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    Guan's Extreme Obstacle Course!

    Hey everyone i'm bringing you a map that i've been working on for about a year. I recently found it in some files and decided to finish it. Its an obstacle, parkour that has a little adventure hint. To complete the map you will need to be skilled at Minecraft because there are points where you will be given original resources and you will be told to create things with them. For example you might be given 1 log and 3 stone and you might have to make a pick axe and so on. Here are some pics of the level.

    Unknownkiller (Youtube: Iunknownkiller)playthrough

    Hall of fame
    To get in the hall of fame you have to record your time of how fast it took you to complete the level. You will have to show some sort of proof to get here because i cant trust you if you say it took you 5 seconds.

    1. Unknownkiller (youtube Iunknowkiller): 9:30


    Adfly download for map(it's greatly appreciated): http://adf.ly/44bx3
    regular download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?d0268d065rc8h3n

    Youtube Channel: http://adf.ly/40mGn
    (I will be soon posting a video of my walkthrough)

    Facebook page: http://adf.ly/3vjLj

    Website: http://guancialegames.webs.com

    Hope you enjoyed!
    Hoepfully you guys like it and please only constructive criticism. If you guys want a second one then ill try my hardest to make it better than the first.

    Edit Log

    December 6,2011: Fixed signs, fixed fishing level and cleaned up
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    Hey NeveRGU! I just played your map and found it so fun that i recorded it and put it on my youtube channel! The video is rendering now and it will most likely be a 3-4 parter. I just have to say that i found it really good and the use of redstone/pistons works with the map really well. There were some tweaks that could be done though including better spelling/grammar and where you have to read the first note. its kinda hard to find because as soon as you enter the town a sign tells you to go to the mayors house. not "go looking for the creeper in the wall" or something like that. It just took me a while because i didn't want to read the first note before the second. Besides that it was great and hopefully youll be interested in including my gameplay on this topic? my youtube name is : Guancialee
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