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    1. GuidedTuba46646 (xbox one)
    2. errr, hard to say. lol, I tend to report bugs in game, so microsoft records my gameplay with Xbox insider, been doing that for about 1-2 years, but played MC on and off before that
    3.I like to build big. so won't play on a realm unless its running for a year. (I like to finish my builds, but often forget about the small stuff, like labelling my hub entrance :/ )
    4.don't really have a style. I enjoy organics but will wait for inspiration before deciding what to build where.
    5. bugs. lol, I don't use hacks or redstone, but love the quirkiness of Minecraft. if your getting hit by an invisible mob, or signs are deleting bedrock when you place it, I wanna know about it :P
    6. I tend to fit my gameplay to the realm I play. I've played on alot of realms so hard to say what I'd do here. in the past I've build starting shop areas. mob proofed areas on a hard world for a friend that plays on peaceful, On realms that are grief, I've taken down entire bases and built TNT trap houses. very much depends on who is playing with me and what I think is needed in the world I play. lol, don't worry, I keep to the rules of the realm I'm in lol
    7. I don't like to give personal information online :/ lol that probably tells you alot about my age :P I am over 21 so can vote, drink, drive and pay tax :P
    8. I don't enjoy party chat, but do have headset, and kind of expect an interview when joining a good realm
    9. I'm in central time but tend to play during hours when even the Americans are sleeping :P I tend to play any time between 10pm to 6:30am. I will sometimes hop on during the day, but its not as often. I tend to play every 1-2 days. will be on a min of 3 days a week unless something prevents me.
    10. lol yes. so long as its the same world, I won't join season 2 if season one didn't last 9 months min
    11. yes, but am curious about how strict your ganna be with them :/ I've been on realms that have aloud some members to get away with hacking where others have been insta ban. I like rules to be strict and for everyone

    my Xbox account is shared by others, it tells you in the profile who shares it however it'll be only me that logs into the realm. (everyone watches youtube on my account :/ ). I use discord on the laptop, so even tho I'm talking to you doesn't mean I can instantly jump on realm.
    I play on realms, so there are not really any pics on the account itself, but if needed I can let you see what I've done in other realms by inviting you to my test world, its been open for about a year and a half now, so has builds from the first realms I joined and some from the most resent ones to.
    My builds tend to take time, so tho they may look nothing like what they are supposed to in the first few months they will start to take shape once the base is down and I start putting on its skin and details. I often have a few projects at once, so if I get stuck with one I'll move onto another to progress the rest (example, if I need a cave, I'll dig that out and use the stone on another project, so I often have to switch between them just for the materials)

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    Last time I clicked on a discord link claiming to be for java and bedrock, it was only for java :(

    I found this post under xbox multiplayer, is this for that??? will it work?

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    strange how nobody said anything about setting up a realm rather than a server. servers tend to cost alot of money and be time absorbing with the learning curve and technical issues that can occur after updates. Not to mansion the problems people can have connecting to a server from other platforms.

    Realms are like a very small scale server run by Mojang/Microsoft, its sometimes possible to get a one month free trial, or your first month at reduced price. Realms is very much like when you invite a friend to play on your world, but when you log out they can keep playing.

    you'll be able to get to know how ppl behave while you're away, alot of ppl may come and go but after a while you start to find ppl that work well together as a group.

    if you do choose to start editing the world you will likely need a pc, tho there are a few mobile apps that allow you to keep an eye on the world data.

    most importantly, once you do have a group of ppl you know well and a realm is no longer working for you, the world can be moved to a server. there are a number of company's online that will run your server off their hardware. there are also ppl who will do all the set up for you, but again you will need to pay them. or you can set up a server using your own PC and internet connection, this will give you more control but will also require maintenance. you will need to have a decent internet connection and a PC that can handle being on ALL of the time.

    New thread

    go into a forum, at the top of the room you will see a 'New Tread' option to click on.

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    lol, sounds alot like another realm I was on 3 months ago before they reset :P

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    your discord link says its invalid? was ganna join the discord to ask if its complete vanilla or uses textures? also is this one of those donation servers?

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    what one player sleep you use??? we had one on another realm and it had a bug that let players make portal frames spawn eggs and elytra at the crafting table :/ we're currently looking for another :(

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    I'd love to check out what you guys realm is like, but wouldn't be able to join/commit due to already being on a year long realm, that's only 3-4 months in. GuidedTuba46646


    have mic but don't really use it

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    be careful with your realm code if you don't want hackers and griefers

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    Looking for a realm like 2b2t that has been running a while where I can build mega structures for ppl to find and destroy... needing a challenge but the realms I've found so far have an almost pristine spawn, are reset to often or are unlikely to be active more than a month :(

    please send an invite or message me if you have any realms I might be able to try.. my GT: GuidedTuba46646

    be sure to #2b2t realm so I know where the message came from

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    Minecraft GT: GuidedTuba46646

    Discord username: GuidedTuba46646#9266

    i'd like to join if you have room for a long term player. (Don't mind waiting for and opening to become available even if it takes months.)

    I play almost every day of the week, for at least 4-5 hours and tend to play a realm until it closes. I've been working on mega building of late and enjoy terraforming the landscape. my builds take a considerable amount of time to complete which is why I like worlds that are going to be open for at least a year. I often share and/or trade materials with other players and help with terraforming large areas, either as part of a community build or for another player that doesn't enjoy that part of building.

    don't mind being pranked and taking part in harmless pranks/jokes so long as its all in good fun.

    :) GT :)

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    won't exploding the bed reset your spawn??? do u die when doing this? if not this is a great way to mine

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    I'm a dedicated player with plenty of time on my hands. I've had great fun on looting realms but the last one I joined has sadly shut down. A friend said I should try factions since they tend to last longer and will give me more of a challenge.

    I build big structures so don't mind the grind, lol would be a great person to raid :) if you can find me :P I have some redstone experience, able to set up hidden traps and minigames without too much trouble. Prefer to start out on my own when new to a realm due to having a terrible condition (the dreaded nooob) and don't want to infect others with cuties :D Tho will join a clan if part of the rules.

    Curious to see what I can do on a realm like this, should be fun :P

    my discord is: GuidedTuba46646#9266

    my GT is: GuidedTuba46646

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    always best to do a backup or copy of the world before making changes, but I do understand why you didn't... most games now have auto save, its unlikely its not updated too but if you take your computer to an expert they will be able to bring it up and let you know if it can be recovered.....:/

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    what do u mean by 'hardcore survival'???? we get kicked off if we die?????

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    lol, love it

    not able to join since I'm full time on 3 survival realms already and wouldn't b able to put in the amount of time u guys deserve (all of my time lol)

    hope you get some great ppl join :)

    amazing what your doing <3 <3 <3

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