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    posted a message on Private, Elite FTB Ultimate Server in Search of New Members!
    IGN: jason9559
    Age: 17(Yes I saw the 18+, but I'm 18 in 46 days so I hope that is sufficient, but I also think being a freshman at Southern Polytechnic State University will tell you I'm mature and moved past my juvenile or adolescent stages of life)
    Location: USA
    Level of FTB Experience: A comprehensive understanding of all fundamental technical mods, with a fairly high understanding of EE3, Thaumcraft, Mystcraft, and the Twilight Forest.
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    posted a message on ~ | THE LORD OF THE CRAFT | ~ - ENTER ATHERA - ~ Officially the #1 Minecraft Roleplay Server
    [b]Out-Of-Character Information[/b]
    Please fill out the following questions as accurately as possible, and ensure the essential details are accurate.

    Minecraft Account Name: jason9559
    How old are you?: 17
    Time-Zone: EST
    Have you read, understood and agreed to the rules?: Yes

    What previous experience have you had in role-playing?: I've done little above 1 year of private RP with friends, and another year and a half of minecraft RP of small, strict ruled, RP servers.

    How did you hear about the the Lord of the Craft?: From my friend's

    Link any applications that you have previously made for the server: siteapp
    Have you posted this application on the Minecraft Forum? If not, then please do so (link above):

    Have you read the Human lore, and shall you ensure you make use of it and follow it in your biography?: I have, but i would like to stray slightly from the personality of a typical human. This is so I can make a more interesting character that's better suited towards my own personality. It won't be anything absurd. It will mainly be in his portrayal of the world around him as a large mass of variables & events, occurring and effecting one another in ways only a true strategist can understand(like myself).(If this is a major issue please tell me so that i may reprimand it)

    In your own words define the following terms. Do not take any definitions from elsewhere!:

    Role-playing: When a person takes on the personality of either an imaginary or real-life person for the enjoyment of acting in their own interpretation of that individuals personality. The personality can be either a polar opposite or closely related personality to that of the person whose acting.

    Meta-gaming: Using any information that is beyond the reach of your characters ability to obtain in-game, or couldn't otherwise obtain, unless through non-RP contemptible means.

    Power-emoting: When an individual uses emotes to commit an act that prevents other players from reacting or stopping the act.

    In-Character Information:
    Complete the following biography on your character:

    Full Name: Adrall Ferion Madier
    Current Age: 25
    Sub-race (if any): mixed northern and southern(by appearance)
    Past / History (include childhood, major-events, etc. 2+ paragraphs long):
    To someone who didn't know Adrall, his life may have seemed whimsical, random, and maybe even bit psychotic, but to Adrall himself, his life was filled with only variables and events that swung like pendulums. Each one with the potential to disrupt the others if pushed in the right direction, and subsequently forcing those hit to collide with even more pendulums, which would do the same again. It was an endless cycle of cause and effect that would drive lesser minds to insanity if they tried to follow the endless influence of that first definitive event. These events that caused such disruption, could spark the will of nation to fight insurmountable odds, turn a kind King, who wishes for world peace, into a bloodthirsty demon-of-a-man, whose only ambition is to watch the world burn, it could turn even the gentlest soul into that of a true demon, all of this was possible if the right conditions were met.For Adrall, those conditions met during his childhood years in the mountains of the Realm of Hanseti.

    The day was a fair one, on the eve of a tragic event that would change a sweet, innocent, 10 year old boy, into a man who could predict the outcome of a battle before the first drop of blood was shed, a man who can read and twist your mind, making you think/do things you never fathomed would cross your mind...yet they did, and you would accept them without question, a man who watches from the shadows and manipulates those around them, to achieve a goal set on that fateful day. Adrall Ferion Madier and he was playing in the field of his grandparents house, when a loud rumble occurred and echoed off the mountain above Adralls head. There wasn't much time to speculate as the sounds of war cry's filled the air. Adrall ran to his grandparents house, but when he went in he found his grandparents being held down by two very large and mean looking Orcs, with a slightly larger Orc, that looked to be the leader from his armor. His grandparents told him to run, he hesitated, but he listened, and started to run down the mountain to the village, in hopes of finding his parents, who were supposed to be shopping.

    When Adrall reached the marketplace he found the place in utter ruin. The stalls were destroyed, and there wasn't a soul in sight. Adrall searched for a good 15 min before he reached his home, and to his relief, he found his parents sitting at the table. Adralls father, who was a Nornerner, was sitting with his mother, who was a southeron, wrapped in his arms, crying her eyes out, most likely because they didn't know where Adrall was. When he saw them, Adrall instantly ran at them and hugged them as hard as he could. They were surprised but greatly relived, and hugged him back, and happy to have Adrall in their arms. The happy moment was short lived as the family heard the sounds of Orcs outside their house. Adralls parents hid him in a small closet that only he could fit in, then went off to hid themselves. To Adrall, an eternity seemed to pass as he listened to the Orcs ran sake his house. The eternity came to an abrupt end when he heard his mother scream from the other room. Adrall wondered what was happening, so he opened the door just a crack, as he did this his father came running into the room, dragging his mother behind him with one hand, and the other carrying a still sheathed sword. His father stopped a few feet right of the door, giving Adrall a clear view of him, as he pushed his beloved behind him and drew the sword, throwing the sheath to the side and holding the sword in both hands. A few moments earlier, the same 3 Orcs, the ones who hurt his grandparents, came running in from the other room, all wielding axes. Adralls father defended against the 3 Orcs fairly well for a min, that was until he blocked an attack from on the the lackeys, and the supposed leader brought his ax down on his fathers left shoulder quite deep. His father screamed in pain before falling to his knees, then flat on his face, dead. The lackeys yelled in victory, but the leader went straight to Adralls mother, who was now on the ground in a corner, silently crying her hear out for her dead husband. When the leader got to Adralls mother, he hoisted her up and onto his shoulder. she kicked and screamed but it was all in vein, all she could do is hope they didn't find Adrall, and kill him too. The band of Orcs gathered what ever else they could, and left the house, completely unaware that they had just created a monster who would stop at nothing to kill them.

    After the Orcs had killed his father, Adrall had passed out, and he awoke a day later. He exited the closed slowly and saw nothing, and decided that the best course of action was to head to the neighboring town. During his journey Adrall thought about all that had happened, and after much debating he knew what he had to do. He had to find the three Orcs who had taken away everything he held dear, and return the favor. It was only fair he thought, so from that day and into the 15 years to follow, Adrall developed into what some would say a "psychopathic genius" because of his amazing ability to take absorb every detail and every event that happened around him, coupled with his near obsession, at the time, with studying the human psyche and learning how to control it with minimal effort. This obsession started to died down when Adrall turned 20, he didn't know why though, he wanted to keep pursuing the concept but just couldn't, so he gave up and decided try his hand at the quiet life for a while. So 5 years later, Adrall was able to develop a "mask" the allows him to act as a normal human, but just under the surface, is the same "psychopathic genius" as before, but just a bit less psycho.
    Ambitions for the Future:[/b] Find the three Orcs that took his parents and make them "pay".
    Personality:[/b] He can best be described as a genius strategist who never misses a detail, and for the most can keep a level head in any situation. He could be said to be a little crazy for secretly wanting to find the secret to absolute influence over the human mind(brain-washing or mind-control)
    Skills:[/b] Primary roll would be a close-support so he can be close enough to his friends to issue orders, but far enough away that he can provide effective support with what ever serves his fancy at the time, and isn't at a huge risk of being hurt. Hes also fairly adept at infiltration and information gathering.
    Appearance (this must include an in-game screenshot of your skin):[/b] Brown hair that comes down over his right eye, blue eyes, grey cloak used for infiltration and doesn't attract very much attention, he also wears a pair of jet black finger-less gloves, given to him by his father when he was 8. http://tinypic.com/r/21ozeie/6
    Any other details you wish to share about your character:[/b]

    [i]Each question in this section must be answered with a minimum of one paragraph which must describe the event in full. Please be as descriptive as possible and do not break character or lore at any point.[/i]

    [b]1. Whilst in the mighty human capital you notice a dark-clothed figure stealthily making his way towards the Emperors palace - he is clearly up to no good. There are guards within shouting distance - what do you do?[/b]

    Answer: I first assessed the threat level of the man in question, to determine if he actually had a chance of robbing the Emperor. He did, so i decided to capture him, and took to the shadow of a building then made my way over to him. Once I near to him, I waited until he turned his back to me, when he did I silently sprinted behind him and put him in a choke hold till he fainted. I hoisted the limp body over my shoulder, then made my way to the guard and told them what the man was doing. They took him from me and thanked me for capturing the criminal then parted ways.

    [b]2. Whilst wandering in the deep oak forest you come across a large clearing, in which sits a small cobbled cottage. Outside it stands an unstable old man armed with a small iron blade, surrounded by two heavily armed bandits - they appear to be threatening him. You are armed with leather armour and an iron longsword, how do you react?[/b]

    Answer: I decided to size up the bandits, and believed them to be fairly slow because of they were heavily armed. I smirked and made my way over to the three men. Once I was behind one of the bandits, I taped his shoulder and kept my sword behind my back. "What do you want?!" He asked me angrily. I just replied "I just want to know what your doing to this poor man?" The Bandits just looked at me, then started laughing out loud, while turning thier head up high. While they were laughing I took my blade and slit one of their throats. The other saw this and backed away and said "you ­!" then drew his sword, but before he could get 5 feet, I took the old mans small blade, and with my skills in support weapons I threw it at the Bandit. The blade penetrated his head, killing him instantly. The Man thanked me, before we parted ways.

    [b]3. You are standing within the mighty human capital when you notice a small man standing behind a colourful stall. You approach the stall and notice that the man is selling a variety of general goods - he says that he is selling just about anything and that he has no set prices. He is willing to allow you to haggle and choose prices. What do you do? (Explain: your haggling, items of choice and the discussion that happens).[/b]

    Answer:The mans offer intrigued me, so I decided to try and get gunpowder, and a book on Arcane magic history.
    "Ah very nice choice. That book owned by a Master Arcane Mage, over 300 years ago." the Shopkeeper said. The book didn't look like it was 300 years old. If it was, then it was in magnificent condition. "Do you have any proof of this sir?" I asked the Shopkeeper. "No, but I can give it to you for, say...500?" "That's far too high, for all I know, this could have been freshly made. It certainly looks like it very well could be." The Shopkeeper was beginning to break now. "Ok fine, I can go down to 300" "100, that's as high as I'll go." "what about 200?" "80!" The Shopkeeper's eyes widened a bit at what I just offered. "Ok, ok, 100." "No you had your chance at that price, 60." "You can't be serious?" "I am, so is it a deal, because if not, I can just find another shop." That was it, the man broke, and sighed, then said "Fine 60..." We then moved onto the gunpowder, which took much less trouble...kinda. "Ok how much for the gunpowder " I asked. "Hmm, how about 8 per?" "8? Really? I saw someone else selling them for 5 per and you want 8? Sorry, but i can't do that." I said. I had lied about the other price, but the price really did feel to overpriced. "Fine, what about 4? I don't go any lower or I don't make a profit." "OK that's fine." With that deal finished, I went on my way, feeling a bit happy with getting this stuff so cheap.
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    posted a message on New Age Assassins (16+)(Recruiting)(PVP)
    Minecraft Name: jason9559
    Age: 16
    How long have you played Minecraft: Since infdev.
    How loyal will you be to the Brotherhood?: 11
    What attracted you to our clan?: The prospect of attaining fame and Power for nothing is true.
    Do you have Skype (Required)?: yes
    What is your Timezone: EST
    Do you have a Microphone?: No, But i have a new one that will be delivered soon.
    Do you speak fluent English?: yes(native).
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    Quote from SOS_clan_leader1

    When exactly will the server be free?

    I can bet never because they will try and milk the people who are willing to pay $25 now and make people pay to get access to the servers when the mod is released. This kind of business model for a MOD never has a nice outcome. Im sry if you wanted to play this but the creators are money milking whores, and what they are doing IS illegal. They just haven't been caught yet.
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    DAIM direwolf is the mod lp master
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    posted a message on ♔ Brothers In Blood ♔[NO WHITE LIST] [Factions] [JOBS] [PVP] [MCMMO] [iconomy]
    i love the idea but its not implimented in the right way but it is kinda good just need's more edge
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