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    posted a message on [v3.7] AMIDST - Strongholds, Village, Biome, Etc. Finder. [1.7.4]
    Quote from masa_fi»
    You can't get the final, correct biome layout unless you actually properly load the game with ALL the mods AND the actual configs for each mod that will be used in the actual game world you are interested in.

    don't know about stronghold/village location, but river/land/ocean generation seems to render just fine except for the mixed biome IDs.
    I was able to locate my position by comparing the AMIDST map with a partial screenshot from Journeymap and waypoint coordinates.
    meaning, when it comes to "this here is land and this here is ocean", it doesn't appear to matter wether you use default or modded biomes.

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    posted a message on [v3.7] AMIDST - Strongholds, Village, Biome, Etc. Finder. [1.7.4]
    Quote from green_mau»

    Does AMIDST Include mod support somehow? I've been searching for hours in my Thaumcraft world for a village with no luck.

    Quote from RodrigoTaipe93»

    Nope, it doesn't. Only vanilla.

    you guys should consider adding at least biome mod support.
    I use biomes o' plenty, and changing the generator type manually from BOP back to default does make it work, but the biome IDs are all messed up.
    it normally crashes opening any BOP-generated map, but it kinda works with that small fix.
    havent tried other biome mods tho.
    still,... way faster and simpler than reverting to 1.6.4 to use the old Pioneer mod.

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Ancient Warfare [Forge][SMP][WIP][D/L]

    how is the priest supposed to revive fallen workers? do I need to throw some item to the town hall or is it just a matter of time?

    I have one priest trying to revive one dead worker.... and he just stands there.

    He went right up to the death point when he spawned, so his detection is working,.... but he's not doing anything.

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Ancient Warfare [Forge][SMP][WIP][D/L]

    trigger the warehouse control block with a worker, or with a hammer.

    you need a warehouse keeper that's always tending that block, and couriers moving items around.

    or, an engine or torque system powering the control block.

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Ancient Warfare [Forge][SMP][WIP][D/L]
    Quote from kissa10»

    Didn't work, but what about the warehouse interface, do u know how u use that?

    woops... just checked, and the interaction is done through the interface.

    you have to put an interface block inside the boundaries, and have your NPCs target that block.

    if you add a filter to it, the warehouse control block will put any content matching that filter into that one interface block.

    likewise, if you add a filter to any warehouse container block, only those items will be added to that block.

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Ancient Warfare [Forge][SMP][WIP][D/L]
    Quote from kissa10»

    I have a problem with my courier and the warehouse. I gave him an order with a routing order to dep non match, and put nothing in the slots. Then, when I gave him the order, he just walks past it, and puts nothing in it. Anyone who can help?

    wrong destination side maybe?

    try making 6 identical entries for the warehouse, one for each side of the cube..... if it doesn't work, then it's broken.

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Ancient Warfare [Forge][SMP][WIP][D/L]

    Is there a way to decrease frequency of the guilds spawning? Thanks!

    a value of 0.008 in the config file should spawn one structure every 50 chunks or so.

    the actual distance between them would depend on each structure's size.

    by the way, Mohawky, do you plan to release a structure pack for 1.7.10?

    I have a few improved village buildings, for the new town generator.

    still trying to understand the walls tho...

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Ancient Warfare [Forge][SMP][WIP][D/L]
    Quote from AntiDash»

    i just want them to spawn in without having to resort to placing castles in my world

    I'm in the process of re-thinking my settings for a new world.
    but, like I said, the theory goes like that... spawns are driven by how far apart the spawn is triggered, how much space there is to place a structure, and how big the structure can be.
    now, the settings for 1.7.10 might be different than for 1.7.2/1.6.4, but for what I've seen, the logic applies, once you've worked out which value is which.

    the MCEdit thing is something the creators might find useful, just to proportionate the structures' sizes to one another, instead of giving them arbitrary values.

    also, each structure's selection weight and distance of duplication will affect the ultimate result.
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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Ancient Warfare [Forge][SMP][WIP][D/L]
    Quote from AntiDash»
    i have been playing on flatland desert preset and only found 10 villages and 25 Temple Ruins and way too many wells
    but no castles

    you need to tune the spawn settings.
    it goes as follows:
    you spawn, you get no structures around you, to a distance equal to spawn_protection_radius.... from there on, every validation_chunk_search_radius distance, a spawn is triggered, which calls structures inside validation_chunk_radius.... which structures? as many as one could fit in max_cluster_value.

    which brings me to another point:
    Mohawky, how about you try this to calculate your cluster value?:
    -in MCEdit, seal off any enclosed spaces such as halls, hallways or staircases
    -do a fill/replace and replace the exposed air in the structure with obsidian, or any other block you dont actually use in the structure
    -and then flood-fill the exposed fill-up back with air.
    that would keep the enclosed areas filled up with solid blocks, making them a big volume.

    then, use the analyze tool to count the total volume, substract the exposed air, and any grass or dirt you may have.... that would leave you with the total number of blocks actually used to define volumes.
    divide the result by 8, and use that as your cluster_value.

    for instance, a typical square fortress like those we are familiar with, would have 200 CV.
    an obsidian vault, 125 CV
    a marquis castle, 3028 CV

    a typical max_cluster_value would then have to be 10000 or so, to allow bigger structures to generate, and even then, it would still have space to fit smaller structures around that.
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    posted a message on What is a good render distance?
    three times your longest arrow shot should be more than enough.

    in deserts and plains, you would have plenty of sight, and still be able to see mobs beyond your inmediate reach....

    in jungles, your sight will be cut by the treeline anyways, so...

    if you use a weapons mod with rifles or rockets, the farthest you can shoot at.
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    posted a message on Engineering Essentials: A structure pack for MCEdit
    Quote from Ivya»
    Thats really handy and neat! I would love to see this used in an adventure map without making it feel copy/pasted!

    upcoming packs will include smaller buildings like blacksmith shops, town halls, churches, town squares...
    of course, it will be up to the map creator's skill to mix them up around and add or remove blocks to give them a unique look.
    .....commonly known as "weathering" in the model-making community.... add a mossy block here or there, add some cracked brick, remove some other blocks, change oak into spruce or birch...

    during testing, I was able to "ruin up" the keep by blowing some parts away and adding moss and water around.

    the Dungeon pack will include tile-able corridors and rooms, so you should be able to create a unique layout by moving sections around.
    and of course, mod blocks will increase the uniqueness a thousand-fold.
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    posted a message on Engineering Essentials: A structure pack for MCEdit
    Just as brickmasons build walls out of bricks one at a time, map makers and server builders build maps and hubs one area at a time.

    This large-scale building is often time-consuming and very hard to modify once it's set...

    Wouldn't building be easier if you had a pack of generic parts that you could re-arrange at will?

    Well then, look no further, because that pack has just arrived!

    Building in MCEdit and Minecraft is much faster when you have pre-made blocks that can be shifted and copied around with a few clicks.
    Simply Import, Nudge and Place,... just like that.

    Introducing the first pack:

    The Castle

    including, but not limited to:
    (your client's final visual aspect may vary)

    Great Wall:
    Tall reinforced walls, for castles.

    A small fortress with a lower hall, living quarters, a terrace and fortified towers.

    Corner Tower:
    A small joint for connecting low walls into crossings.

    Wood-capped low walls, with walking space and shooting ports.

    A passage for crossing walls. Walking space on top, connects to standard walls.

    Wooden-stepped stone stairs, connects high walls to the ground.

    Perimeter tower, with inner quarters and shooting ports. Can be connected to walls.

    Big round tower, with multiple levels.

    All buildings come in .schematic format, ready to be loaded into MCEdit, which makes them compatible with any MC version working with MCEdit.

    How to use this pack?
    -Download the file. ZIP format, generic compression.

    -Extract to MCEdit's schematics folder, typically C:\Users\(user)\Documents\MCEdit-schematics

    -In MCEdit, click the Import button

    -Find the .schematic files

    -Position the structure, and click the "Import" button on the left

    Permissions and Credits:
    -You can include these structures in any RPG/Adventure/HungerGames/CTM map.... send me a download link or server IP, so I can check it out!
    -If you wish to mash the structures into a bigger build (say, a castle or a fortress) let me know... it may be possible to include it on a later release.
    -All structures built by me. Concepts taken from many sources, mostly games and movies.

    Upcoming releases:
    -The Village
    -The Desert
    -The City
    -The Dungeon
    -The Magical Realm
    -The Outskirts
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    posted a message on What about Muskets? (Realistic, Balanced, SMP friendly) 130+ Supporters!
    Balkon's Weapons and BetterDungeons already have muskets and other ranged weapons, including blowguns, crossbows, pistols, machineguns, cannons...

    if you want an alternate ranged weapon for vanilla minecraft, try a shotgun.... a wide-arc, muti-hit medium range weapon, as opposed to the rapid-firing, long-range bow.

    would be perfect for hunting, since you could half-kill packs of chickens or pigs in one shot, or get packs of zombies off your back.

    personally, I believe nothing says "adventure" better than a musket or a bow, but for the sake of balance,.... shotgun.
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    posted a message on [RPG/Adv] The Frontier Outpost - 1.05 (WIP)
    updated to version 1.05 for minecraft 1.7.10

    -updated to minecraft 1.7.10:
    --adjusted ranged tactics: all NPCs with projectile will engage in melee fights at close range.
    --added various effect sounds
    --added extra coins around

    -rebalanced mercenaries:
    --all mercenaries now attack with poison
    --reworked archer mercs AI so they won't leave their posts
    --archer mercs now fire only on sight instead of always indirectly
    --changed sword mercs around campfires from wandering to patrolling

    -rebalanced archers:
    --reduced aggro range
    --changed melee effect to weakness
    --reduced firing speed
    --tweaked tactics differentialy:
    ---archers up towers will shoot indirectly whenever possible
    ---archers on the ground will shoot directly whenever possible

    -rebalanced trident warriors:
    --reduced knockback
    --changed AI from Ambush to Surround

    -rebalanced shielded warriors:
    --added combat regen effect
    --removed Sprint

    -rebalanced guardians:
    --fixed non-vanilla armor enchant
    --reduced nausea effect to 12 seconds
    --fixed nausea skill reuse

    -rebalanced Archer Captain:
    --changed melee effect to weakness
    --adjusted projectile speed and range
    --removed flaming AOE

    -rebalanced Support Captain:
    --changed projectile effect from fire to wither
    --increased aggro range
    --reduced projectile range
    --reduced number of healers around

    -changes to structures:
    --added some more space to the middle step of watchtowers
    --opened the shooting ports of the center tower, so archers inside can shoot outwards
    --changed jail from obsidian to bedrock

    -changed heroes:
    --polished skins for Liam, Myria and Kayleen
    --rebalanced strikes for Liam, Ghort and Xaber
    --rebalanced Vellior combat stats
    --added night variation for Myria, Xaber, Vellior, Tarsus and Kayleen
    --rebalanced Tarsus stab use and damage
    --rebalanced AI for Sahya
    --rebalanced AI and weapons for Myria
    --removed explosion from Major Wyrm
    --changed AI of Major Wyrm from Rush to Hit&Run
    --removed flaming effect from Pixy
    --changed Corpse ranged attack from slowness to poison
    --changed Corpse melee effect from weakness to wither
    --changed Mew HP regeneration to combat regen

    I've been studying the posibility of changing the entire design of the map, making most of the structures of brick or stone instead of wood, and probably adding underground levels (maaaaaybe adding another boss.....)
    The concept would remain the same, but the difficulty would increase considerably since range and mobility would be reduced.
    Here's some early pics.

    new camp?

    fortified gate, with shooting ports....
    esencially, the current towers and gate, combined and upgraded.

    underground jail, at about ground level

    underground jail, lower level
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    posted a message on Custom NPCs
    [quote]Quote from Noppes »
     if(event.isRange() && event.target != null && event.target.type != EntityType.Unknown){
     event.target.addPotionEffect(2, 20, 2, false);
    exactly so.

    by definition, anything shot by entity X would fire a damage event in entity Y when it hits.... if there was a way to relate one to the other, what I want to do would be possible
    maybe declaring the entity as "slower" when it spawns, and then checking for "slower" property at hit?

    I did know what to do, just not where to point it to.... it's event.something.
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