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    You must apply on our website before playing on our server!

    Website: https://www.tokyoclub.org/

    IP: mc.tokyoclub.org

    About Us:

    Tokyo Club is a full fledged survival server focused on providing a Japanese inspired experience. We offer claims, guilds, custom enchants, and much more. We are always looking for new members to join the club!

    This Week:

    (4/4) This is the release of Tokyo Club. Our journey starts here!

    Our Plugins:

    - McMMO
    - Guilds
    - GriefPrevention
    - CoreProtect
    - DiscordSRV
    - AuctionHouse
    - CrazyEnchantments
    - Jobs

    If you have any questions, dm Darkdeviousdevil#6913 on discord!

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    posted a message on MysterySMP | 1.16.2 | Survival | Events | McMMos | Jobs | Playershops | Custom Enchants | Small Community!


    Need a small server with a tight knit community? Do you like staff who have a close relationship with each, individual person? Join our network! We are a survival-multiplayer server with premium plugins and cool features! We listen to suggestions from our members, and always try to make the player experience balanced and fun!


    - Ranks

    - Suffixes

    - McMMos

    - Jobs

    - Economy

    - Shop

    - Playershops

    - Custom Enchants

    - Grief Prevention


    Server IP: mysterysmp.my.pebble.host

    Discord: https://discord.gg/weP8vYW


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    posted a message on MysterySMP

    MysterySMP is a small, community-based server with a handful of interesting plugins such as McMmos, Jobs, and Grief Protection. The good thing about a smaller server like ours, is that the players are more tight knit with each other, and the staff can attend to everyone that might need help!

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