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    There are problems with the implementation of such textures, since they use the ctm 'repeat' method and cannot be used anywhere, only every 5 blocks.

    I found many good textures that can be adapted to minecraft.

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    I propose to immerse you in the world of the Middle Ages and beautiful architecture, in this pack high-quality, realistic textures are implemented!
    Create your dream, similar to real prototypes.

    This texture pack is built for Minecraft 1.12.2, but should work on lower versions.

    When testing this texture pack, stability was good, given the large number of CTM textures.


    -Сustom leaves.

    -Сustom tall-grass and flowers.

    -Сustom double-wood-slab.

    -Сustom models fence and stairs

    -Сustom glass(some few).

    -Replaced 99% of the blocks.

    -A huge amount of ctm textures.

    This texture pack is experimental!

    I tried to fix various bugs.
    Added new textures and models.

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