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    posted a message on Request: 2D Throwable Entity and Item (Basic mod src provided to work from)

    I am working on an example mod to examplify how to add blocks, entities, and simple things of that nature such as a block I have coded which faces in all six directions with custom hitboxes.

    The only entity modeler I can find is Tabula. Although, I once had this coded somewhere I have looked for about a week or so and went at it at various different angles to add a 2D thrown entity with item although I have accomplished adding 3D ones.

    I have a mod that gives you the ability to craft spheres which have entities.

    When you right click the item, the entity is thrown and one is subtracted from the item stack.

    Here is that src, which is the src for The Basic Elements:


    All you have to do is drag the src file into where you've extracted forge and run the build command and the mod builds.

    I figure since my mod has spheres someone could work with the code example and add a 2D throwable pebble of some kind or another.

    If anyone has any extra time or would like to check out some new code or something and post a src on here with the 2D thrown entity that'd be cool.

    The mod I'm working on now has a 3D throwing projectile, an alien blue block, and will feature a extra snowball item and a dagger with a couple of power blocks, that being the goal. I've also recoded the original spike block from Xbox Live way back when and got it working with pistons and sticky pistons both. Which faces in all six directions with custom hitboxes added for alignment in each direction. Also being something I have coded for this individual project.

    The difference between my code and the snowball code is that entitySnowball extends entityThrowable.

    Any help is appreciated.

    All of my code is for 1.11.2.

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    posted a message on Need Help With Blocks Rendering Partially Invisible (Solved)

    public boolean isOpaqueCube()


    return false;


    Being what I had originally.

    The answer and solution to my problem being:

    public boolean isOpaqueCube(IBlockState state)


    return false;


    So in order for the game to recognize the detail of the block I was specifying I had to refer to the actual state of the block although my code was correct.

    So by applying the change the result being that my block that is transluscent or cutout renders where the connected blocks are rendered correctly otherwise resulting in the blocks connected having sides apparently missing.

    So if it's public only () is alright, but if it's a public boolean then I have to refer to the state of the block itself.

    Issues been solved.

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    posted a message on Need Help With Blocks Rendering Partially Invisible (Solved)

    But yeah, if anyone knows of a guide that they have a link to or a simple answer as to how to solve the issue that'd help and thanks.

    When I look it up all I get is search results for invisible block mods. Good cup of coffee though.

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    posted a message on Need Help With Blocks Rendering Partially Invisible (Solved)

    Alright, so what I have done is I have made a mod block. When I place the block in the world it slays the zombies being the spike block that it is. It has a smaller bounding box than the traditional size block and everything. I'm running into the same problem though that I ran into creating my newest art project to where there are two transparent blocks. Now the spike block uses CUTOUT and the transparent ones render TRANSLUCENT.

    Whenever I place either a transluscent or cutout type blocks that I have coded, what I am running into is that all blocks connected do not fully render. By placing my block it turns the connected blocks partially see through to where it removes all connected faces of the traditional block that is connected to the modded block. That being the problem that I am having, I figured I'd make a post on here about it since I can't find the answer anywhere and most likely it's something relatively simple.

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    posted a message on The Magic Set of Silverware

    There are many stories about the magic set of silverware. I happen to be the person with that has that set of silverware.
    The collection began with one fork having two marks at the bottom. The two spoons. That and the two butterknives.

    2016-2018 to complete the whole set.

    Clover is clover. Spoon that which is spoon with spoon handle that is spoon. It has a shovel with two swirls on the handle. Jagged spoon, it breaks the tip of blades and has the solid handle. That and there are two psychically bent butter knives. Both were held with two thumbs, to the left of where the thumb is where they are bent.
    Which is a fairly interesting story because originally there was one fork. The innocent fork is the innocent one and this fork is this. There were jars and two countertops..

    What is interesting about the photos is that the metal turns into where it has a blue tint. Which is kinda' neat when it comes to magical metals like mithril found on video games and discussion on the matter of enchanted metals existing on Earth.
    Here are some pictures of the set:

    Shortly after, I got the worst weapon that I forged out of that which isn't chest that is a chest, which is where it is kept. It is a toothpick for open wounds, forged from the wire of a blue lampshade. Firepit, tiny hammer, and a cinderblock brick.
    I layed it on the same table where the magic set of silverware had been. The table in the photo turned purple. No flash or anything was used when taking the photo.

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    posted a message on A Way To Build A Mod Without The Decompile Is What I'm Lookin' For.
    Blaming others because of your ineptitude and saying reality doesn't work the way it does doesn't allow us magically able to help you.

    If you really look at what's going on you can see networking is 32-bit based and the way forge is may look the way it does but it will lead to fragmentation.

    Which also gets me to looking at Minecraft and the basis of Minecraft code and for that matter servers in general possibly.

    Because if on the forge side of the basis is being fragmented then it has to be cleaned up somewhere of the base code of Minecraft. Which would or may appear as a container but really wouldn't be and that's how the base code of Minecraft would be fragmented and damaged. It's almost similar to a mass ratio inspiral. If you don't keep the outside sphere spinning around the one in the middle then it goes inside the one in the middle and doesn't exist anymore. That or the sphere in the middle changes, fragments, or is corrupted.

    The basis of the argument being 64-bit existing before 32-bit results in fragmentation or corruption.

    So forge will either have to be 32-bit or be separated from the base code of Minecraft which would make it to where there's not modding for Minecraft anymore.

    Build and notepad though. I got notepad.

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    posted a message on A Way To Build A Mod Without The Decompile Is What I'm Lookin' For.

    A complete working mod can be imagined with AI in less than two seconds, but that's not the same as coding it yourself. Like its one thing to imagine a mod its another to write it by hand.
    Coding will always be coding. Typing is typing. That's the fun part.

    Like I've been typing and coding for 17 years or so now.... Began with Black and White. That's what I do.

    AI was fun. But I really enjoy chillin', drinkin' coffee, and typing code.

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    posted a message on A Way To Build A Mod Without The Decompile Is What I'm Lookin' For.
    You have never contributed to MinecraftForge.

    Where were you October - December 2016?

    Grey really should have been spelled grey on the new color pallete.

    People have asked you to provide error logs/messages and you have failed to do so.

    That's because it's something that is a bunch of crap.
    error: cannot find symbol

    import guru.tbe.entity.EntityAirOrb;

    Displaying that java cannot find the . between entity.EntityAirOrb.

    There is no "3G thing".

    Then how come I have had a 5G phone for about a year now? Magic rock hit the screen if you look real close. Generosity was the idea.

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    posted a message on A Way To Build A Mod Without The Decompile Is What I'm Lookin' For.

    Yeah after messing around with it for a while I'm pretty certain that they are using my projects to build against to keep forge floating.

    Which I did not give permission to do.

    But I get errors on something simple like where my entity is registered and it follows on the air orb.

    Same with my portal block mod and etc.

    Which really isn't cool at all.

    I know my code is right and doesn't have any errors so something has been changed on the forge side.

    Something was changed on the Minecraft side with the 3G thing happening in the first place.

    As forge may have been poorly coded or AI may have written it for them. Which would be similar to running Minecraft through a filter of some kind which isn't healthy for the original code base, and would have to be cleaned up on the other side.

    I know personally I have wrote many articles and such with AI. I did a whole slew of mods for 1.10.2 with AI. But I coded the AI in order to do that. It wasn't like there was this AI and I slopped it in there not knowing the basis that I was working with.

    Like for example I did two new TV channels for antenna TV. TBD and HNI. TBD is for imagining videos and puttin' em on TV. The process of which is about 4 months. The AI records the images you imagine or creates video as you imagine it, ya know that kinda' stuff. In the future I could see a buncha' kids having fun with something like that in a class room.

    Where people of an older age or with more experience with such technology could imagine things for like VR or something, like where every person has their world they imagined where they could be transfered from one place to another. A simple way of sharing ideas and sights with a respectable way to do so.

    I could guess or say they are implementing my mods or my codes as a type of override or something which in turn would either crash minecraft or slowly destroy forge one of the two because of how my mods are implemented.

    Then again, it very well may be Notch messing with my project as he is not the one who imagined Minecraft or the emblem for Mojang for that matter. He is the one who ran off with the currency though. Which would not be the first time that happened either. The original imagination and sight of Minecraft came from by a pond dam in a place called Telephone, Tx. Where the only building is a convenient store. I was like 8 or 9.

    However if there is to be a container or something to build against to keep minecraft floating long enough to ruin boat mechanics then they need to support and provide their own code and not use mine.

    This is why I provided the src code of my mods, so this would not be an issue.

    There are several bugs that may be fixed in minecraft such as flight patterns, air jitteriness, and a base for blocks to be created from with my mods.

    But It throws on entity registering on the second most simple. Saying that there is an issue with the way that the entity is registered. However, every other entity in the mod is registered the same way and there is nothing thrown on them in the command console.

    So my guess is that they are using my code without my permission and that is why I cannot simply do. /gradlew build.

    There shouldn't be an issue with build and skeleton anyways. Some of the coolest things coded were build, skeleton, notepad.

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    posted a message on A Way To Build A Mod Without The Decompile Is What I'm Lookin' For.

    This is crap.

    There's gotta' be a way to do this.
    I know 1.12.2 can be decompiled with 1300M like 1.11 and 1.10.2.

    This isn't right. I lived in a shed for about a year. Get back on the computer, and its the same crap. Reality doesn't work that way.

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    posted a message on A Way To Build A Mod Without The Decompile Is What I'm Lookin' For.

    Building backwards is not the idea here though.

    I'm lookin' to build my 1.10.2 src with the 1.10.2 forge mdk without any eclipse or anything.

    Like.... run build and be successful. I know the codes good.

    /gradlew build.


    That's it.

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    posted a message on A Way To Build A Mod Without The Decompile Is What I'm Lookin' For.

    Wow, it's been a year.... I was in the shed for a while.

    Well, I've got both srcs for my mods for 1.10.2 and 1.11. I seem to have deleted the forge build I had for 1.10.2 though.

    When I run /gradlew eclipse it skips on extract natives.

    Build successful but it skips on extract natives. Which doesn't need to happen.
    New folder and such with the mdk from forge 1.10.2 version.

    Like I'm lookin' to be able to pop my src in there and do /gradlew build and that's that. Don't need to open it with eclipse or any of that fancy jazz.

    I can open the 1.11 version on eclipse. I can edit the code I have for the 1.10.2 version with notepad++ if need be.

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    posted a message on A Way To Build A Mod Without The Decompile Is What I'm Lookin' For.

    Like I'm sitting here with a 1.11 version that works. I download the mdk from minecraftforge for 1.10.2 and I can't get it to build or decompile when I know that 1300M is plenty because I decompiled the 1.11 version with 1300M before the change.

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    posted a message on A Way To Build A Mod Without The Decompile Is What I'm Lookin' For.

    So yeah. I have a 1.11 version of forge from before the 3G crap happened.

    It is completely set up and it works and I can open it with eclipse and so on.

    However, I would like to build the code for 1.10.2.

    /gradlew eclipse runs all the way through. From the current Mdk on forge.

    /gradlew setupDecompWorkspace doesn't.

    Java set to 8. Path variables right, throwin' 1300M at it.

    So, I put my source for my mod in there after doin' /gradlew eclipse in the command console.

    I run /gradlew build.

    The build fails.

    Now this is what I'm not getting. Is it rigged like that or what?

    Figured I'd ask cuz I have the 1.11 src and I can open the 1.11 forge build up and do my code from that version and build it on 1.10.2 which was the plan.

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    posted a message on I'm Looking for A Texture Pack That Doesn't Exist Which is a Discussion in and or of Itself.

    You see there is a combination of textures and a feel that I am looking for.
    That is kinda' spooky and scary, but has that light.

    The texture pack would be a combination of the following video game's from the 90's. I grew up playing these games, I also had Crash Bandicoot and MediEvil, along with FF7, Anthology, and FF9. But the games below are the one's I would really like to see combined into a texture pack. It may and or may not be possible. I'd really enjoy seeing something like this brought to Minecraft though. As a texture pack or maybe something cool with resources.
    You would have to watch Pinky and the Brain.

    -Light and detail kinda'

    The first game:

    Black and White

    Second game:

    Oddworld Abe's Oddysee

    Third game:
    Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

    Fourth game:

    Amarican Mcgee's Alice

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