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    posted a message on There is only @jeb_ or @_LadyAgnes on Twitter because Notch left
    Quote from webrosc»

    Notch leaving twitter has zero to do with minecraft, he hasn't been part of Mojang for years, and Mojang and Microsoft have distanced themselves as far as possible from him as they could due to his beliefs and behaviour on social media

    Yeah, but the way it sounds that way as a song though, but then again that way.

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    posted a message on There is only @jeb_ or @_LadyAgnes on Twitter because Notch left

    It could be that an organization or something is using Minecraft on the same side as Planter's peanuts here, because logically the only other reference is the first ingredient to peanut butter.

    Although, if that were a YouTube channel and it was really uploaded in the year 2020.

    It's really funny that way though in a way for that matter.

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    posted a message on There is only @jeb_ or @_LadyAgnes on Twitter because Notch left

    There was some YouTube person that complained about an ad on his video.

    I looked up the YouTube channel to see if there were any newer results than videos uploaded from 2016, but that's the newest song though.

    I'm not sure why this ad running on the YouTube channel on a video over four years old was something to really complain about if you looked at the quality of what's on the YouTube channel.

    Maybe if it had a good reference that way.

    The newest video of that channel though appeared to having it's newest video uploaded in 2020.

    That same video was able to be seen 4 years ago, which is the same one. Where I'm sure the uploader did or did not talk into an object logically or something though that way for the audio to be on the video, maybe they did or maybe they didn't.

    Peace Cinema was once a YouTube channel that had Minecraft where there were hours of episodes to watch on it.

    It once had detailed CGI or computer animated graphics where there were really cool sword battles or magical spells or something that way for that matter.

    Although, in return it was logically later on banned from YouTube looking at it from my YouTube account though.

    Really it's one of those though that way that makes you question about the development of the game and which way it's going.

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    posted a message on There is only @jeb_ or @_LadyAgnes on Twitter because Notch left

    Which had something to do with some YouTube channel or something.

    This was uploaded on YouTube 3 days later:

    There's only two places to check on new updates now though.

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    posted a message on The paradox on how running a minecraft client in parallel with a server can optimize smoothing out the visual experience.
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    I have no idea what you are talking about; incorrect textures? Even a missing texture has no performance impact since the game will assign a default texture (purple and black checkerboard) when creating the texture atlas, which always has this texture registered even if there are no missing textures (example, near the bottom-center). Changing textures also has no effect as long as the resolution is the same, which has always been 16x16 (or equivalent). World generation (ores) similarly has no effect except possibly during world generation and I wouldn't expect to see an impact on the client (plants and flowers can, simply due to having more to render; when tall grass was first added some people complained it caused lag, which makes sense since a "crossed squares" block renders 4 faces (each plane renders twice facing opposite directions as textures can only be seen from one side), which is a total of 5 times more faces to render when including the block it is on, and the number of faces/vertices being rendered is the main factor that affects rendering performance).

    Use the default Minecraft:texture/missing_texture that Minecraft provides as the particle for a .json block.

    When you break the block you have made that way what will happen is your game will crash.

    Not mattering if all mods in the mod folder are lower case or uppercase with no spaces.

    You could return the name of the .json as the particle texture itself therefor occurring as an error but it doesn't crash the game.

    The game could possible crash however if the names of the mods in the folder have lowercase and uppercase as well as underscores in their names.

    Your reference of grass makes logical sense in a way that way where logically there be a lack of any metal flowing north or upwards would logically result in it rendering correctly based on the player be coded that way.

    There is no animated texture that flows north.

    These logically being incorrect occurrences when looked at that way because returning missing texture does not logically cause your game to crash when you use it as a particle.

    Returning the .json name itself as the particle logically results in your game crashing.

    Any model that doesn't use the invisible texture being manually applied from the "texture" folder in the mod files will result in more resources being used for that individual model because there are two cubes facing inwards where there is a texture that is z-fighting with the other one that way.

    For example you can not use minecraft:texture/invisible because then it will return a black and pink square.

    Which is also an incorrect when using that texture or if logically it was applied that way.

    Which then explains how come the version doesn't logically work because it doesn't support the basic use of those textures correctly that way in reference to how it logically exists as a reference in the game being the armor stand or minecart for example. Which logically using more resources or has made the game to where it's not playable that way.

    Although not changing that the photo for the creator of this threads avatar photo being created by an artificial intelligence.

    Mine was created in much more powerful way that way because I use Windows that way though, which is how come that way though.

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    posted a message on The paradox on how running a minecraft client in parallel with a server can optimize smoothing out the visual experience.

    This is caused by an internal incorrect recognition of a base texture in the game.

    In the version of Minecraft you mentioned the armor stand texture has been changed. The base texture for minecart may have been changed too as well.

    They also made a change to how ores are spawned into the game in that version or somewhere around that one.

    Similar to how the game wouldn't necessarily render right and appear choppy if there weren't any small plants and flowers or something. Same thing with the armor stand or the bottom texture for a minecart.

    While running open by changing the max frame limit to the unlimited setting and removing the v-sync option this should fix the problem entirely being that you are running Ubuntu.

    If there is no visual improvement then changing these settings back "could" change improvement.

    What's happening is your operating system is using a bunch of resources dedicated to specifically rendering the textures of the game. Over time when you have used memory this could cause a slight noticeable jump when the computer allocates more memory to run Minecraft.

    Although, then you aren't running the settings as it would work the most effectively on that operating system that way though by limiting the amount of frames or applying an installer that doesn't work right or was coded incorrectly for example.

    When this references back to your computer you have a limiter and an installer or something in the way then that's what you have.

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    posted a message on How Do You Make Water Flowing Flow The Other Way?

    Flipping the water flowing texture does not work for North and South.

    The textures flowing East and West however work that way.

    I have gotten no clear answer as to if this is even possible or a bug in the game that limits the possibilities of creating a resource pack or something or ruining the game in it's entirety based on the player itself being coded with the word Scarab.

    Not really sure though.

    This is worse that something that could be looked at as a problem on all java versions that I know of.

    Possibly worse than that because then you can never build a forge on Minecraft were you melt ores into a liquid metal and then form that into a bar where then you forge it into something that way as a possibility.

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    posted a message on Looting affects Ghast fireball reflects.
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    I've fixed it myself by disallowing indirect attacks to apply Looting (entities like arrows and fireballs store the entity that fired them; ghast fireballs will set it to the entity that hit it):

    // Looting only works if the player directly dealt damage (not via bow/arrow or potions)
    boolean directlyHit = (sourceEntity instanceof EntityPlayer) && !(par1DamageSource instanceof EntityDamageSourceIndirect);
    int looting = (directlyHit ? EnchantmentHelper.getLootingModifier((EntityLivingBase)sourceEntity) : 0);

    When you do that doesn't it affect your mob spawners, being one of those questions.

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    posted a message on Redstone Rocket Boosters?
    Quote from olternaut»

    What was the technique you used to create your boosters with command blocks? I need to learn this stuff. Also, do you know what modders use to create .jar files?

    The command blocks use the summon command to summon explosive entities in an upwards motion.

    That collides with the falling_block and propels it upwards.

    Although the answer to your other question is forge, the mccoderpack, or some people use the fabric thing to code mods with.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.16.2 Problems and Incorrect Occurrences (Errors)
    Quote from Hexalobular»

    You aren't being quite clear about some of your points.

    I can play 1.16.2 just fine with my internet unplugged.

    (1.16.20 as well.)

    So probably either there's something wrong with your setup or you aren't logged in to your account, in both cases you, quite naturally, need to be connected in order to log in and/or to download the files to reinstall.

    After that you should be able to play unconnected.

    (If not you should be providing specifics about the error message and asking for help in fixing your setup.)

    If by "misspelling" you are referring to the color/colour gray/grey it can be spelled either way.

    ("Gray" is about 6 times more common than "grey" going by Google hits.)

    New blocks and items naturally need new textures, I think most of the changes to old textures happened in version 1.14 and there is a built in resource pack for those (like me) who prefer the old textures. See "Programmer art" in the Wiki.


    The commands for changing gamemode are

    /gamemode survival

    /gamemode creative

    /gamemode adventure

    and /gamemode spectator.

    The rest of your points need clarification and/or examples.

    My Minecraft launcher does not work using the legacy launcher to play offline. The normal launcher doesn't even install and I'm using 64-bit Windows 10.

    I have to provide my computer with the internet from my cell phone in order to log on or go into the game.

    There is also a log out wait time associated with that.

    Minecraft is owned by Microsoft which uses RGB, which can be found in the base files of Windows Vista. Grey is the only color that exists based on it being RGB. This is also represented by the Minecraft launcher itself although not the game when it is played, there being misspelled words in the .lang file to where if those words were the ones used to code the launcher then it wouldn't work at all.

    Your reference is to another company which also uses something other than Bing for it's default search engine.

    Which is not logically correctly recognized as a texture pack, resource pack, or mod by the game because it has an underscore in the name. Which then is the occurrence of reference to there being incorrect spelling found in the java .lang file by opening it on eclipse.

    These commands can be entered similarly for basic use:

    /gamemode survival and /gamemode 0

    /gamemode creative and /gamemode 1

    /gamemode adventure and /gamemode 2

    /gamemode spectator and /gamemode 3

    Half of those commands have been removed on Minecraft versions 1.12.2 through 1.16.2.

    Which is bad for anyone changing game modes and introducing content to the game because it takes longer to type and it's noticeable to the viewer though that way for example.

    Which I'm sure there are as many people using video recording software because of that change and there are as many viewers based on that.

    Which doesn't go together with how the player itself is coded based on it being RGB where the reference is a northward or upwards flowing texture also being something that is not supported by the games code.

    Which you could code the ability for the player to smelt ores down or something for each ore that is in the game, but the existence of that is any block that is a texture that is flowing north is actually flowing south and rotated by 180 degrees therefor not actually existing as a block.

    Particle textures are not able to be rotated but a flowing north texture rotated by 180 degrees renders that it flows northward, which also being an error in the games code or a problem.

    That problem persists in a way when it comes to using commands in the game. Such as you can use /setblock, but executing four falling block entities in four directions around the block set makes it invisible or something. The block no longer existing in that location if something is placed in the same location the block once existed.

    This is caused by an incorrect collision check or there being an error that is being returned and ignored possibly.

    Because the projectile entity does not make proper collision checks then it causes the center block to not exist for example.

    /setblock being the more powerful command than /summon, what happens though is /summon has caused /setblock to not work correctly therefor being an error.

    The result of that not being a proper collision check for that entity is severe data loss or world corruption.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.16.2 Problems and Incorrect Occurrences (Errors)

    The error was intentionally left there or was not known about, either way not being something to report.

    You don't figure that they knew the game didn't support north or upwards flowing textures in reference to intentional world corruption or having incorrect spellings in the .lang file?

    Logically being how come play offline requires the internet to download files in order to play.

    The splash screen text is yellow and the obsidian texture is crap shaped so then that's how come my player crouches that* way and the basic textures have been removed and replaced in the game.

    If that was not enough there is a object the player can carry around that is shaft shaped or not that way and lights up.

    There being a new graphics setting based on that.

    There is something not right about the staff that is coding the game, so there is not a way to logically properly send a bug report.

    If there was a respectable person to send the report to then logically that would be a possibility.

    Although, the reference being impurity for all the new mobs. Either that or the names not going together with how Minecraft is spelled or against the theme of the game itself being how the mob was named and that's not right about how the mob was introduced to the games code itself.

    Either way I don't like the new version because of how it's logically offensive to the buyer.

    The Ender Pearl not making collision with the top layer of Hell where there is bedrock and you go through the 1 block horizontal plane of bedrock by throwing an Ender Pearl is an error though that causes world corruption.

    The Ender Pearl first collides with the bedrock therefor sending the player through the block.

    If the proper collision check is not made then it doesn't make any sense for your player to be standing there, either that or it does though.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.16.2 Problems and Incorrect Occurrences (Errors)

    Minecraft 1.16.2 does not work using offline mode and returns the following error:

    "Error: could not find or load main class net.minecraft.client.main.Main"

    Minecraft 1.16.2 does not support the /gamemode 1 or /gamemode 2 commands in the user console.

    Minecraft 1.16.2 uses over 600MB of data adding little content in comparison or something.

    There are a number of spelling errors if you look at the definition of the word grey.

    The player also crouches that way where the combat of the player has been altered or changed, which is offensive.

    The basic textures of the game itself have been removed and replaced such as the honey block being introduced or the sword texture being changed or the texture for the shield.

    There is a Fabulous graphics setting to support the incorrect spellings that are used on the game in reference to how the player interacts with the world in that way.

    The ability for the player to swim does not support all player skins.

    The texture for water flowing can not be rotated by 180 degrees to make a custom block or a resource pack that has a flowing north or upwards block that is an animated texture.

    Minecraft opened in eclipse will return a number of words incorrectly spelled according to it being a Java language file.

    There being a number of misspelled words this way.

    Ender Pearl does not collide with bedrock when thrown upwards in Hell to get to the top causing world corruption being an error on both 1.16.1 and 1.16.2 versions.

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    posted a message on Redstone Rocket Boosters?

    The only internet I have is 4GB of free internet on a cell phone.

    Using Windows 10 and a Wi-Fi adapter my personal experience is that the cell phone internet doesn't work to set up any version of a forge past 1.11.2. I had got it to setup for 1.12.2 and completely do everything successful using command prompt and I had to reinstall Windows 10 completely. It didn't open up in eclipse ether.

    I had to go buy a USB and install this Windows thing on it because I ran a command.

    Fortunately not having written my key for Windows down somewhere I didn't have to enter it to reinstall which I guess is the difference.

    It's an open source project and I haven't done anything with fabric so I'm not sure if you could port it to that or not.

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    posted a message on How Do You Make Something To Where It Is The Item Model That Is Thrown By The Player?

    But then there is not gamemode 1 or gamemode 0, so then how are you summoning an item form of the block?

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    posted a message on It Is Againt The Rules To Create A Mod Pack With A Custom Resource Pack On Minecraft Forum

    While what you are getting at may possibly have some truth to it the actual occurrence of that logic is that both the Geforce 2080 ti and the Geforce 3080 ti could actually reference back to a Dell DDR2 back in the year of 2016 which originated from a Dell Inspiron 530 computer where the creator of the code for both graphics cards may or may not have been given credit although the 3080 came from somewhere else I believe though, possibly artificial intelligence it may of been of some kind.

    As to the textures of Minecraft itself you could logically look at who you are referring to and the release of Minecraft 1.12.2-1.16.2 which have made changes to the basic textures of the game itself while not providing any link back to the page of the original post where the execution of the command blocks themselves have not logically actually been modified.

    Such commands being removed that way such as /gamemode 1 or gamemode 0 for example.

    Although I found it rather something frustrating that I could not post a link to the custom resource pack I use, but I have sent messages or posted to the two original authors of both resource packs asking permission for the use of their textures since.

    It's really a funny comparison when you sort of look at it that way though.

    Then again you could look at where Java 8 came from.

    It is a tree that way though:

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