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    Quote from AJPirate»

    The fishing rod does no damage.......

    When you hit a player with the fishing rod (right click) it stuns them for a short amount of time. While stunned the other play can go in for the first hit before the other player, thus getting an advantage in the fight. This is the most common technique I have seen with the fishing rod. It's very useful so I suggest getting as good as you can with it. :rolleyes:
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    The type of people who WILL NOT ACCEPT THE FACT THAT THEY WERE BEATEN IN PVP! If I am ever in a PvP situation and I lose, I say ''gg'' or ''nice shot'' or something. But then there are people that are bad sports and say "HACKER" or "I was lagging!" People also call me a bow spammer, which I admit, I do use the bow more than others. Then truth is... I don't like poor sports.
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    R u still looking for people? I would be happy to play with you and a couple others! I am great at building and PvP. Like PvP is #AMAZING if you want I can help you on SG and maybe even Survival.




    Skills: I'm an OK builder (mostly build medieval) and an AMAZING PvP'er

    Thanks! And please Skype me if any of you want to play!
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    I would love to!

    I am 13 yrs old

    My email is [email protected]

    My skype is gtmoney01

    And I will play any pack you choose.
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    Hi! My name is Grant and I am looking for a partner to play Minecraft with me. I have other friends but they are not available a lot of the time. These are the requirements to play with me:

    Age (I am 13)



    What is your specialty in Minecraft?

    Can you create a server for me and you to play on?

    Thanks! And please answer ASAP
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