    List of all mods. Mods can issue warnings, accept/deny apps, take over inactive characters, control NPC's, and, if need be, direct the story.

    guygombaa: Operator, creator & head honcho.

    Cloud_Jhi: Mod & plot mover

    Solawind: Mod & plot mover

    MafiaDude: Mod & Wiki maintenance.

    Redeyz: Mod.

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    I do try.))

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    Quote from Jupiter714

    I know it already can be done -_- , I read about it. Noone does it though so it might as well be a gift. I may apply later, but I think I'm going to not apply right now actually. May or may not seeya later.

    What are you on about? i'm guessing Telekinesis, in which case your wrong, everybody thinks Telekinesis is a cool power, so they go with.

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    "Oh my god he's like a freaking hippie now. This is possibly worse than using him, it's affecting his MIND! Seriously though, this book is fairly dangerous." Cyrus takes another peek at the pages.
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